Pulling The Jesus Card

I have an essential training today that if you choose not to be offended by, will help you build grace and more authenticity into your life.

Sabotage=>Don’t pull the Jesus card with people when you’re making decisions. Sound thought processes are based on two things. Logic and serving everyone involved. Typically people who start quoting bible text at you during a confrontation are doing so because they are trying to justify why they feel entitled to have their way.

When Jesus leads you to a decision, it’s mission-minded and will bring life to everyone involved.  There will be a fruit that will be established and can be discerned quickly.

There might be times that a coach, mentor or spouse will ask you to move forward on something and I had had clients tell me they pulled the Jesus card when they didn’t get the response they wanted to get from my client. I have also personally experienced people threatening me by quoting scripture when I did not give in to their demands that were clearly selfish and fear-driven. So, I am speaking directly about what I have coached hundreds of people through as well as how I respond when this happens.

  1. In context of  marriage… as I have coached A LOT of women through this with control freak husbands. If you’re married, wonderful that Jesus told you to do something but one small detail. You aren’t one anymore. You’re two. So, you should not move forward until you’re spouse feels comfortable because of you once you pull the Jesus card, you shut down the whole conversation. Because I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to argue with Jesus. I mean, come on. That invites a lot of potential lightening strikes and the ground opening up to swallow me. I would rather just watch the fruit of what “Jesus” told you and see if it pans out or not. If its spirit led, you’re going to have peace, right living and results that you can use to train someone else with.  In other words, the cycle of sabotage in your life is going to end. Your marriage gets better not more strained. People respect you, not resent you for bullying them. Because when you obey Jesus, you are lifted out of your situation and resurrection power is released.

If it was merely your will because you didn’t want to deal with your consequences, come under more Lordship or didn’t want to do what you’re spouse or mentor suggested…guess what? YOU GET TO GO AROUND THE MOUNTAIN ANOTHER 1,347 times. Why? Because God is pretty patient and he doesn’t push accountability or mentoring down anyone’s throat. He just lets you get tired of the stupidity and frustrating results. I’m just keeping it real for you, not trying to be offensive. It’s important to be authentic, NOT RELIGIOUS!

So, here is the kind of things you don’t want to pull the Jesus card for as it lessens your authority:

  • Boundaries on your time. You are called to be mission-minded and invest time into what God has revealed is your purpose and who you do that mission with. You don’t need to tell people that you prayed about it and Jesus said no. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being purposed about your time nor should you feel guilty for actually thinking strategically about your life. Just say no but thank you for offering the opportunity!
  • Decisions that you think you’re friend, parent, boss, pastor, spouse might not be in agreement with. That is not going to work well for you trust me. Manipulation is witchcraft to God.
  • Boundaries that someone has asked you to be considerate of and you’re not liking them or it’s not the way you would do things. When you threaten people or accuse them of a lack of Lordship, the ship is going to sink and you may not have any other recourse after this so don’t pull that card unless you’re ready to end the relationship and you have been very prayerful about your decision.


  1. This video will help you understand how to manage your time more efficiently. When your idea is clear you won’t be easily manipulated by others. If you receive an invitation that you are just not comfortable with, spend a day in prayer asking God to show you why you’re feeling a check about it. It’s either one of two things. Not the time for this or consider you just don’t want to die in your flesh. God will speak to you clearly about how to move forward but just remember, just say yes or no!
  2. Apologize quickly if you have unintentionally violated someone’s boundaries.

Remember…Save the Jesus card for those times when you’re being pressed, and you took the time in prayer to seek God’s will and you’re ready to deal with the consequences this statement makes. Anything else lessens your authority.

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

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