How To Be Consistent For Christians

I constantly have clients ask me how to be consistent to take the actions we agree on in coaching. I want to help you answer this today from a Christian perspective as we serve the Almighty, who created our universe with everything in it and it’s wonderfully consistent every day!

First and most importantly, if you are not’s because you have believed the devil who loves to tell you that you are unworthy of success and you will never learn how to be consistent. Every one who names the name of Christ is consistent because that your BOLD IDENTITY. Are the sun and moon consistent? Is Jesus Christ consistent? Then you are because you have been crucified with Christ. One of the most important things you can do if you desire to live a purposed life is to build an identity that is consistent. If you desire to be trustworthy, have authentic confidence, then being consistent is at the core of this. I want to begin to help you understand how to build this into your life by pointing you to this one scripture before you start.

I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20

Take courage and activate your faith by meditating on this scripture. Your identity in Christ is to grasp the goal set before you and finish what you start faithfully. When you receive this revelation, you find you begin to move gradually into small wins that translate into bigger wins and more provision for your life. This will impact your personal life and your business success.

3 Powerful Tips On How To Be Consistent

1. Ask God to give you a short-term (within 6-8 weeks) goal in prayer.  Write it down and if you can describe in about a paragraph what it would mean to you emotionally to accomplish this. This is a very powerful exercise and sometimes this one strategy alone gives people the focus they need to produce this result. I believe one of greatest things Christ had modeled  was clarity on his identity, his mission and his intention to fulfill it despite the price he would pay. If you want to be consistent, do the work to define the why’s of your mission and what you will receive by accomplishing it.

2. Suit up for the impending spiritual battle. Because it’s on the way as soon as you draw a line in the sand and you make the commitment that you are not going to settle anymore for mediocre. Break down your spiritual battle into daily strategic actions. Start your day in prayer, submitting your heart to Christ and again activating your faith MILITANTLY. The enemy’s job is to remind you of your old inconsistent, double-minded, inadequate and fearful identity. Your job is to tell him of your new bold identity by DECLARING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH WHERE YOU ARE GOING.

This is not new age. It’s not name it claim it. It’s you taking authority over your air space as you do not wrestle against flesh and blood, you wrestle with principalities and unseen forces. Do you believe your Bible? Then understand you have a hidden spiritual battle that requires you to do the WORK in hidden places to win.   Now, what you need to know is you may not feel victorious, but this is where you begin just to learn how to deal with the enemy and not rely on how you feel about something. Our emotions change. Christ and his word are unchanging and a sword for you to do some smotin’ in the hinder parts with. Gotta loves the KJV for a dignified description for a butt whooping.

3. Block time for this activity, and it becomes NON-NEGOTIABLE. If you want to learn how to be consistent, you have to execute. This is super simple, but people just stay in these mental places passivity of intending to take action and never really take it. You know how you are going to get results? You block time on your daily calendar for this. I have news for you. You’re not serious about being consistent if you don’t invest money into moving forward into this activity and you don’t block time for it. MONEY and time are two great definers of how serious you prioritize something. No moolah, no time. You got a religious spirit. Whoops, did I say that out loud?

4. Make the goal you finish and not measuring or grading yourself. We have a phrase, just suit up and show up. Too many people focus on doing things perfectly, so they talk themselves out of doing it at all. You have a pass from me to get a D- on anything you try as long as you finish it. God does not measure you. He claps at your attempts and runs towards you when you take your first step.

There is nothing that will make you bolder than realizing you have been a consistent person all along. Work on gaining clarity on your identity, and you will be consistent! If you need help building this, our leadership team is the next step for your consistent success.

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon is the founder and CEO of Successnotsabotage Coaching, located outside Atlanta, Ga. Gifted with a strong teaching and training mission, she has coached, spoken and ministered throughout the United States and overseas. She is a sought-after identity coach and speaker and has authored more than six books. Whether training on how to apply your identity in Christ, pray and break people out of victimization thinking, or multiply your influence authentically, Becky equips Christians for a demonstration of practical power. She transitions pastors, churches and marketplace leaders, into new identities and impact in their sphere of influence. No matter how stuck you have been, Becky will show you how to begin to use what the enemy sabotaged you with for the glory of God.

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  1. I love this Becky! #3 spoke volumes to me and is yet another confirmation of what I believe God is asking me to do. Thank you and keep on being consistently wonderful 🙂

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