The Fruit Of Overcoming The Fear Of Man

One of the challenges that many of my clients have is confronting people that are making poor choices and resisting the fear of man.  This might be you right now and you feel maybe like you are walking a tightrope of tension and these situations are sapping your very identity, dreams and energy. I know what it feels like to have the enemy come in like a flood as after I experienced an almost 1 million dollar identity theft, it was my faith-defining moment that made me seek coaching for myself.

Today I want to take some time to break down and help you remember WHO YOU ARE and where you come from if you confess Christ as Lord. Why? Because emotional pain, stress or oppression can make you forget you are and is the root, spiritual warfare. If you’re not applying your identity in Christ and are surrounded with people of faith to encourage you daily, you will be more likely to compromise and sabotage yourself and the calling Christ has on your life.

The first thing to know. NORMAL CHRISTIANITY IS TAKING ACTION to do the right thing biblically when other people don’t. This can feel more difficult when it’s your spouse, child, boss or close friends but there is not a week that goes by that I don’t coach someone who is struggling with someone close to them choosing idolatry rather than listening and humbling themselves with the people who care about them.   (Which is why prayer is at the center of my teams and personal coaching as it permeates pain with God’s presence and brings clarity and power).

Here’s the thing. Everyone wants to be used by God in their generation. However, it’s PASSING THE TESTS that God brings you through obstacles, oppression, and limitation that enables you to become a giant slayer!  TESTS separate you into an EPIC identity, and that’s why you want to choose to take action and invest in achieving success God’s way.

Remember what God said to Joshua. I have a land before you. The one you have been praying and asking me to give you to you. Filled with fruit and honey for you and your DESCENDANTS!  BE STRONG. BE COURAGEOUS. Get ready to TAKE ACTION and LEAD BOLDLY (even if no one else is).  WHO Joshua surrounded himself with, and their advice became the defining moment for a WHOLE NATION and GENERATION.

Because I had grown up in an alcoholic home/performance based/shame-based home, I didn’t recognize my enabling attitude was coming from FEAR OF MAN, POVERTY MENTALITIES and PROCRASTINATION was spiritual warfare. This might be you right now and if so…. is a pattern in scripture. Miss this and you’re going to stay stuck and mediocre in your walk with God and you’re influence.  God shows up generally through a divine opportunity like I am offering you today, you taking bold action and resisting the fear, lack, and passivity.

Habits are learned behaviors based on the messages we have internalized. For some of you, you have integrated a FALSE IDENTITY rather than what is genuinely your BOLD IDENTITY. Be encouraged! Training and Prayer break this as well as building relationally with people who will challenge you in a biblical way! End the delay about what could’ve been or should’ve been and let me begin to teach you how to move through the oppression with a purposed pace! 

I love this phrase! We are not working for victory but FROM VICTORY! 

Faith forward, Bec:)

Spiritual Warfare Or Discipline From God?

I remember a time in my life where I would tell people I must be the most loved woman on the planet because all I got night and day from the Lord was discipline. The truth was I was pretty rebellious when I came to the Lord, and it took me a while to learn how to trust God the Father that he had my best intentions in mind when he brought something to my attention he wanted to work on. This is why doing identity work is imperative if you want to break out of poverty mentalities and fulfill your purpose. 

As I began to learn how to be an overcomer,  more ministry opportunities opened up, and I started to have an impact in the kingdom through my prayers and actions. As this happened, I began to get TREMENDOUS spiritual warfare. If you don’t know how to recognize the difference, you will feel held back and unclear in your identity.


1. You are making a stand for righteousness in your family, work or community where you have to put healthy boundaries into place where there have been none.
2. You are being persecuted because you have preached Christ rather than self-help, new age doctrines or idolatry. You are actively praying and speaking to people about receiving Christ and getting tension for it.
3. You are declaring Christ in regions of the world that are closed to the gospel.
4. You are in the process of getting delivered from worldly lust like addictions, mammon or witchcraft. (yes, witchcraft, satanic cults and all those things we don’t like to talk about are real and produce spiritual warfare when you come out of it) Breaking out of curses, rebellion can also cause spiritual warfare.

The discipline of the Lord comes when he has given you an instruction, and you are not yielding to the Holy Spirit. Often God is attempting to form a testimony in your life and create a healthy fear and respect for you so that he can BLESS and answer your prayers to send you with POWER. His discipline gets harder and harder when you don’t listen to the Holy Spirit convicting you first and then the people he put in your life to guard you. Here are a couple of ways I have experienced the discipline of the Lord and got my chain yanked. 


