3 Tips For Keeping Momentum Through Chaos

What makes the difference between success and sabotage in overcoming chaos? Perseverance. Often times it isn’t the most talented individual or the person with the most money who is successful, it’s the person who simply will not quit and keeps investing into their vision by FAITH!  I believe one of the things that enables us ... Read more
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How To Be Consistent For Christians

By Becky Harmon | October 6, 2015

I constantly have clients ask me how to be consistent to take the actions we agree on in coaching. I want to help you answer this today from a Christian perspective as we serve the Almighty, who created our universe with everything in it and it’s wonderfully consistent every day! First and most importantly, if … Read more

5 Work Life Balance Tips For Leaders

By Becky Harmon | September 21, 2015

This week my daughter Abby married the man of her dreams and the guy she had been dating since high school. Jay and I heard over and over again at the wedding how amazing, beautiful and perfect the whole day went from start to finish. A matter of fact, when Tim started the ceremony, he … Read more

8 Tips On How To Get Started Speaking In Your Community

By Becky Harmon | September 15, 2015

There are a lot of small business ideas that people come up with to attract clients, but speaking needs to be at the top of your list. Speaking gives your clients an opportunity to experience the power of coaching and activate their faith for more of what work they want to do in their life. … Read more

How To Start A Business Coaching

By Becky Harmon | September 7, 2015

Had this question come in and wanted to answer this because I get asked this a lot. Ed asked, How would a beginner, with no email list, market to get their first coaching client? Really, what Ed is asking here is how to do you start a business coaching!  I talk to people all the … Read more

Passive Aggressive Behaviors

By Becky Harmon | August 24, 2015

Watch out for passive aggressive behaviors in your life and with others. It will kill your clarity, momentum, and the truth is YOU are responsible as a Christian to guard your peace. If you don’t do that, you won’t grow a bold identity as a Christian! At the heart of permitted this behavior in your … Read more

God Help Me

By Becky Harmon | August 17, 2015

God help me!!! Have you prayed this prayer? It’s challenging to have faith and not let the enemy intimidate you with despair and hopelessness. To be able to pursue God until you get your answer. This is one of my favorite things to teach on because this position in prayer, equipped me to see enormous … Read more

Marketing Strategy Foundations For Messengers

By Becky Harmon | August 4, 2015

The pathway to life, joy & wholeness is to walk in God’s ways and be able to teach them to others. But how can you do this if you can’t identify WHO GOD IS SENDING YOU TO! For some individuals, it will require you to wrestle for hours, days, and yes, even months in prayer … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Get Started Writing That Book

By Becky Harmon | July 23, 2015

Writing a book is one of the greatest ways to multiply the work of power and grace Christ has done in your life. If I had someone share with me the information that I am going to tell you today, I would have never struggled with blocking time to create my first coaching manual. So … Read more

3 Tips On How To Set New Boundaries With Old Friends

By Becky Harmon | July 20, 2015

Here’s the bottom line. If you want to live purposefully, you have to be intentional with WHO you decide to spend your down time with. So what do you do when you’ve changed, but the people around you haven’t OR aren’t willing? It’s helpful first to understand what the “kingdom” is within you. You see, … Read more

How To Find A Weekly Prayer Partner

By Becky Harmon | July 16, 2015

Imagine… having a someone in addition to your spouse who was a friend like Jonathan was to David. Who was faithful to fight beside you through spiritual battles, deep disappointments and was there to see you accomplish your heart’s desires. Someone you could share your temptations with that wouldn’t make you feel shamed or weak-minded. Someone who would … Read more

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