Launching Your Business Begins With Confession

Acts 14:9-10

He listened to Paul speaking. And Paul, looking intently at him and seeing that he had faith to be made well, said in a loud voice, “Stand upright on your feet.” And he sprang up and began walking.

You know we all have the places in our that make us feel unqualified.  And then one day, God sent someone into life to HEAL his heart, and he was able to receive it because of FAITH. Do you know what happened to this man the moment he was healed? He became a messenger and started sharing Jesus with everyone. He went from NO identity to deeply loved, highly favored and appointed by Jesus himself. Love:)

Now, I want to tell you what Jesus did for me and how you can get started living your dream of reaching people for Christ through blogging, writing your systems, speaking or coaching. 

I am not going to spend any time telling you about my accreditation for coaching, the money I have made, how many people I have set free through Christ and how you need to follow me. I am going to tell you about how lame my heart was and how God activated my faith to receive my healing and how he can activate yours.

A decade ago, Jay and I experienced an identity theft for almost a million dollars.  I was close to 40, and every part of my core identity that was important to me was unraveling. It’s actually what gave me a revelation to launch my identity coaching business. But here’s what’s important for you to know! 

I was lame in my heart, and my confession reflected my lack of faith.

My hope of being a good mother, my ability to teach (I had homeschooled 3 of my children), my heart to connect people with God through prayer, my finances, my trust with my closest friendships and mentors. The year ended with my first born son being kicked out a private Christian homeschool academy, ONE WEEK before he graduated(how does that happen?) and then an identity theft for almost a million dollars.(how is that possible?)

That was my breaking point. It sent me over the edge.

I was literally in survival mode. Living moment to moment and trying to resist drinks with umbrella’s in them to medicate the pain. I had grown up in an alcoholic home and had gotten free from alcohol myself, but I am just honest. I was hurting so bad, all the old temptation to numb the pain was calling my name personally.

The only thing I knew to do was cry out to God over and over in prayer. There were three things that happened every-time I got up every day.

1. I heard this=> Becky; you’re a complete failure. Everything you have built in the past decade was a complete mirage. You’re so NAIVE.  It will take 20 years to build back what you have lost.  (It didn’t)
2. I prayed and heard crickets. Couldn’t understand God, had no ability to vision-cast. Would think I heard something, start doing it then quit and beat myself up.
3. Try harder. Beat me up. I was sliding into an abyss of depression and despair. Talked to the wrong friends because I was so emotionally desperate for affirmation and they did nothing but create more fear and more double-mindedness for me in this season of my life. They couldn’t help me because they weren’t pioneering anything BOLD themselves. (make a note to yourself on that one, it’s a freebie)

All three things I was doing was taking me nowhere fast.  I felt alone in the dark and hope was slipping away. And then I encountered someone who was a speaker and coach. And on that day, I remember watching her and thought to myself. That’s what I want to do. I want to encourage other people through speaking and coaching. And slowly, I felt strengthened in the faith as I thought about launching my own business supporting others. I was encouraged about WHO I could become identity wise. So, I began to come into agreement with my confession with my heart’s desires.

I AM a speaker and coach. I AM anointed to break yokes of bondage off of people through speaking and coaching.

 I didn’t have a lot of clarity, but I thought it would be fun to write a couple of books or manuals on how to be successful and make a couple thousand a month. I wasn’t thinking very big in the beginning. I hope that isn’t too real for you, but it’s the truth. I just had a little bit of hope. A little bit of faith and so I just started praying this way.

“Lord, I believe this is what you have given me to bring joy into my life again.  I am going to follow the joy.”

I didn’t have this BECKY, I HAVE CALLED YOU TO BE AN INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER AND YOU WILL COACH THOUSANDS GLOBALLY. Nope, I had I a couple fishes and so that’s what I got started with and you need to also. So, here’s your assignment for today. What do you have in your hand that you can get started with?

Do you have a computer? That’s one fish.
Do you have a smart phone to connect and listen to podcasts or training? That’s a fish.
Do you have a couple hours a week to devote to building your vision? That’s another fish.
 Do you have an ability to write or speak? That’s another fish.
Do you have some things you have overcome so you could help someone else become successful? Thats another fish.
 Do you have a little grocery money you could spend towards your vision instead of pizza? Thats another fish.

I want you to write down everything you know you have in your hand, even the money part. And here’s what I want you to do. Think of the biggest amount of money you could put aside every month for a year if you had too to spend on creating your vision. (Mow lawns if you have too or bake cookies) When you think about it, think in terms of you KNEW this was going to help you build the vision. Not you hoped! Because you don’t want to be planting seed with NO FAITH.

 Now, stop and pray over your fishes right now.

Pray this with me. Father, in the name of Jesus. I bring to you my hopes of reaching people for you. I bring my talents and my fishes. I ask you O LORD to sanctify them, consecrate them and set me aside for your kingdom work. I trust you to turn what the enemy meant for evil into something beautiful, powerful and EFFECTIVE for the kingdom. I trust you Lord, I will obey you fully. Amen

 Now if you’re ready to step out in faith and join my leadership team. I will teach you everything about how to activate faith in others, how to serve them practically in business and how to turn every sabotage you have had into a success for JESUS.

Love, Bec:)

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