The Four Phases Of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is a regular part of the tension that you receive from impacting people for Christ. The moment you decide that you want your life to matter from a kingdom perspective and the Lord to get the glory, you are going to experience resistance like you never had before.

Many times, people do not understand as they seek their “purpose and calling” how much of the revelation that God has to give them is related to whether they will decide to build an identity as an “overcomer.”

In the process of overcoming my challenges (because I had a lot of spiritual bondage when I came to Christ) and equipping and releasing others to the same, I began to notice what I called phases to people’s spiritual walk. This is not “secret sauce” revelation or levels that are set in stone. This is just me trying to break things down practically for you from a coaches perspective.  He is strategic about taking you out before you’re empowered to transform others with your breakthrough. It makes no difference whether you are doing this within your marriage, for your children, at work, trying to build an impactful faith-based business or your church planting. It’s all the same kind of warfare!

Phase 1 Sabotage: The first assignment is to prevent you from building any spiritual family, support, or relationships that are helping your maturity in Christ. 

You will have to choose always not to get offended, overcome the feelings of rejection you will experience, and resist responding to people in the flesh. You might not have clarity on your life, purpose, or vision and you may even be in survival mode.  If you have not had positive experiences with authority figures or groups, and you will stay stuck at this first level until you learn to forgive yourself and the people who have hurt you.  This first phase will try to WEAR YOU OUT EMOTIONALLY with victimization thinking. You will struggle with feeling insignificant to God and others.  You will be double-minded, angry, and insecure during this phase. It seems like two steps forward, one step back. Many times people never mature past this level because Satan takes them captive with bitterness against organizations and keeps them spiritually wandering. They will not be able to find their place in the body of Christ.

SUCCESS:  Connecting with a small team and spiritual family is going to be very useful for you in overcoming the tension in this phase.  Satan’s primary objective is to separate you from anyone who can pray for your destiny, purpose, and encourage you to move towards those things. On a personal level, make sure that you prioritize spending time with God in prayer and memorizing the Word of God. In the beginning, I wrote down scriptures on index cards to make sure I was speaking the Word of God over my life consistently (Christianity is the great confession).  I hardly understood the Bible at all. I just assumed it was the truth and that God would explain it to me when I was able to process it or needed the deliverance. I had some of the most unbelievable things happen to me during this phase. I had rejection after rejection to the point where even the people around me said, “Becky, you are like a magnet for misunderstanding.” Most of this warfare is because you are being wrenched out of the enemy’s hand by processing the Word of God into your spirit and he is trying to get you offended, angry, and bitter, so you fall away before you’re established.  Get ready for a fight, because you’re going to get one.

An identity prayer for this phase: (Ephesians 3:17)  Christ dwells in my heart by faith and I have been rooted and grounded in love. I resist rejection, mediocrity, and selfishness. I am a servant of the Lord. I humble myself before my Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I resist any bitterness and forgive those (name them) who are opposing me. I thank you Lord for every bit of fire you are bringing into my life and I will come out the other side bold, beautiful, and with a crown of grace to share with others.  I am willing to put down roots and get planted!

Phase 2 Sabotage: The second assignment is to cloud your vision, discourage you from pursuing your deepest heart desires, and create barriers between you with God and other people. 
Satan attempts to remind you of the rejection from the last season and tells you what a waste of time it is to practice the presence of God. (This is to keep you from following the Father’s voice consistently until you receive transformation). Many times people are still dealing with escapism in the form of oversleeping, food, video games, hobbies, and addictions because their identity in Christ is again being solidified.  Poverty-mindsets such as no joy, judging yourself and others, overwhelm, and enabling are standard for this phase. You could have loose boundaries because you’re still learning how to let the right people into your life to challenge you.  I notice people in this phase deal with a lot of cluttered living environments, workstations, and relationships that leave them feeling like they are not living intentionally. You also may deal with not being able to manage your time well or say no to things outside your vision.

SUCCESS: Learning how to pray and practice God’s presence in a way that processes your deepest heart desires is helpful here. Being able to press in and experience the power of God during trials, so you don’t quit and to understand that your identity is as an overcomer is essential because you will need that to overcome the escapism. Learning practical things like what to do when you feel threatened by other people’s decisions and building an authentic “secret place garden” in your life is essential. Some of the most significant times of God’s visitations in my life were during this phase, and the same will be accurate for you too if you don’t quit. I also ask people to finish a vision board at this stage if they haven’t already because they will never move out of survival mode without it.

An identity prayer for this phase: (Ephesians 6:10-18) I resist any attempt of the enemy to create confusion in my vision and identity. I AM strong in the Lord and the power of His Holy Spirit. I AM part of a generation of giant killers. I AM able to navigate all oppression and trials and they do nothing but refine me and make me more determined. I AM being sent today to save what is lost and give people clarity so their purpose can be established!

