Women Teaching Men: Success Or Sabotage Biblically?

Yesterday, I talked on my business Facebook page about an Instagram post my daughter Abby did talking about how thankful she was that the Lord has graced her to make disciples, teach and lead.

But a really good question was asked on my page… “Do you believe women can teach men in the church”.

My response is below and is very simple.

First, we need to think about the mandate that Christ gave us in Matthew 28. Who was it addressed to?

And today in our modern world of internet, marketplace leadership…where is the church?

The second part of my response is in regard to the tension that I see women create for other women.  I share the questions I ask those who question my authority to preach and teach in the church and outside of it.

I’ll explain more in this week’s video, see you in the comments! 

35 thoughts on “Women Teaching Men: Success Or Sabotage Biblically?

  1. My church was co-founded by a married couple. “They started in 1984 with a vision to see the people of Los Angeles encounter the love and grace of God. Their dream has always been to lead a church that was like an oasis in a dry place – full of grace, love, faith, hope and generosity.” Today, ironically (or shall I say “God showed me”) that my “core values” include all five words that they stand for (grace, love, faith, hope generosity).

    I am relatively new to the church, but I learn from and have been inspired by both pastors (as well as the other senior pastor).

  2. My ministry believes that the Lord speaks through who He chooses – sons and daughters of God can minister across the board unless its a specific gender based service i.e. “for men/woman only”.

  3. My church believes woman can speak. The main focus of my church is growing and teaching people in their identity in Christ and walking in freedom.

  4. Hi Becky

    Yes I think they are ok with men and women in leadership roles .
    Its not very often that see different people preach however other roles are lead by women .
    The bible is clear that we are to go and preach the word and we would do so much more because of
    the holy spirit.

  5. Hi Becky

    Yes I think they are ok with men and women in leadership roles .
    Its not very often that see different people preach however pther roles are laed by women .
    The bible is clear that we are to go and preach the word and we would do so much more because of
    the holy spirit.

  6. My church and other ministries that I’ve attended is open to women preaching/teaching the Word of God to both women and men.

  7. The church I attend does believe in women teaching and preaching. I am very blessed to have seen this modeled in many different churches and ministries throughout my life.

  8. In my church we have women in leadership positions. Woman are allowed to speak to the congregation. I believe l won’t have any problem to speak to both men and women and even young people

  9. I believe their is no male or female in Christ so I believe it don’t matter who God sends you to just that the message is released. My church is nondenominational so it’s quite common to teach both genders

  10. My church and the denomination that the church officially belongs to actually ordain women. I struggled with this at first as I went to a church where I, as a woman, couldn’t even properly interpret the Bible….You know, because I was a woman and all. Women are mentioned all through out the Bible being in ministry etc.

    People use the whole Women should be silent in church waaaayyy out of context to keep women from fulfilling their call. God said he would pour out his spirit on all flesh, not just men. We are all sons and daughters and we are all to release the kingdom of God.

  11. Jesus in John 19:25-28 named Mary the 12th and lead apostle as apostolic mother; even as Deborah was Judge mother in Israel. Judges 5:7.

    The Spirit said all was fulfilled then. The duty of Jesus to replace Judas was His last act from the cross in naming the 12th apostle: a woman.

    Also, His first act upon resurrection was to appear to Mary and the women sending them to speak, teach, preach, and prophesy to the men in the church.

    Jesus ascended and instructed to wait for the promise. In Acts 1:12-14, we see Mary listed by name in the position in which Judas was listed 12th.

    We see Peter did not wait as instructed. Peter hadn’t seen that Jesus named Mary 12th ; knowing the scripture was fulfilled of let another take the office of Judas.

    Errantly, Peter said Jesus had left scripture unfulfilled; Peter with no leadership of the Spirit (acting in the flesh in disobedience and presumption) “decided” the 12th “must be a man” and cast lots to choose. Matthias was not the 12th but was wrongly numbered with the 11.

    And so began the drifting away from Matthew 28 in building a man’s world in place of the Kingdom Jesus ordained as women were wrongfully denied their Godgiven place and role at the table of the apostles in equal leadership, gifts, and callings in the great commission.