1. The Lord point blank told me to stop watching horror movies, and it took a very scary spiritual situation to open my eyes. Never watched another horror movie after the Holy Spirit disciplined me.
2. The Lord told me through a close friend that I was seeking affirmation (in idolatry) from leaders, and I didn’t listen because I was so wrapped up in people pleasing. I experienced a very embarrassing public situation.
3. The Lord asked me to stop arguing with people and just pray. It was more important to me to right than be in the relationship. The Lord let me experience many broken friendships, and anxiety until I realized I didn’t have to defend myself he would.
4. God told me to block time to step out of ministry and into prayer and life coaching. I kept hesitating, and I got convicted and anxious. I was scared of FAILURE, but when I finally repented for not trusting God and obeyed, I began to have peace and prosper.

Need more prayer support on how to become an overcomer, accountability from a prayer partner? Training on how to apply your identity in Christ to everyday obstacles so you can be sent to serve with a powerful testimony? That’s what we dig down and cultivate for you in my private Leadership Team. Join and receive the personal mentoring you need to be equipped and released today!

Faith forward! Love, Bec:)


Practical Presence Of God

Today I want to talk to you about the presence of God as it is a shield around your life.  I have been around people who were fasting and praying in such a concentrated way that when they came into the room, you could feel tangibly the presence of God. To me, the presence of God causes a real stillness in a room. It makes time slow down, and you’re in a hyper-awareness that grips your spirit. It’s supernatural, but yet, there are things you can do every day to cultivate this kind of aroma and fragrance around you even without praying for 3/4 hours a day like some of the intercessors I know.

So, here’s the thing.  The presence of God is something you grow in your life. You don’t go there with a map in one day. People can’t lay hands on you, and suddenly you’re like WHALA, poof! A cloud surrounds you. Nope! The presence of God comes from simple things like suffering well, praising God during times you’re fearful and making right choices when it’s easier to take short-cuts.

I used to have ZERO presence of God in my life and now I walk with God daily in a way that people tell me is tangible, compelling, and frankly, I see God work on a daily basis. So, let me break this down for you into specific actions. You can see God’s presence grow in your marriage, parenting, finances, work, etc.

    1. Everyone wants the “abundant life, ” but that means you have to be abundant relationally towards others. So next time you want to say something cynical, judgmental or snarky, shut your mouth and assume the best. This will cause you to decrease and the Holy Spirit to take greater control of your life. Just imagine they made a simple mistake like you want others to think about you. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman who is sensitive, and he likes to be around people who are gracious, kind and thoughtful. Don’t you?
    2. Delight and joy come when you choose to be grateful for what you have, thankful for the things others do for you, and you praise God instead of pursuing “happiness.” God cares about character more than he cares about comfort. You will see your life become significant to others when you begin to be the kind of person that is a blessing instead of a pain in the butt, narcissistic, all about you all the time.
    3.  Wisdom and protection come when you memorize scripture and speak to fear instead of letting it define your decisions. This takes practice. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you when you’re making choices based on what people think about you or what will bring you the best outcome instead of what will serve others. God often asks us to sacrifice first before others. Watch what you look at with your eyes and who you hang around. Faithful people surround themselves with other trustworthy people who guard their hearts.
    4. The financial provision comes when you have a vision that is compelling, and you help others receive the results they are needing. You don’t have to talk about money, tithing, why people should give, and other pressure tactics that spiritual leaders do when they have NO FAITH or they are under a mammon spirit.  When you hear someone talk about a need or lack, become the kind of person who FIGURES OUT HOW TO SOLVE THAT FINANCIALLY for them! Guess what happens to you in return? People know you can have the faith to push through lack and they will be magnetized with grace towards what you have going on! Get good at delivering specific results, and you will grow with grace.
    5. Favor comes from God’s presence when we sacrifice our time to sow into the lives of others when we would prefer to be doing something else. Time is money. So when we purposely sacrifice our time or efforts to sow into people that can’t return the favor, you will see answered prayers, salvation and supernatural support. It’s amazing!

    One more thing. Some of the most significant times of God’s presence in my life have come from me crying out to God in very desperate situations in which I had no answers or solutions. I talk about how this happened and what you can do to grow this in this short video. Do whatever you have to do to cultivate this in your life, and you will die a very wealthy man or woman.

