A Poverty Spirit And How To Overcome It Quickly

Today we are going to talk about a poverty spirit and how to overcome it quickly. I am going to say this in love because I had to get free from this too. This mindset comes from not believing your value coupled with a lack of understanding on how hard you have to work to push into higher realms of influence.

I am reaching out my hand on your hand, and want you to receive this in the love it is spoken. I am not talking down to you. I am attempting to lift you up to the high places where you belong.

Someone who has a poverty spirit and mindset wants to lead a more significant life.

They just don’t want to match that desire (or won’t make a decision to match it) with work.

Now, some of you were like DANG GIRL THAT WAS HARSH.  I just wish someone would have taken the time to put their arm around me like I am doing with you and tell you this:

You (insert your name) are much more capable and powerful than you know. Take authority over this poverty spirit that wants you to think you aren’t enough and put your butt into gear because you are called to a much higher level of leadership than you are currently operating on.

(                ), You have heard God correctly to build the vision you have. Resist second guessing yourself once you have decided to move forward into a higher vision.

(              ), I applaud your desire for more and that you’re tired of hanging around people who complain about the results they are getting and have a low work ethic. You have one life to live and you will stand accountable to God for what you do so I love the fact you fear God more than your circumstances. 

I expect you, (          ) to achieve something in life that is going to change people inter-generationally and that you’re going to stop looking back and letting the devil beat you up with condemnation. Face forward, the past is gone. Let it go. Everyone makes mistakes, you will make plenty of them if you’re living boldly.

(        ), I want you to trust yourself to pursue what you believe will help you grow and do whatever it takes, including babysitting, mowing lawns, cleaning toilets, hosting car washes and baking pies to raise the money. Whatever you gift you currently have, God is waiting for you to put it into play to finance your next step. Don’t ever complain to me again that you don’t have the resources to fund what God is calling you to.

Lastly, (         ). I believe in you. I consider it a privilege to be the person who is delivering this word of God to you. God corrects those he loves. Those who have POTENTIAL in the kingdom.

Now, I expect you from this point on to be the 90 fold seed. Here are two scriptures to solidify your identity in the morning and evening. Without prayer and doing identity work, your just integrating self-help.

Prayer focus for the morning: I am the son/daughter of the blessed (Mark 14) and I live in the kingdom of the blessed. I thank you Lord for the opportunity to see my dreams realized through hard work and that you will place me before kings one day.

Prayer focus for the evening: Lord thank you for blessing my latter end more than beginning (Job 42) My sins are forgiven and I am blessed. (Romans 4)


Becky Harmon is the founder and CEO of Successnotsabotage Coaching, located outside Atlanta, Ga. Gifted with a strong teaching and training mission, she has coached, spoken and ministered throughout the United States and overseas. She is a sought-after identity coach and speaker and has authored more than six books. Whether training on how to apply your identity in Christ, pray and break people out of victimization thinking, or multiply your influence authentically, Becky equips Christians for a demonstration of practical power. She transitions pastors, churches and marketplace leaders, into new identities and impact in their sphere of influence. No matter how stuck you have been, Becky will show you how to begin to use what the enemy sabotaged you with for the glory of God.

2 thoughts on “A Poverty Spirit And How To Overcome It Quickly

  1. Hi Becky , thanks for sharing this awesome word.. I am one of those people who love God yet can’t shake the poverty mentality.. .. I know greatness is on the inside of me but I don’t know how to get it out .. See I didn’t come from the best family dynamics -raised by a single mother and now I am single mother raising my kids… I know God has more for me but I keep getting beat down financially which causes me to shut down … Thanks again for sharing !

    • Tawanda, it took me a while to break it and it’s hard work but our team makes it easy. And by easy I mean, faster:) I hope to be able to invite you in myself. Remember, money back guarantee if in one month you don’t see results! AND YOU WILL!

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