    Religion set in. Top down hierarchy wrongfully.

    Search the scriptures. God is correcting the leaven of the Pharisees present even in the early church.

    Women are equally called… and male apostles erred from the time of the ascension in denying the teaching of Jesus Christ about this.

  12. Becky in the area I live and the churches I have attended there have been mixed reactions to women ministering to men. For the most they are awaking to the truth that women can minister wherever the Lord leads. While some demonization I don’t think this will change. They believe women minister to women and children.
    I personally believe women have permission to minister where the Lord leads.

  13. My church believes women can preach, teach and be on an elder board. We also practice women praying with women or at the very least have one women and one man (preferably a couple) praying for a woman or man if not two of the same sex are available. Both men and women have leadership roles in my church. We have healing/deliverance ministries, prayer teams to pray with us every week after communion, a great children’s programs, a recovery program, all of which men and women can serve and be served

  14. I have always believed that women shouldn’t teach men (I am a military wife, so we have attended a lot of churches.) I have found liberty and freedom to teach my curriculum because it is my testimony. We are to be ready at any moment to give an account of our hope! 1 Peter 3:15. I love the Lord and can’t wait to serve Him in this way!

  15. I belong to an amazing church in Hawaii INspire. That encourages the women to find their gifts and calling. I love Jae’s testimony and a great example on how she ministered to her husband with a gentle and loving spirit! Was she teaching her husband something about LOVE and RESPECT! Yes she was ministering to a MAN.

    The bible says WE are created in his image…MIND< BODY<SOUL if that is truth then we to are also given the authority IN CHRIST JESUS! We get so hung up on man and women. God created women to help along side man.

    We as women are Sons to the KINGDOM! We are called to share his LOVE!!

    Thanks for these great thought provoking questions…keep sharing Gods love ladies you are all amazing and loved reading all your thoughts..

  16. I have attended churches with views that women should teach freely and others that consider that women should only teach women. I believe that women who love the Lord and teach His word and His truth are appropriately speaking with the authority of God’s word. Esther spoke the truth boldly and influenced her husband for the good of God’s people. Clearly some of Jesus’s most trusted disciples were women. Women in the Bible have been judges, prophets, and teachers impacting men (i.e., Deborah, Miriam, and Priscilla).

    Once I had a skewed view of how I should relate to my late husband. I thought that submission to my husband’s authority meant never holding him accountable for his behavior. Then the Lord began showing me the Truth in His Word that I AM responsible for speaking the truth. The Lord made known to me that I was not loving my husband by allowing him to sin without accountability (Galatians 6:1; 1 Corinthians 13:6). I was hurting my husband and keeping him from an opportunity to repent and have a closer walk with the Lord. When I began speaking the truth with a gentle and peaceful spirit, our marriage had increased conflict for a time (Proverbs 23:9). But then the Lord got my husband’s attention with an illness he was afflicted with. Most of my testimony is about the work the Lord did in our marriage and in humbling my late husband in the 15 months before his death. This is my vision for my speaking and teaching ministry: to share how both of our lives were changed for the better because I followed God’s leading to speak the truth to my husband with love and grace.

  17. I think most models of church as a gathering in buildings tends to see more male leaders . I think there are a steady increase of women . In our church the leaders are mostly male who speak with the exception of the leaders wife who is herself ordained into that particular denomination . I have lead as you pastor and have spoken quite a lot . I have had dine back biting, overall it’s not just been about speaking but jealousy from other women and bullying by the men .
    As for my leadership I tend to gather the vulnerable and broken who dint necessarily attend a church building or if they do they are the ones that are overlooked . Past experience I say this from .

  18. This is an interesting topic and while I’ve read the scripture and varying opinions I do not have personal revelation from Holy Spirit as to what exactly this scripture means. I do know however their are examples in scripture of women addressing women and men in public. So for now I am unclear about this issue but my personal experience is that the women in the Body of Christ have so much wisdom, insight and revelation to share and many of them are phenomenal teachers. I feel called to teach and while it’s not in a technical church setting, it is a body of believers “doing” church; worshiping, learning and ministering. Until the Lord speaks something different I will continue where He is leading me personally.