    Faith Forward! Bec:)

13 Tips To Combat FEAR

One of the things I tell people all the time when you’re in a battle, you better get very structured and strategic about WINNING. Christian’s underestimate the amount of prayer and persistence over long-periods of time they have to put into overcoming obstacles. It also takes TIME for your IDENTITY IN CHRIST to be solidified. There is a process you go through of learning how to be an overcomer. It doesn’t happen overnight. You’re redeemed, but you have to be TRAINED to be an overcomer. Here’s a little cheat sheet I made up for when you’re dealing with fear and need some practical steps on how to overcome it. I have written it out in this post and also a Fear Cheat Sheet for you to download and print off at home!

Be as militant about solving problems as the enemy is about keeping you in bondage to fear!


1. Get up at 5 am with coffee and start reading the word to activate faith. Ask God for more courage, declare your identity in Christ over yourself.
2. Walk fast or run for 1 hour and listen to your favorite worship music. Worship is WARFARE that confuses the enemy.
3. Eat a protein every 21/2 hours to keep blood sugar stable.
4. Call a friend to agree with me in prayer that I will be an overcomer in this area.
5. I will not talk about this fear with anyone else after committing it to prayer and with a friend.
6. When realizing you are visualizing a bad outcome, just redirect thoughts an out-loud quote a scripture that will give you courage. (Jesus didn’t think answers to the devil, he spoke the word out-loud. It’s a sword, use it.)
7. Avoid negative, critical people, any TV programs or movies that are fear based or reflect people becoming victimized.
8. Pray and ask God for a solution to this challenge. When you get ANY idea’s, act on them immediately. Evaluate outcome and lean in the direction of anything that took you one step closer to victory.
9. Think of two or three friends that you respect in this area that have been overcomers. Ask them for their best tips. Even if you tried it already, do it again with faith.
10. During the day, pause internally and just acknowledge the presence of Christ. He is with you, he never leaves you or will abandon you. Just inwardly drawing near will give you more peace.
11. Get out in sunshine for 1 hour a day; Vitamin D elevates your mood.
12. Get a good night sleep and try to resist sugar. Run to God and try not to medicate with food or alcohol. It only gives temporary relief rather than God’s peace which will point to him.
13. If people ask you how you are doing, tell them that you expect the best and describe what you are hoping happens. Make sure to smile when you share where you are going in faith! This is not fake it till you make it, this is SPEAKING order to the chaos. (Genesis 1)

ENJOY! Faith forward! Love, Bec:)

How To Share What You Do With Humility

Many Christians confuse God-given confidence with pride because honestly, can I say this? Sometimes we struggle with false humility.  It’s important that you don’t miss opportunities to help someone receive results because you are worried that people will think your arrogant.

Here’s a practical example. You have been asking God for favor, and someone shares with you a problem they are trying to solve. This is an area of your life where God has built a message in you. You struggled with that bondage, the Lord gave you breakthrough and you know deep down you have spiritual authority in this area. But you hold back. Many times when I am coaching people on developing their messages and growing their faith-based business, it’s because they don’t know the difference between narcissism and authentic Godly confidence. Remember, even David was accused by his brothers for being prideful when he just merely articulated what God had helped him overcome and how he would do the same with Goliath.

Remember, spiritual warfare always comes to attack your faith in God’s ability and the identity you reproduce in others.

So, let’s talk about what real self-promotion is in action as opposed to Godly confidence. Because typically individuals who engage in me, me, me~ do not receive the fruit of deep respect and honor that they are looking for. They usually get the opposite; they feel like they never arrive, judgment from others and disrespect because the glory of God is extended by common consent. People also can sense if you’re confidence comes from some people who have received transformation authentically or because you have a vacation to fund. (Can we just be real?) When you share how you serve and then get OFFENDED if people don’t move forward with you, then you’re under a spirit of Mammon which partners with pride. Godly confidence does not take offense or try to manipulate others into doing what they want to see done.

What I typically have to coach clients through, especially if they grew up in a shame-based or fear-based thinking home, is that they are not comfortable with being the person who creates tension. They were either raised in an environment where everyone was passive-aggressive, or they were intimidated when they showed initiative or strength. But here’s the bottom line if you ever want to multiply the message God has given you! In order to move people towards freedom, they have to be illuminated at times to the pain they are in, the results that

To move people towards independence, they have to be illuminated at times to the pain they are in, the results that their choices are producing for them and you have to be the one to challenge them to embrace the work new breakthrough entails. How you know if God is sending YOU to be the one to set them free is it’s an area you have struggled and received RESURRECTION LIFE. See friend; you’re not responsible as the messenger for their choice to accept the work God has for them. Your responsibility is to boldly communicate how you serve and how you can help them solve that problem.

