3 Authentic Ways To Convert Clients Through Your Blog

At the beginning of my business, I really struggled with how to blog, market and serve clients all at the same time. I didn’t have anyone open the door for me to speak so I had to come up with creative ways for people to understand how I served and how I could help them ... Read more
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Women Teaching Men: Success Or Sabotage Biblically?

By Becky Harmon | February 20, 2018

Yesterday, I talked on my business Facebook page about an Instagram post my daughter Abby did talking about how thankful she was that the Lord has graced her to make disciples, teach and lead. But a really good question was asked on my page… “Do you believe women can teach men in the church”. My … Read more

Does It Make A Difference Whether Your Launching A Business Or Ministry?

By Becky Harmon | February 15, 2018

Will you launch a faith-based business or a ministry? Does one help or the other help you serve people better? If you launch a business, can you still apply the thought processes you would if you were church-planting or running a non-profit? I’ve had the opportunity to be part of two church planting teams as … Read more

Why Do I Lose My Consistency?

By Becky Harmon | February 7, 2018

When you have momentum, and you feel “connected” to your vision, your emotions improve as well as your confidence. Learning how to become a consistent person helps other people see us a stable, and they respect us more because we become the kind of person who DOES what we say we will do. It’s simple. … Read more

Pulling The Jesus Card

By Becky Harmon | January 10, 2018

I have an essential training today that if you choose not to be offended by, will help you build grace and more authenticity into your life. Sabotage=>Don’t pull the Jesus card with people when you’re making decisions. Sound thought processes are based on two things. Logic and serving everyone involved. Typically people who start quoting bible … Read more

The Fruit Of Overcoming The Fear Of Man

By Becky Harmon | December 18, 2017

One of the challenges that many of my clients have is confronting people that are making poor choices and resisting the fear of man.  This might be you right now and you feel maybe like you are walking a tightrope of tension and these situations are sapping your very identity, dreams and energy. I know … Read more

Spiritual Warfare Or Discipline From God?

By Becky Harmon | December 5, 2017

I remember a time in my life where I would tell people I must be the most loved woman on the planet because all I got night and day from the Lord was discipline. The truth was I was pretty rebellious when I came to the Lord, and it took me a while to learn how to … Read more

Practical Presence Of God

By Becky Harmon | November 28, 2017

Today I want to talk to you about the presence of God as it is a shield around your life.  I have been around people who were fasting and praying in such a concentrated way that when they came into the room, you could feel tangibly the presence of God. To me, the presence of … Read more

13 Tips To Combat FEAR

By Becky Harmon | November 11, 2017

One of the things I tell people all the time when you’re in a battle, you better get very structured and strategic about WINNING. Christian’s underestimate the amount of prayer and persistence over long-periods of time they have to put into overcoming obstacles. It also takes TIME for your IDENTITY IN CHRIST to be solidified. … Read more

How To Share What You Do With Humility

By Becky Harmon | October 24, 2017

Many Christians confuse God-given confidence with pride because honestly, can I say this? Sometimes we struggle with false humility.  It’s important that you don’t miss opportunities to help someone receive results because you are worried that people will think your arrogant. Here’s a practical example. You have been asking God for favor, and someone shares with … Read more

How To End Yo-Yo Commitments In Your Life

By Becky Harmon | October 17, 2017

Do you struggle with seeing yourself as inconsistent and unable to finish what you start? Do you tell yourself or others you are ADHD?  Can’t keep a thought in your head? Unorganized and forgetful? Always coming up with great idea’s but never executing? Then here’s what you need to know. You have experienced an identity … Read more

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