  19. Thank you for this post Becky. Our church gives equal opportunities to both men and women. Also allows the flow of gifting.

  20. I love this, Becky. Thank you for sharing your insight. My husband and I were once part of a cult – we didn’t even have Bible studies where women could learn from other women. We are now part of a small Messianic congregation where I have gained a lot of healing regarding the value of womanhood and my own worth as a woman. Through the years I have learned God’s design for a woman, not as head over her husband, but as co-heir in Christ with her own gifts and contributions to God’s Kingdom. Our particular service is led by a man and we have had Bible teaching from a woman. Women are encouraged to speak and minister. I primarily minister to couples with my husband, and one on one with women, and this has come most naturally to me.

  21. My church believes in being disciples and spreading the word of the Lord. My pastor and co-pastor are a married couple and they share teaching responsibilities. My pastor has acknowledged that people don’t think she is called to teach men and she reminds them that called her to this role. At our church, servitude is equally respected by men and women.

  22. My church has a woman associate pastor. Men and women have a mutual respect in our church. Our pastor refers to his female friends as much as his male friends in using examples and advice in his sermons. He believes if God has put a ministry on our heart and the boundaries are biblical, ‘go for it’. We have many out reaches the church supports without flaunting their association.

  23. I have attended both types of churches, those that say women can not lead, and say that it goes against Gods plan and will. However, I noticed they were o.k. With teachers, such as Beth Moore, who can exegete a text, break it down and serve it up, just as good as any male counterpart. Yet, they would say but women can’t teach men. The Lord called me out to ordained ministry. I went kicking because I didn’t want to be wrong and go against the will of God, long story short, if we read scripture we see God has always used women to teach and preach. Deborah, In the OldTestament was a Judge and a Prophetess. God has created men and women in His image, and I am only called to be submissive to my husband, if I have one, not to other people’s husbands. Thus, submission has often been taken out of context as well. These are just a quick view of how I see the Word of God support women in ministry.

  24. My background in a cult put women under the authority of men, specifically forbidding women to preach or teach anyone but their children. Now that I’m not in the cult, my church does not prohibit women from teaching in bible studies or kids ministries, or even speaking in church. But it does adhere to the biblical admonishment that women are not to be higher in authority in the church than men. There should not be a senior woman pastor who has authority over the other male pastors. And I agree with this position. If I were a speaker and teacher, I would not hesitate to speak in church, council a man if asked, or even preach a sermon, but I would not attempt to get a job as a senior pastor. And for the most part, i believe that any ministry I develop would be geared mostly towards women. I am open however to the leading of the holy spirit and other godly counselors.

  25. The church I attend encourages women to use the giftings God has given them. Women will often teach and some have written books all to edify the body of Christ.

  26. I had a computer error so hopefully don’t post this twice. I have had strong women and men teach. I sat in a Church under Dr Michael Brown who is a Jewish Hebrew language scholar who is so brainy he has memorized the Bible. AND had strong women preaching and teaching in the church he founded. He founded a school to raise up men and women to go and make disciples… and TEACH them…..I believe that we don’t have full understanding of everything in scripture yet so it is important to seek GOD and pray to hear His voice and be led accordingly. I believe that we are no longer Jew or Gentile, male or female but ONE new body in Messiah Jesus.

  27. My church believes in serving others. For example, Im on the hospitality team and I serve coffee and snacks before service to men, women and children. However, for more intimate things, such as our care ministry which is one-on-one, my church keeps it woman to woman and man to man. Jesus served everyone and my church leadership is on board with that, but they also respect marriages and relationships and put certain boundaries to protect God’s covenants and gifts from the enemy.

    • Thanks for sharing Ginger. The context here is leadership in the church. For example, does your church allow women to preach, teach and be on the elder board? I also suggest men praying with men and women praying with women, that’s just great boundaries:)

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