Discover WHO You Really Are

What if you understood why you were receiving the rejection from friends and family?

Experiencing constant financial hardship and everything breaking down the minute you go to enact any change?

Why you seem to be opposed despite your best intentions?

What if you could discover how to build a discipline and consistency you have never had? 

What if you could end "feeling crazy" from all the repeated patterns and cycles you found yourself in over and over again?

Discover in just 165 pages how to build an authentic overcomers life without the typical rah-rah "Christian-ese". I will show you exactly what is happening to you and how to end the sabotages quickly. This book is written conversationally and you can take it to the beach it's so simple. 

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Four Phases of Spiritual Warfare

Navigate Sabotage Build SUCCESS


Jay Harmon

If you've ever felt stuck in life and wanted to get unstuck, get this book. Becky has a history of helping people develop action and break out of self-sabotaging behaviors. She practices what she imparts by making it part of her lifestyle first. This book may well be the key that opens your life up to the POTENTIAL you've always felt but did not know how to realize. 

Jay Harmon


Becky is boldly authentic. She speaks the truth in a spirit of love. She will challenge you to think and provoke you to grow in your relationship with Christ.  She does not sugar coat the truth. If you want straight advice that qualifies you to be effective in the battles you are facing, you have the right book in your hands. Becky is a spiritual general in God's army and is committed to helping others achieve breakthrough. You will never be bored as you read and partner with Becky. Buckle up – she will take you higher, deeper, and further than you thought possible. 

Beverly Lewis


I am forever grateful for Becky's friendship and influence on my life. She has spoken things into me and called me up into higher levels of grace more than anyone else in my life. She spoke some things to me early on in my ministry, way ahead of where I was at and my understanding of myself at that time  - yet I am now walking in the leadership & identity she foresaw. I always feel strengthened and encouraged to walk in greater fulness of my calling and identity in Christ when I spend time with Becky

Anna Latshaw








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