The Root Of Not Being Able To Build A New Identity

I want to begin by sharing with you that you’re not broken and you’re not crazy. There are a couple reason’s why you haven’t been able to discover your purpose and step into a new identity but it’s not because you’re not able to. After coaching thousands of people I can safely tell you that most people understand how much spiritual warfare they are under and how militant they have to be to get free. Most of the time people make excuses which leads to more delay and passivity in overcoming their challenges.

The kingdom of God is ASSERTIVE in nature and until you are ready to let go of excuses, God does not give you the GRACE to grow into a new identity. The Holy Spirit is poured out in FULLNESS in response to faith and repentance.

In today’s video, I give you some thought processes that I discovered hindered me and if you grew up in an addiction based environment than this is where OLD MINDSETS and IDENTITY’S come from. The statistics say up to 50% and more of the church have grown up in a dysfunctional or shame-based home. Once you are able to recognize the old identity and spiritual warfare, you can now begin to apply yourself to overcoming it. There are 5 points I break down more specifically in this video:

  • Hiding  
  • Surrounding yourself with partners and staff who enable you and won’t require bold actions from you 
  • Narcissism and lack of boundaries 
  • Surrounding yourself with people who are victims
  • Disposable relationships

Watch the video and I will meet you in the comment section! Love, love, Bec:)


2 thoughts on “The Root Of Not Being Able To Build A New Identity

  1. Hi Becky, That was an interesting video regarding things that hold us back from building a true identity in Christ. Interesting about addiction and dysfunctinal families and enablers etc. Ive looked at some of your posts on FB for sometime now and wondered for awhile about your courses and how effective they would be for me or not. I do like your approach of “lets say it like it is and get down to business!” Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Sue

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