How To Find The Right Coach

When you are stepping out in faith to share your testimony through coaching, speaking, or writing a book, it’s important to find the right coach.

You’re going to put a lot of time into training and you’re going to want a process for growing your leadership and message into an actual brand that can be multiplied. It’s important to find someone who will give you a focus and deadline but not drive you so hard that you get discouraged.

You’re creating content or video’s to serve people, so you want to have a coach who understands the tension that goes along with staying Christ-centered, coaching, writing blogs, being your own social media department and marketing agent.

Many people find a coach by simply googling and getting started on the phone. I am actually in the process of hiring a coach for Royal and I so I thought I would share with you what I am looking for in my current coach and also what I wish someone would have told me (the last point I share on the video) when I launched a Christian coaching business!

3 Tips On What To Look For In Your Coach

See you in the comments below!

Faith forward, Bec:)

2 thoughts on “How To Find The Right Coach

  1. May First!! It’s my May Day!!
    SOS! Save my Soul!!
    So thankful that I found you!!
    I have tried so hard for 5 years to write my message, coach….so resistant to learning new way…I’d rather just ‘wing’ it…so I did and ended up giving myself to others instead of giving myself to developing gift!

    I am finally ready to submit the ‘force of my horse’ and be trained.
    I love your ‘horse’ analogy…it is confirmation for me! I have been told prophetically that I have saddled my horse but that I had fear in learning how to ride it. I need a horse trainer for my flesh!! LOL!! I am looking forward to joining your coaching program in June! This month my grandson is born! Great time for new beginnings! New Idenity in Christ for me too!!

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