4 Sabotages To Productive Time Management


Moving out of survival mode into becoming a messenger for the Lord isn’t about buying a day timer and creating a do list for the day. As crucial as blocking your time is, there are other belief systems that will make the difference between a failed vision and a successful business.

At SUCCESnotsabotage, building your leadership is about creating a compelling vision that fuels you to manage your time excellently! This goes deep down into what your belief system is about who God is calling you to be in the next season of your life, pushing through spiritual warfare and tension and even how you process through failure when you don’t measure up to your pace concerning your business profits.

In other words, time blocking begins with what you believe about yourself identity wise if you want to do it through grace and not constantly beat yourself up with never being capable enough to build the business God is calling you to create.

Here is some typical mindset sabotages when it comes to efficient productivity.

  1. Because shame interrupts the growth of your productivity, you will tend to resist saying no when people encroach on your time that you have set aside to build your vision. This is because individuals who have not created their compelling vision, are easily at the disposable of others who have. Grace-filled time management is mission minded without guilt.
  2. You will continuously struggle with discouragement when you have interruptions or delays. Lack of understanding your identity in Christ will cause you to feel God is punishing you or that you aren’t learning some kind of spiritual lesson you should have. There is something deep down that makes you wonder if success is for everyone else because you can’t seem to get it together. Instead of just realizing that these are distractions familiar to everyone, becoming assertive and pushing through the passivity to project done on a deadline. Something happens to derail it. Victimization thinking is passive; grace-filled time management is confident.
  3. You will over schedule your time with friends, family or those you minister to compensate for your lack of results in profits. You need an excuse. It reinforces to you what you already believe about yourself. You should quit because you don’t have what it takes to make _____ insert your financial number. Grace-filled time management will help you not only discover where you are capable, but when you achieve success, it will set other’s free to do the same. It permits you to work hard and efficiently!
  4. You will tolerate time sabotages like surfing the internet, commenting and reading social media because you haven’t set a clear and strategic daily, weekly and monthly plan to get to where you’re going! Grace-filled time management will harness social media for achieving results in your business rather than your need for affirmation.


Do you have anything to add to this list that is causing you to feel distracted and not be able to accomplish what it is God is downloading to you for the next season? If so, leave it in the comments for me below and I will be praying for you!

Becky Harmon is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and ministry leader. Her success in these areas has placed her in demand as a personal advisor to pastors and marketplace leaders worldwide. To begin your training on how to step into the authority and calling God has for you, go here and get started on her FREE identity training page! 

To have Becky speak to your congregation or train your leaders on the 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare and how they can begin to share their testimony to make disciples, contact her here. 

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