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Youtube is a fantastic way to grow your list and gain targeted leads who are ready for the service you have to provide for them. The latest 2016 statistics say that online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic. What that means for you, is this a PROFITABLE way for you to serve people and position yourself for multiplication with a minuscule investment of your time.

Today, I am going to share with you how to think strategically about your video’s from a branding perspective and what you can do for absolutely NO MONEY to grow your list. Growing your list when you are a new coach, blogger or speaker is a priority and will make a difference in your profits. As your business grows, you pour more money into what is working and try new things to generate leads.

First, and this is the honest truth. Most of the way I grew my first $25,000 in coaching was from free marketing concepts. Now, I did not say; it did not cost me TIME and EFFORT. I had to work very hard, in the beginning, to get my coaching business moving. With that said, about 3 to five years ago, in my quest to keep growing my list I noticed this was working so I kept doing it. Working means I directly ask clients how they found me and this one video probably brought me about 20 customers in one year. So, I am going to use this one for example for you.

How To Grow Your List Through Youtube For Free

How To Use Youtube To Grow Your List For FREE

  1. Create a HOW TO video for a particular challenge your audience has. Make it under 4 minutes and have fun with it. Here’s what you need to understand. People love passion and excitement. If you love what you are doing, let it show. Don’t worry about people thinking you’re a dork or you’re not professional enough. Be yourself, present the pain problem and solve it for them in a fun way as best you can. At certain times of the year, HOW TO video’s are going to be more important and searched. For example, this HOW to do a Christian vision board I did around Christmas because I knew people were going to start searching for this on New Years. Think about your clients, what they need, what is stressing them and what they will be searching to solve. Always think ahead of your customer’s needs.
  2. Google owns Youtube. So what this means is if you’re a crafty catty, you can tag your video appropriately and place words and sentences people will type to search for their solution. For example, here are some words and phrases I used for my Christian Vision Board video. Always use your name and different variations of the keyword. Notice I put weight loss in there because that’s one thing everyone wants to do at the beginning of the year.How Grow Your List With Youtube For FREE
  3. Don’t worry about the description of your video in the info box. What you want to put in there is how they can get more from you by joining your list! This needs to be short and to the point because as you can see, they only see two sentences and people are not always going to click on the more link and read the whole thing. Don’t ever do a video and not use it for LEAD GENERATION. That’s like speaking to a room full of people and not giving them anyway to follow up with you. You’re just leaking out potential clients by not having a way of capturing their email and serving them more fully. Make sure to use caps in a couple of words to get their attention and get them see your How To Get Started page! Also, don’t forget to personally connect with anyone who leaves a comment on your video. How to get FREE leads from Youtube

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will try and give you some pointers! Now, get started having fun generating FREE LEADS! Oh, and we will be talking more about how to pay for more ads on which videos are working in my Leadership team if you need help with this!

Love, Bec:)

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