 Often times people either receive a “no” as rejection they internalize as WHO they are IDENTITY-WISE, or they feel the tension that is coming to them because underlying the whole interaction, the person wants to take bold action, they want to get the result’s you have produced in your life or others, but they are struggling with the fear of failure. That’s why they have to CHOOSE OFFENSE! In the spirit realm, you are feeling in the conversation the doubt and unbelief and how they mask that in jealousy or putting you down. Honestly, if they didn’t choose to be offended, they would have to decide to repent for fear and accept faith. Most people are not that healthy, intuitive enough or practiced in the presence of God enough to discern doubt and unbelief that fast.

In a nutshell:

1. Never hold back your message and the overcoming work God has done in your life or how you can solve people’s problems with your programs. I was sharing this with someone I prayed with today. Mammon is part of ministries and marketplace businesses. You can discern it by the lack of generosity, trust, and manipulation that people feel around the giving or the transaction. When you’re fueled by excellent service, you will be thankful you invested the money and had the faith to believe for a significant return and impact. Charging in business for your service (even if it’s faith-based) is not greedy just as if being in ministry and running a 501c makes you immune from making poor financial decisions. It’s the motive and results people get from interacting with you. If you’re excellent at what you do, your ministry or business will grow as you faithfully steward it.

2. Know precisely what results people will receive from your product or program. You should have minimally three apparent results.

3. Be ready at all times to have something going on you can invite people to or capture their information on email so you can follow up. Without this, you’re going to miss opportunities to help people receive transformation.

How To End Yo-Yo Commitments In Your Life

Do you struggle with seeing yourself as inconsistent and unable to finish what you start? Do you tell yourself or others you are ADHD?  Can’t keep a thought in your head? Unorganized and forgetful? Always coming up with great idea’s but never executing? Then here’s what you need to know. You have experienced an identity theft and you can take back this ground spiritually. In other words, you need to do the work to discover WHO YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN in Christ. Many Christians make the mistake of trying harder or beating themselves up.  Inconsistency and double-mindedness is spiritual warfare and self-help is never going to help transform you.

It makes no difference what your personality type is, your intelligence quotient or who is not giving you the support you feel like you need. Simply put, commitment comes from WHO YOU ARE identity-wise.  And here’s what’s even more powerful. Finishing strong every time comes from you making a decision to remind and confess who you are in Christ every time the enemy tries to label in the way he desires. This means you can completely reframe and renew every area of your life where you feel like you want to experience new results. It makes no difference whether you apply this principle to weight, your educational goals, building loyal friendships, finances or any other area where you want to see long-term results.

What’s more, becoming a person who set’s goals and finishes what they begin isn’t complicated. To become who you have already been a Christ, you only need to do two things:

  1. Clarify if this objective is within the will of God and what specific way it will glorify Him.
  2. Remind yourself who you are in Christ and what your goal is daily until you complete it.

Remember, the kingdom of God is not complicated, it just requires FAITH. So let’s talk about how you take your mustard seed faith and apply it to this identity crisis.

1. Is This Goal Going To Glorify God If You Finish It?

This is one of the first things you want to ask yourself if you are a Christian. Will this goal bring you peace, righteousness, and joy to finish it? When you complete it will you be able to show your love practically to people as well as serve them? Will it be a blessing to them? When people ask you how you did it, will it open up doors for you to give a testimony about God’s finishing strength? If you can answer yes to these questions then I can assure you, it’s in God’s will.

2. Remind Yourself WHO You Are In Christ Daily!

Christ finished the race that was given to HIM by his heavenly Father because he was clear on his identity and his mission. Here is an identity prayer that you can pray to bring down the LIE you have received that you are double-minded, inconsistent or ADHD. It is a lie if you are a Christian because YOU ARE IN CHRIST and he was an overcomer! The word of God is a SHARP, double-edged sword. It is alive and active, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart and you will discover WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Able to do all things through Christ Jesus!

Father in the name of Jesus, I repent for agreeing with the enemy’s plans for my life that I become double-minded, frustrated and unable to build the kingdom of God. I break every word curse I have spoken over myself and other’s have spoken over my life. I plead the blood of Jesus over my goal to=>Insert Goal here! I thank you Lord for giving me a finish faith according to Philippians 4:13 that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Thank you Lord Jesus, that I have overcome through the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony and I love my life not even unto death according to Revelation 12:11. I thank you for making me mentally tough to finish this goal and the perseverance I need to see this goal come to pass so that it glorifies you. Today, I AM in you and because of that, I will finish strong and impact others for the kingdom with my testimony!

