Welcome To Boot Camp For Christians: Militant Action!

Do you feel misunderstood? Minimized or disrespected? If so, this has the potential to turn you from being a passive inconsistent person into an assertive, militant individual who moves from success to success.

It is an opportunity to do important things for the kingdom of God. Typically the deeper rejection comes from your spouse, family and closest friends so the intensity of it throws you off your game.

Did you know this is spiritual warfare to prevent you from stepping into a bold identity and a life that influences others?

But that’s how you know you have entered your calling “boot camp”. Did you know you can ask “The Holy Spirit Comforter” to be a “Drill Sergeant” for your own good?

And some of you might be saying…“Becky, have you lost your mind? Why would I want to know God this way”? 

Now most Christians are more comfortable with seeing the Holy Spirit as a feminine, nurturing, feel-good chick-flick watching friend rather than an aggressive, masculine, strong force that TRAINS you on strategic action. 
This mindset (and there are whole charismatic movements around this theology) has never made sense to me. If you’re focus is not militant from the start of stepping into your calling, it dilutes your resolve if you do not receive HIM in the fullness of his role. 

Briefly HE: 

1. The Holy Spirit points to Jesus so he can be glorified. Do you want to know if someone is spirit filled? It’s not speaking in tongues! They are going to be talking about the Lord all the time! 

2. The Holy Spirit convicts us. This is to make us more successful in Christ! If you’re not getting disciplined, you’re not being MENTORED by God! God disciplines those he loves! 

3.The Holy Spirit comforts us when we are discouraged. You will fail and fail, but his job is to assure you of your eternal salvation and point to your identity in Christ. Free from condemnation.

4. He is the ultimate recon ranger in our life. He is always looking ahead telling us which way to go to bring us victory!

So think of this=>  John the Baptist was a forerunner for Jesus and he was eating bugs, living in the desert and was beheaded for taking a stand for righteousness. (Sounds militant to me)

 Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tested for 40 days without food and water, had to battle demonic forces and was crucified for our sins and then his 12 closest team members were martyred some of them upside down, boiled in oil and torn in two. (Sounds militant to me)

Fast forward to modern Christianity. Has God gotten old and feeble? Or is the truth we want a feel good Holy Spirit friend rather than submitting ourselves to the kind of mental toughness training that makes us mighty Christians!

I want you to know I don’t see my heavenly Father as a slave driver or divine police officer. However, I am thankful that he has given me a revelation of his persona and power. I am grateful he told me to suck it up buttercup when I was whining about people not liking me and how I didn’t like being persecuted and made fun of. It gave me the focus to build my coaching company when so many people were telling me it would never work!

And that is the dichotomy of God. He is the prodigal’s father who throws a feast upon his return with no repercussions and the Father who sends his own son to die an excruciating death on our behalf.

The primary intent I have is to prepare you for success and to prepare you for suffering. An authentic Christian life is going to be full of both. It’s important that you see yourself as a soldier fit for battle. 

Here’s what I want you to know if you feel rejected right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s your weight, a spouse or friend that’s rejecting you, a lay-off or a church experience that has left you deeply disappointed.

If you can look at this it as Holy Spirit led mental training that is intended to separate you from normal Christianity, you will FLY through this phase of training. Because the last thing you want is to be a normal Christian. Typical Christians can’t do the things that Warriors are are asked to do.

I am not trying to offend you but here’s the truth!

It’s normal for most Christians to attend church, equivocate that with spirituality but not understand their real identity and authority.

It’s normal for most Christians to not have clarity for their life and calling. 

It’s normal for most Christians to live offended with others and respond to people according to the world. 

It’s normal for most Christians to be independent and not understand why covenant, teaming and unity is so crucial to taking ground from demonic forces.

It’s normal for most Christians to be double-minded, angry and insecure.

It’s normal for most Christians not to be able to operate in a particular zone of spiritual gifting that is genuinely transformational for others. 

So the last thing you want is to be NORMAL! You want to be militant and unbending in your focus! 
Join my Leadership Team today and start building a extra-ordinary Christian life! 

Experience everything God has for you this year! Love, Bec:)

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