Do You Need Counseling or Leadership Coaching?

As a Christian coach, I want to provide my clients with outstanding results.

When my clients learn their identity in Christ, overcome their sabotages and begin making disciples through the success God has given them out of all the pain they experienced, it’s a very fulfilling feeling for me!

But is this what happens every time someone comes to me and say’s they are ready for coaching to develop a Messengers identity?

I have coached people out of many sabotaging mindsets that have arisen from being in controlling marriages, sexual abuse, addiction-based behaviors, depression, oppression, you name it. I have a very outside-the-box model for my business that has worked for the past ten years with hundreds of testimonials because I am very clear on what I ask for from my clients before they come into my program. In other words, I don’t screen people because they have serious “issues”. Why? Because these are the kind of people that make tremendous influencers in the kingdom when they learn to grow their leadership. However, sometimes these same people have mindsets that are still rooted in poverty thinking and they have to be very militant about harnessing their old feelings from that painful time in their life, into the kind of leadership that will enable them to influence others for Christ.

It’s been my experience that many people don’t need more medication, therapy or even counseling when they feel emotional overwhelm.  What they need is to have someone in their life to challenge them to think, speak and act through their identity in Christ. This requires them taking action in the pain. In other words, they have forgotten who they are because of the spiritual oppression and warfare they have been under and the feelings mask their true identity. When this lasts decades, they internalize rejection, failure and limitation as their lot from the Lord. Nothing is further from the truth. Success is for you no matter how stuck you feel.

Click here to find out if you’re more capable then you give yourself credit for and if you would be more successful with identity work rather than counseling.

See you in the blog comments as that’s what I respond to rather than Youtube:)

Faith Forward, Love, Bec:)


2 thoughts on “Do You Need Counseling or Leadership Coaching?

  1. Hi Becky, I have signed up for your 14 day messenger series several times but, haven’t gotten anything confirming my request. I’ve also watched the video about needing a Counselor or Coaching. I think I am at a place where Coaching would be most profitable. I know I have a ways to go, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think your approach is what I need. I did grow up in an abusive, shame and performance based home, and that has followed me throughout my adult life. I’ve dealt with lots of spiritual warfare and had some demonic encounters that I don’t fully understand. I went through a very intense seven year season that came to an end the Saturday before Easter in 2012. At this same time, the Lord spoke to me as He was showing me open land with cattle, a farm house, etc. He said, “You have now entered into your inheritance, walk in it”…. I have been stuck all this time. As sad as this is, I really don’t know what walking in my inheritance means. During the seven years prior to Him speaking this to me, He spoke to me in several ways. Dreams and visions were common. After that season ended, the dreams and visions pretty much stopped. I would really love to take the 14 days messenger series. And I would love to find out if you think I am ready for Coaching.

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