How To Pray And Bless Your Enemies Practically

Today, I want to share with you how to pray for the people that are causing you to feel bitter and resentful.

Why do we want to do this? Well first, unforgiveness will kill your clarity and every bit of purpose you are called to. It’s SPIRITUAL WARFARE that has to be overcome by PRAYER.

I have been betrayed. Disappointed. Let down. But every single time the enemy came in to steal my peace and my hope…like a FLOOD the spirit of God lifted up a standard, and I was promoted. I believe this in part was due to what I am going to share with you today so listen, this is one of the best tips I have for you if you feel stuck in past conflicts and relational traumas.

You’re going to pray very specifically and consistently for this person. I tell people to pray for a year if necessary on a daily basis. Many times we just give people platitudes that are generic and don’t bring them to the personal pain and suffering in the cross. It’s reasonable Christianity to pray for those who mistreat and persecute you unjustly.

Everything you want in your own life and need RIGHT NOW, you’re going to pray for them to receive a powerful blessing. Here’s some I have helped clients work through. I learned this by implementing it and seeing the results in my own life. This works SO POWERFULLY you’ll be amazed by the freedom and joy you feel after a very short time. I have even written out prayers for my clients with these issues.

  1. Bitter Divorce. You’re going to pray financial provision that is abundant for this individual. That their heart heals from the abandonment, they have felt. You’re going to pray against any assignment of rejection coming against them. You’re going to pray that God sends them a new spouse that is under Lordship and parents out of a revelation of feeling deep love and highly favored by God.
  2. You got fired. You’re going to pray that God sends the leadership team or your ex-boss fabulous, spirit-filled employees who are on fire for God and walk in authority. You’re going to pray a financial blessing on the whole company. That their business will explode with profits and they will run the company with integrity.
  3. You have family that is addicted to… That the Lord will bless them with a long life and great peace. That he provides money for them and they use that to make right choices. That they know how to receive and give God’s abundant love and be sent to serve others out of their own overcoming message. That the Lord uses for good what the enemy means to destroy them with.
  4. You’ve been molested or sexually traumatized. You’re going to pray for this individual that they receive the love of Christ. That they can break free from the shame, guilt, and condemnation that they are under and that they receive a revelation of their identity in Christ. That they find good friends that help them safe, forgiven and free. That they can walk in wholeness in their sexuality.

And here’s the thing, praying like this will KILL your flesh, and you will walk under the PROMOTION of God.

How To Process Emotional Pain Practically

One of the biggest challenges I have seen my clients struggle with over the years is not knowing how to process emotional pain and stress correctly. It’s probably one of the most important things you can put in place in your life because it affects how your children respond to rejection, change, and stress. Will they choose to medicate themselves during pain or will they turn to God and actions that will help them make right decisions.

I believe this is one of the make or break issues for maintaining a bold identity and also overcoming spiritual warfare, so I wanted to break this down practically for you. First, in life, no one is immune to pain. It’s only a matter of time before your heart get’s broken, you experience financial stress, or you simply can’t manage one more activity due to your schedule. Somethings got to give, and typically this is the breaking point in people’s leadership model. They let go of what they know they need to do to stay healthy.

Your leadership model is what you do consistently, every single day to help you function at your best and stay focused on the goals God have given you. Usually, when people tell me they struggle with double-mindedness or inconsistent, they have never been taught to put their leadership model into place and make that their number one priority for the day.

And here’s what I want you to know, if you grew up in an addiction based or shame-based home, you most likely FEEL GUILTY for implementing your leadership model without compromise. In other words in fear-based or shame-based home, there is NO LEADERSHIP because the idol takes precedent and everyone in the family enables to keep it in place. If you try and keep your leadership model in place and resist the enabling, you are told you’re selfish! So, it’s important for you to know that NORMAL is to have a leadership model and prioritize that because it helps you stay emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy.

I have three things I ask a client to do when they begin in my Leadership program. The first is to get up at 5 am to read the word and have a sweet prayer time. (That means you have to go to bed earlier). The second is to block 30 to 60 minutes for exercise before their day begins because it boosts their metabolism and helps them avoid internalizing stress. (Introverts are famous for over thinking and exercising forces them to work off repressing emotions). The last is to write down their vision they want to accomplish for the year because without a clearly written vision; you will never say NO to things that distract you. Most likely if you are struggling with people pleasing, you have not implemented your leadership model consistently, or you feel guilty for doing so.

