Courage Should Be The Focus Of Everything You Do

Taking courageous action should be the focus of every decision you make daily.

When you’re first learning how to overcome spiritual warfare, discover who you are identity-wise and grow in authority there is a tendency to back down from new tension. To confuse obstacles or rejection as who you are identity-wise. As your identity solidifies and you take more ground, you’re going to have new problems you have to solve from a leadership perspective. Mostly, these crop up when you begin to impact people with your unique message and testimony. 

You see, it’s one thing to share a story from a book. It’s a whole different level of impact when you are telling someone how God gave you breakthrough. There is a tangible anointing on this and that story creates tension for the enemy. So guess what? You’re going to receive tension for it!

I was coaching an individual into creating their brand. They told me point blank that they had worked for the church for a long time but felt like God was calling them to birth their message and they wanted to speak and develop books, coach and speak with their message.

Sabotage=>The week they began to commit to this action and began to share what they were doing on social media, their superiors told this person that they were spending too much time connecting with others on social media and they needed just to focus on their job.

The client came to me in a panic wanting to shut down their social media channel and shared that they were now struggling with maybe they missed the timing of when to launch.

Did they miss God? NO!

Where is the focus in this warfare? Job security and creating double-mindedness about creating their own message instead of sharing the organizations identity.

Where should your focus be? On obeying God and serving the people, HE is calling you to serve in the next season with YOUR identity. So, here’s how we solved this issue.

SUCCESS=> I asked more questions. Break down for me exactly what you’re doing.

Come to find out this person was commenting on five to 10 people’s blogs and status updates a day. They were hoping they would be asked to speak, blog or be highlighted by another leader if they encouraged others. Their boss saw it and wondered why they were on social media on their dime.

Valid point. I asked the client to stop doing that and instead block 30 minutes when they got home from work to PRE-SCHEDULE their social media so it was on their personal time. I also asked them to communicate this to their boss so he knew he was not paying this individual to grow their own platform.

The next problem solved=> When you’re building a NEW YOU or developing that identity into a brand, you need to be focused on creating content and service that position YOU as an expert and help people understand WHAT YOU DO TO SOLVE THEIR PAIN. Your connecting gift needs to be used in a different way. God is trying to enlarge you to address the problems for people from a kingdom perspective. Much of what the real issue was with this client was they were looking for affirmation back if they encouraged others. You’re not seeking affirmation. You’re seeking to communicate HOW YOU SERVE. They were also hoping for an open door from someone with a bigger name brand. Personally, I have never liked nor sought growing this way because it can turn into people pleasing. Big no-no in my book. If it happens great but don’t purposely seek this out.

In a nut shell. There is nothing that will transform lives for the kingdom of God then sharing how Christ delivered you. How he moved you from an old sabotaging identity into the new one that you currently carry.

When you’re first starting to build your identity and your brand, it’s all about you staying SUPER ZONED and creating enough material that you can take people through a process that get’s them a result. You then, PRE-SCHEDULE your status updates, so you stay focused and you create ways to serve weekly and monthly whether that’s from a blog, podcast or monthly teleconferences like I used to grow in the beginning.

Therefore….all the focus you have with your time is on creating a funnel for people to move through that will help them keep growing. As you begin to catch this mindset and implement it, you’re going to get spiritual warfare. Why? Because the enemy does not want you FOCUSED, STRONG and SERVING POWERFULLY.

Today, make the decision. I am not backing down from tension. I am going to keep my focus, stay consistent with my identity and service. Need help building a platform to share your message with grace? Join my Leadership team where we help you identify how to take courageous actions daily and develop your own message.

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon is the founder and CEO of Successnotsabotage Coaching, located outside Atlanta, Ga. Gifted with a strong teaching and training mission, she has coached, spoken and ministered throughout the United States and overseas. She is a sought-after identity coach and speaker and has authored more than six books. Whether training on how to apply your identity in Christ, pray and break people out of victimization thinking, or multiply your influence authentically, Becky equips Christians for a demonstration of practical power. She transitions pastors, churches and marketplace leaders, into new identities and impact in their sphere of influence. No matter how stuck you have been, Becky will show you how to begin to use what the enemy sabotaged you with for the glory of God.

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