Phase 3 Sabotage: The third level of spiritual warfare is to prevent you from abiding in the correct spheres of authority and establishing your authority through Christ. There is a big difference between being released by God as opposed to men. Being released from God comes from a revelation of your identity and knowing God’s affirmation. Positions, titles, and degree’s come through positional authority delegated to you by man. For women who feel called to carry power spiritually with men, this is usually a deal breaker place. This is a time where you begin to become an actual threat to Satan. You are now in a position to pray with power and become a TRUTH BEARER to others. You will be used to convict people’s heart to the point where they have to either conform to Christ or push Him away. This happens because you know the Word of God, more of your identity, and you haven’t been able to be uprooted through your flesh because of offense. You are now willing to be persecuted for what you believe. The tension here comes because you are experiencing rejection for the sake of Christ and getting delivered from people-pleasing. This is a place where all real leaders have to go to be launched correctly. When I was in this phase, I was labeled a “Jezebel” by people who were threatened by my emerging new identity.  This is also the place where you will face generational strongholds, possible racial injustice, temptation towards sexual immorality, and dark soul loneliness for your calling. In some parts of the world, people are martyred for their faith because of this alignment.

SUCCESS: At this level, you are building spiritual relationships that are not just keeping you connected but more intimate accountability that is going to protect and guard you as you advance. To be an overcomer in this phase, you must invest the time to build and pray weekly with the people who will pivot you and protect you as you step into multiplication. You will have to get more transparent and receive more prayer for the places where you feel weak and tempted: willingly. This phase is not about people prodding you into submission but about you cheerfully inviting the deeper discipleship of Christ into your life. You will be challenged to step out in faith here and start actively mentoring and speaking because this is the phase in which you are being launched. You will still deal with doubt and unbelief, but you will recognize it for what it is and be able to speak the Word of God to it. You will also learn in this place how to navigate Jezebel spirits and deal with people confrontationally to drive back demonic influence. You will become a force to be reckoned with here.

Identity prayer for this phase: (Isaiah 54:17)  No weapon formed against me shall prosper, every tongue which rises against me in judgment, I shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me. Father in the name of Jesus, I ask You to give me courage and clarity to not internalize any failure, rejection, or trials as who I am identity-wise. I ask You to strengthen the work that You have done in me already and activate more hope, more faith, and surround me with the individuals that are going to nurture my calling until it’s established. I submit willingly to the work You want to do in my life and where You want to take me for Your glory.

Phase 4 Sabotage: The fourth level of spiritual warfare comes to test your commitment to the call of God on your life, boldness and your willingness to pay the price for the freedom of others. It is here that you begin to multiply exponentially.  You’re being commissioned to teach and impact others through preaching, speaking, and writing, the mechanisms that will lead to exponential multiplication. Your authority at this level is to subdue the whole earth (Gen 1:28) through your resurrection message (The story and the testimony that you have of the transformation Christ brought you). Often much of the warfare is the clarity, the confidence without being brash, and the identity that you are going to reproduce in others. During this phase in my life, I experienced an identity theft for almost a million dollars, and every relationship that was dear to me went through the fire. It revealed the loyalty to the mission God had given me and the mindsets of those who were going to support my next authority level and the ones that weren’t. You cannot quit on your mission assignment or your calling due to other people misunderstanding WHO God has called you to be. I remember telling those around me during this season God was calling me to a new mission, PRAYER & COACHING. Within one year of moving through this warfare, I launched my Christian coaching business, which now serves people internationally. I also got hit with a lot of health issues during this phase which seems to have been a great tactic the enemy continually tries to discourage me with. (I like to be outside being active, so I herniated disc’s, struggled with massive dehydration when I ran, and ridiculous challenges to steal my joy). The oppression /depression comes to try and slow you down and dilute your message from being spoken boldly. Many times if you’re not careful you will internalize oppression as an IDENTITY.  You have to fight to keep hope for your focus and move forward into multiplication in this phase.

SUCCESS: You will experience another round of second-guessing in this phase. This will be compounded by how much you have to learn in ministry/business to get out there in a more significant way.  It’s in this place that you do practical niching, discover your boldest identity zones, work on what you are providing service for, and how to do it.  If this is where you are, you’re going to feel unspiritual with the work you have to do to build your vision. Be willing to do a crappy job but don’t let perfectionism hold you back. In this phase, you hopefully have surrounded yourself with other men and women who are called to the same commission in the marketplace or ministry, and you do not back down. (You will have to fight through fuzziness, loneliness, lack of finances, the temptation to take shortcuts by hiring new age people (Oh, I can tell you all about It 🙂 You will also have to focus on writing and communicating in the middle of incredible tension and warfare). The apostles were getting physically beaten during this point, had demonic infirmity assigned to them to keep them humble (not too consistent with the prosperity gospel, is that?), and experienced financial hardship daily. You must pray and just ask God for more grace to communicate consistently and boldly. You cannot associate worldly success with your calling and significance. Just keep moving forward.

