I Don’t Want To Be My Husbands Holy Spirit: SABOTAGE!


You’re the daughter/son of a king. If you act like it. 

Your life has the potential to sharpen like iron those around you and to glorify God with boldness. This goes for our marriage, friendships and businesses. We were created to work together in the body of Christ to develop a boldness that is compelling and this begin’s in your house which is your sphere of influence. Trusting the people around you WILL affect your ability to see clearly, walk in confidence and do the work of the ministry effectively.

Our lives and marriages are, in truth, ours to design the way we want. Each day, we make choices on how we handle conflict and disagreements and those decisions determine whether our vision grows successfully or the emotional pain of unresolved issues numbs our hearts. Our hearts must be very sensitive to the leading of Christ and the more you silence your conscience and compromise on your core values, the more the harder the Holy Spirit has to pull on the reins. Life get’s hard. And here’s the thing, I don’t want that for you. So this video is for you IF:

If you don’t like to be the person who says what needs to be said. (This video is primarily for women but men you can use this in your workplace and your relationships also)

If you like to be everyone’s friend. Don’t watch this video if you want to keep a people-pleasing mindset.

If you struggle with what submission is to spiritual authority and there is something going on in your family or marriage that is troubling you and not changing despite your prayers.

This video could change the trajectory of your marriage.  

Meet you in the comments.

Becky Harmon is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her success in these arenas has placed her in demand as a personal advisor to ministry and marketplace leaders world-wide.  To discover how you can build an influential life and reach people for Christ out of the most sabotaging of circumstances, order 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare. It breaks down the individual strategies and prayers you need at each phase of your walk to remember WHO YOU ARE and stay faith-filled through even the most difficult challenges. Purchase it today on Amazon and Kindle. 


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