Discerning God’s Will In Prayer

What happens when you take the time to pray, co-create a vision you believe is from God and still don’t have the assurance that everything is going according to plan?

You move forward my friend with your best plan that you have come up with after prayer. Faith leads us to our identity in Christ. Double-mindedness and holding back that you aren’t’ good enough or that you will not measure up to your vision does nothing but drive you with fear.

Satan accuses with condemnation and second-guessing. The Holy Spirit of TRUTH leads with faith in WHO you are in Christ. And by the way, it’s work that has to be done in prayer daily.

My friend, this is where faith requires you to confess, belief and to accept WHO God says you are in Him despite your lack of clarity. With what little revelation you have in your hand. Because here’s the thing. Even John the Baptist at the very end of his mission, asked his followers to go and ask Jesus, “Are you the one, or is there another”? J-o-h-n T-h-e B-a-p-t-i-s-t. The man who was so sure about his mission he was eating bugs and rebuking kings without fear.

I remember a time when I had a problem to solve, and I kept going to God about it day after day in prayer. One day I was very frustrated with the Lord. I said, “Lord, I have been interceding about this situation for many months now. I have asked you to download a plan to me and yet you haven’t.

I heard CLEAR AS DAY. “Becky, you’re not waiting on me, I’ve been waiting for you.”

I was stunned. I asked the Lord, what? How long have you been waiting on me? He said since the first day you asked me. WHATTTTT? I said you’re God. You give people plans; I was waiting for the perfect plan from you. It was going to be a revelation that glorified you because I waited on you and didn’t act in the flesh. (Don’t you love when you break down for God what he needs to do, insert the fourth part of the Trinity here-Becky)

He said, no you’re fearful that the plan you come up with fail, and you don’t want to take ownership.

I was so laid out by this revelation that I got up out of my prayer closet and solved the problem that week.

You may say like I have many times. “Lord, what if my plan fails 100 times”? He says to you and me, You are who I say. Here are some examples of ideas you may have to come with yourself:

  • How to solve your marriage problem
  • How to discipline wayward children
  • How to solve your marketing problem
  • How to make an extra $100 a month
  • How to raise money for a missionary

So, get out the acceptable plan that you have created and begin to pray this over yourself=> Lord, take my good, acceptable plan and turn it in your good and perfect will. I will not hide my talents this year because I am afraid of you or even my own failure. I will believe you that I AM BLESSED beyond the curse. I AM crucified in you, and it is no longer I that lives but Christ that lives in me. I AM not going to be held back by my lack of clarity, my feelings on how ill-equipped I feel to be a good spouse, parent, friend, business person….etc.I AM a light on a hill; I take the plunge to do great things for you. I will get back up every time I fail because you strengthen me.

To quote General Patton (Whom I am sure was very loved by God)

Better a good plan executed violently today than a perfect plan tomorrow.

Friend, when you pray, believe in faith and move forward with your acceptable plan. Trust God to make it a good and perfect plan.

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Love, Bec:)

3 thoughts on “Discerning God’s Will In Prayer

  1. Thank you! It’s clear as clear can be that the above was written for me. I was the hold up all along. Thanks for the prayer. I will start right now praying in a whole new light. It’s no mistake that I heard you on You Tube as I was searching for writing tips. God has made it clear that for years now I have had an assignment of generational rejection on my life. I will find freedom in Christ to walk forward into His perfect plan and will for my life. I am very thankful for the messages you are sharing.

  2. WOW! What a revelation for me. I have been praying for clarity for years! Praise Jesus He led me to this blog, opened my eyes & gives me the courage to step out in faith!
    That prayer will be written on an index card, put in my pocket & I will pray it over myself whenever I need encouragement!

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