Identity prayer for this phase: (Ephesians 6:12)  For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to open up doors for me to speak and transform lives for YOUR KINGDOM GLORY. Give me an ability to be an overcomer. Give me supernatural bulldog persistence that glorifies You. Thank You for commissioning me with boldness and an ANOINTING to serve.

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Every day millions of Christians enter into an unseen battle with no strategy on how to overcome their obstacles. You’ve been attacked, and you just can’t seem to navigate through the emotional turmoil. You pray every day, go to church, and yet you still can’t seem to get control over the feelings of rejection, the depression, the addictions, or just gain more discipline so you can grow spiritually. There is a reason why. The enemy is militant about taking you out before you grow to the place you are influencing people with how God enabled you to overcome your obstacles.
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Becky Harmon is the founder and CEO of Successnotsabotage Coaching, located outside Atlanta, Ga. Gifted with a strong teaching and training mission, she has coached, spoken and ministered throughout the United States and overseas. She is a sought-after identity coach and speaker and has authored more than six books. Whether training on how to apply your identity in Christ, pray and break people out of victimization thinking, or multiply your influence authentically, Becky equips Christians for a demonstration of practical power. She transitions pastors, churches and marketplace leaders, into new identities and impact in their sphere of influence. No matter how stuck you have been, Becky will show you how to begin to use what the enemy sabotaged you with for the glory of God.

26 thoughts on “The Four Phases Of Spiritual Warfare

  1. Becky,
    I feel so blessed to have connected with you through twitter! It is definitely a God connection! This article is so insightful and awakening. Thank you for sharing your light and your gift!

  2. This confirmed, blessed, and encouraged me in this hour. Thank you for your obedience in sharing.

    A sevenfold return to you

  3. Becky,
    I don’t think anyone could sum up better the last few years of my life as you did in this article. Your description of this warfare and your tips are excellent. I plan to share your advice with fellow Christians in the marketplace. I believe it’s helpful when one is going through these trials to recognize what God is doing in the midst of them. Thank you so much! God bless, Michael

    • Michael, so glad that helped you feel it wasn’t just you. I know when I have been through extended seasons, it’s hard not to feel isolated. Welcome to SUCCESSnotsabotage! Hope to connect again!

  4. Bec,

    Thank you for following me on Twitter. By doing that I decided to see what you’re about and I can clearly see that you are a woman on a mission and you love Jesus very much. I took a life coaching course years ago and have a passion for people, ministry, speaking and teaching and making God known. You are a wealth of information and encouragement! Bless you as you expand His kingdom!

  5. I was truly blessed by these tips on how to overcome spiritual warfare. I felt like for a change that someone finally understood what I have been going through.” You will have to choose constantly to not get offended, overcome the feelings of rejection you will experience and resist responding to people in the flesh. You might not have clarity for your life purpose or vision or even be on survival mode. You will learn to forgive yourself and others and this phase will feel very wearing emotionally. You will struggle with feeling insignificant to God and others. You will be double-minded and insecure during this phase. It’s two steps forward, one step back”. This exactly what I’m dealing with now and it’s “God do you see me? And I know he does. Thank you so much for these they are going to to be so helpful for me to grow to the next level. Remain Blessed in all that you do.

    • Pam, so glad that brought you clarity. When we have clarity, we have consistency in our fight to win. Welcome to SUCCESSnotsabotage and let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

  6. So thankful you posted this again. I think I need to print it out and tape it to my bathroom mirror as a constant reminder. 🙂

  7. Thanks. These scriptures and prayers fill a big need I felt a satisfaction of peace and fulfillment I couldn’t get on my own or through Facebook. I haven’t been successful with longings of prayer warriors and going deeper. I love the New baby Christians, but it’s been so long, if ever, since I’ve been exposed to empowering praying women mentors. I want everyone to read this.

    • Denise, we hear that all the time. Welcome to SUCCESSnotsabotage. We are so happy you are here and feel free to share the blog with anyone who you feel could benefit from it!

  8. It’s amazing that God timed the words my spirit needed in this very moment and that they were prepared for me to feast on. May God continue to bless the work you are doing. This info is extremely helpful, as I have really been struggling with my identity in Christ and began having some weird dreams and got linked to the site through your youtube page. Thanks a lot, I will continue to press on by the grace of God.

  9. Thank you. I was beginning to think I was not worthy. You nailed it. I am under attack right now from an ex that I fogave and opened my heart up to him as to my past and told him I forgave him and the one he was seeing while we were together. I have prayed for them and ask the Lord to forgive and bless them for I am thankful it happen, I brought me even deeper to the Lord. He inturn has turned my sister against me by telling her so many lies. I knew it was the evil one, but was feeling the rejection very hard. I am in phase 2 working on phase 3. You don’t know what this meant to give me my confidence back. I am 52 and have 19 year old asking me about were I go to church and they would like to go with me. I have co-workers asking me to go to different spiritual events in Nashville. I look forward to following you more. Thank you so much. I have told the Lord and preached about it, I am his to serve him and him use me as he wants.

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