Here are five steps to take when you begin to experience sabotaging circumstances that are causing you emotional pain.

  1. Prioritize your prayer time and exercise without guilt.  It goes into the I WILL DO THIS UNLESS I AM BLEEDING FROM A MAJOR ARTERY. Prayer and exercise are the two things that will equip you to navigate this situation and make good decisions through it. It is also much easier to keep your emotions under control when you are channeling them.
  2. Do not think over and over again about the past. What went wrong, what you should have said, what you could’ve done better. It’s faith forward! Pray and ask God what steps to take to help you resolve your situation and take those actions with confidence that you prayed and God works for good what the enemy means for evil.
  3. Pick out a scripture to keep your faith-focused. When you find yourself worrying or projecting what could go wrong, confess this scripture out loud. If you have to do it 100 times a day, do it.
  4. When people ask you what they can do for you to help, let them. I have two rules during stress. I only tell people who I know will pray and can do something practical to help me. The truth is, we are a family in Christ. Families support each other during stress. Don’t push people away when you’re hurting. It is sabotaging for you and them.
  5. Offer to pray with people and to walk with them personally. It makes a difference. What I find is people begin to UNLOAD the pain during prayer, walking, running because it helps them start to let go of the control they have been locking down the pain with. I have seen absolute miracles from these two practical things and you will too.

Does Fear-Based Or Faith-Based Thinking Define Your Life?

I have struggled with anxiety probably my whole walk with Christ. So, there’s my thorn for you to touch and feel.

And let me tell you, it’s one of those gifts that people just don’t talk about very often. I say it’s a gift because it’s one of the way’s God has answered my prayer for my life to have a purpose.  So, as you read today, this is not a lecture friend. This is my life, and I want to tell you that through Christ, God will do for you what he has done for me if you don’t quit. You can overcome the stranglehold fear has on your life and not let it dictate to you how your marriage, family, and career will be played out.

I thought I was broken mentally because I couldn’t see myself being faith-filled, gracious, kind or content. Couldn’t see myself making sound,  favorable decisions that helped me rule my queendom with power.  From the time my feet hit the floor in the morning, life was a struggle. As I pushed the coffee button, I heard in my mind….

I feel so sad. I hope today I will feel loved. I hope things go okay today with Jay and the kids. I hope I don’t get overwhelmed or anxious today. I hope God provides for me and I can pay that bill. I hope I am in the will of God. I hope my back doesn’t hurt. I hope things work out with so and so. This was my mindset. I hoped for change, but I never committed to it. That’s because change required me to be accountable to someone for my thoughts and actions. The change was RISKY. I didn’t know that learning how to THINK in a faith-based way just required a training and daily action. That it was GROW-ABLE!

I told myself there must be something wrong with me mentally. Maybe I had cancer somewhere in my body. Maybe I had a chemical imbalance. I even had two separate pastors who told Jay that I had psychological problems because of stupid stuff I did because of fear. Imagine that. No one saw in leadership potential in me that just needed refinement or training but rather In the very place in the body of Christ I am called to minister in, (coaching, equipping and releasing) I was told I was damaged by significant authority figures. I share this because this might have happened to you also and you need to understand….

The enemy will always find a vessel to reinforce to you his plans for your life. WATCH OUT. Be sober; it’s unrestricted spiritual warfare!  But here’s the truth. I didn’t have mental problems. What I had was an internal identity theft that had been going on since I was a child. Probably for multiple generations in my family. And the old Becky was so accustomed to being a victim of my disappointing thoughts about who I was and what God could do through me, that I  simply couldn’t see myself in any other way other than as someone who had a constant struggle. I performed for love spiritually, physically and emotionally with my closest relationships. I was comfortable with pain. I deserved pain. The pain had been my best friend for many years, and it saturated my physical body. The more freedom I tried to walk in, the more manifestations of anxiety I went through.This is normal. You will have PHYSICAL signs when you have an assignment of fear in your life. You have to train yourself to respond robotically just like the military trains you in boot camp and with a system in place, or you will not win.

Here are some of the daily symptoms I had and you might too:

  1. Couldn’t keep a thought straight in my mind. Super jumpy and sound sensitive. Terrible headaches at a migraine level anytime I went to confront anything in my life that overwhelmed me.
  2. My heart would race, I would get tunnel vision and stop being able to process. I couldn’t hear or make a decision. It would take me a full day to recover and think straight.
  3. I was exhausted to the point I had to go to bed but then couldn’t sleep. Cried constantly.
  4. I had no energy and was out of shape. Was a chronic asthmatic. Always coughing or chest was tight.
  5. Felt disillusioned with life and people. Had no vision and couldn’t formulate one.
  6. Woke up constantly at night and tossed and turned.
  7. I was moody, demanding and impatient with people. No contentment, constant drama.
  8. Didn’t want to go hang out with anyone who had joy. If I walked alone, I would be bombed with thoughts someone was going to attack, rape or harm me.
  9. I was cynical and sarcastic. Always second guessed people’s motivations. I couldn’t love sacrificially because I was saturated in FEAR!
  10. Had to drink alcohol to decompress or relax.
  11. Over processed every decision I made, struggled with perfectionism, taking action and what people thought of me. I was saturated with idolatry.

Boy wouldn’t that be a popular doctor to go to. Doctor Deliverance:) Hi, I would like to make an appointment to see if I have the sickness of idolatry. Sure, that will be $250.00 for the initial consult and be here 15 minutes early to fill out the paper work on how many generations in your family has been rebelling against God with perverseness, rebellion, gluttony, fornication, and drunkenness. Here’s your prescription: Pray for one hour a day, exercise instead of eating or drink, memorize the word of God, worship him instead of your needs. Spend any extra money on someone who is more destitute than you are. 

Insert Crickets. Nope, that’s way too easy.

Here’s the truth=> If you are not advancing daily into what you believe is God’s will for your life, what your heart desires, moving where you think God has called you to move and doing what you believe will bless not just yourself or others, then fear is defining your identity not Christ. If you are going forward because of finances or what other’s may think of your decision, waiting for permission, fear is defining you, not Christ.

What I found is CHRIST makes a way where this is no way WHEN YOU DECIDE TO OVERCOME THE FEAR. Not before. Why? Because he wants you to be dependent on him.

I had to go in my weakness and people see me “needy”. To training for speaking when I was melting down with migraines. We moved to Atlanta with a team to church plant when we lost THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS to do so. I decided to train for a marathon in the middle of a fear of cancer because of rectal bleeding spasms. I launched a business during the recession and after a million dollar ID theft with no resources financially. Nothing my friend. NOTHING has come to me without a fight. And most likely it won’t for you either. Get used to it!

I dreamed bigger by the grace of God because I wanted to be a giant slayer in my generation and break free from the idolatry of fear.  Now, I had people suggest medication, but my personal decision was that I wanted to press through it with the word of God, herbs, vitamins, and exercise because I knew what I got the breakthrough it would help others. When I was dealing with thoughts of harming myself I promised my friends and family I would tell them if I considered following through and would be willing to go on medication if it came to that point. Which it never has. God has used this weakness to minister to many people now, and I want to encourage you that if you will choose to look at where you are weak as an INVITATION for Christ to be glorified in your life then whatever your giant is, your weakness will be the stone that brings him down. I have noticed now over decades that so many leaders will go down massive self-sabotaging roads just because they won’t admit they are stuck in fear-based thinking. It’s more socially acceptable to say you’re an alcoholic and call that at a disease than to say you’re fearful.  Why don’t more people just admit,


I can tell you why I didn’t for the longest time. I didn’t want to admit I was saturated with ANXIETY and negativity and that I had control over it.  Seeing myself as fearful was a real eye-opener because I had built up so many walls of “cool-ness,” self-sufficiency and what I wanted people to see me as. I had to admit all my relationships needed to change and boundaries had to go into my life to raise my leadership level.  And then I began to learn how to practice the presence of God which was life changing for me and one of the main things I teach to those who struggle with fear. Friend, there are PRACTICAL actions you can take without attending a fire-walking seminar, listening to self-help audio’s, running to conference after conference for a religious high.  The first step is admitting this is you and you want to be conformed to the Lord’s identity and not the plans the enemy has for you. Another is understanding that you will have to let God work this through your life in his timing and not your’s. And that feeling out of control makes you HUMAN not broken.

Also, if this is something you struggle with also and need support, I want to invite you to join my community, it’s free. There you will be challenged to break out of this idolatry in a supportive, focused way.

Faith forward my friend because God has a POWERFUL and BOLD plan for your life that is filled with righteousness, peace, and joy in the HOLY GHOST!

Love, love, Bec:)

Poverty Vs. Wealth Thinking

This is a week where we remember the FIGHT we had to commit to as a nation to develop our national identity that was strong and FREE!

There was a great financial SACRIFICE and consistent WORK to birth this. And so it will be for you too. Anything less is not worth fighting for!  Your purpose will only come if you are freed up limiting mindsets and INVITE the kind of covenant relationships into your life that ensures challenge.

Unfortunately, so many Christians are saturated with an independent identity they associate success with self-reliance. I’m going to do it my way!  In America, it’s a shame to depend or live with our children when you grow old (as if you didn’t plan well enough financially), but in China, it’s something to be boasted of! “My children love me so much they fight over who get’s to have me stay with them!”

But the truth is, dependence and vulnerability in a safe enviroment is BIBLICAL!

So many people hold back investing in training that will take them into their next breakthrough because they are still struggling with what people think about them if they see they still have problems or what if they find out I used to be in prison, or had a porno problem, I’m on my 3rd marriage, or I still struggle with poor financial patterns, been labeled a trouble maker or I WASTE TIME WATCHING TV when I should be working on my vision.

The list goes on and on. WHATEVER! Please introduce me to anyone who is currently PERFECT or did everything perfect so I can touch their magical robe!

God set’s the isolated into a spiritual family so that you learn how to IGNORE condemnation and all the things the enemy wants to sabotage you with to hold you back from living a heroic God life! So you’re equipped for the work of the ministry, and you can multiply your significant life! It’s not God’s plan for you to stay on survival mode or have a dream in your heart for years that never get’s birthed! It’s not God’s will for you to keep rehearsing what you could’ve, should’ve done 10 years ago or stay on perpetual I DON’T KNOW what God has for me mode!

Loneliness, isolation mean no breakthrough. Imagine, this time next year, you’re still saying the same things about your life!!!! That would stink! And that’s what you will be saying if you don’t do the work!

I understand what it feels like to feel alone. To feel accused daily and have recurring patterns of financial lack, relational disappointments or infirmity that just takes on new forms. I can tell you the truth though; God allowed constant tension in my life for a reason. It was to train me to PERSEVERE, reach out to others in humility and to move forward despite what the enemy threw at me. You see when you’re a slave, you have no dreams. But when you catch your REAL IDENTITY, that you’re a son/daughter, you still are doing the same work, but you know you’re going to step into an INHERITANCE with it.

Poverty mentalities don’t get support because they have to have all the answers themselves. Wealth mentalities set a goal, work as a team, reach further, ask for input as they go. Same brains, same talents, same time constraints, it’s how they REACT to obstacles. Have you ever thought that you weren’t meant to live in survival mode? That there is an easier way?

A way for you to lose the 10 pounds. To end the loneliness. To end the poor decision-making processes. To use your writing, speaking gift to impact others for the kingdom.

The longer you stay in survival mode, the longer that BECOMES WHO YOU ARE IDENTITY WISE. The quicker you make decisions to suffer for a bigger vision; GRACE is released. People are CHANGED by just watching your life!

Have you ever thought of that? That God has given you obstacles so others can look at your difficulties as you attempt to do bigger things HIS WAY instead of your own and say, there is a God in heaven if he/she can have such a right attitude or not quit in the midst of so much oppression.

Remember what Father Paul said…Eph 3: 13… So please don’t lose heart at what they are doing to me here. It is for you I am suffering, and you should feel honored and encouraged.

Let me break that down for you. You’re going to get SPIRITUAL WARFARE and SUFFERING for living a sacrificial life that involves others growing in Christ.  I still get emails from people who believe once your saved, all is in the blood and you can just sit back in your inner tube and float down the river with your worship music on. That acknowledging spiritual warfare means you’re looking for a devil under every rock. READ YOUR BIBLE!

So, if Jesus was crucified sacrificially, all the apostles suffered for sharing the gospel and were martyred for their faith, why do you think you’re exempt from that? There is no Christian prosperity gospel except for having an overcoming FAITH! That’s your WEALTH, not your bank account! Do not come under idolatrous teaching that if you’re more holy or spiritual if you have more money! We aren’t promised perfect health or fat bank accounts as Christians. Do I believe in healing and to be financially stable? Yes, but I don’t measure my identity around that!

Today, pray in tongues, listen to worship music, pray with faith-filled people. If you don’t have this in your life,  join my community for free and begin to do some identity work!

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

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