How To Find The Right Coach

When you are stepping out in faith to share your testimony through coaching, speaking, or writing a book, it’s important to find the right coach.

You’re going to put a lot of time into training and you’re going to want a process for growing your leadership and message into an actual brand that can be multiplied. It’s important to find someone who will give you a focus and deadline but not drive you so hard that you get discouraged.

You’re creating content or video’s to serve people, so you want to have a coach who understands the tension that goes along with staying Christ-centered, coaching, writing blogs, being your own social media department and marketing agent.

Many people find a coach by simply googling and getting started on the phone. I am actually in the process of hiring a coach for Royal and I so I thought I would share with you what I am looking for in my current coach and also what I wish someone would have told me (the last point I share on the video) when I launched a Christian coaching business!

3 Tips On What To Look For In Your Coach

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Faith forward, Bec:)

Do You Need Counseling or Leadership Coaching?

As a Christian coach, I want to provide my clients with outstanding results.

When my clients learn their identity in Christ, overcome their sabotages and begin making disciples through the success God has given them out of all the pain they experienced, it’s a very fulfilling feeling for me!

But is this what happens every time someone comes to me and say’s they are ready for coaching to develop a Messengers identity?

I have coached people out of many sabotaging mindsets that have arisen from being in controlling marriages, sexual abuse, addiction-based behaviors, depression, oppression, you name it. I have a very outside-the-box model for my business that has worked for the past ten years with hundreds of testimonials because I am very clear on what I ask for from my clients before they come into my program. In other words, I don’t screen people because they have serious “issues”. Why? Because these are the kind of people that make tremendous influencers in the kingdom when they learn to grow their leadership. However, sometimes these same people have mindsets that are still rooted in poverty thinking and they have to be very militant about harnessing their old feelings from that painful time in their life, into the kind of leadership that will enable them to influence others for Christ.

It’s been my experience that many people don’t need more medication, therapy or even counseling when they feel emotional overwhelm.  What they need is to have someone in their life to challenge them to think, speak and act through their identity in Christ. This requires them taking action in the pain. In other words, they have forgotten who they are because of the spiritual oppression and warfare they have been under and the feelings mask their true identity. When this lasts decades, they internalize rejection, failure and limitation as their lot from the Lord. Nothing is further from the truth. Success is for you no matter how stuck you feel.

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Faith Forward, Love, Bec:)


Why Do I Lose My Consistency?

When you have momentum, and you feel “connected” to your vision, your emotions improve as well as your confidence.

Learning how to become a consistent person helps other people see us a stable, and they respect us more because we become the kind of person who DOES what we say we will do. It’s simple.

But if you find that you have started projects, goals, hopes and didn’t finish, this can be hugely frustrating. Let alone totally sabotage you from believing you’re the kind of person who can see God do BIG things in your life. You can choose to view inconsistency as a personality issue, OR you can decide to build a BOLD identity in Christ. It’s always our choice whether we work on building our Leadership or we stay stuck in a limited old identity.

In my experience as a Christian coach, there are reason’s people who love God don’t stay consistent. Today, find out how to develop a mindset of a finisher and what sabotages you finishing what you begin.

I’ll talk to you about that in today’s video! 

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Pulling The Jesus Card

I have an essential training today that if you choose not to be offended by, will help you build grace and more authenticity into your life.

Sabotage=>Don’t pull the Jesus card with people when you’re making decisions. Sound thought processes are based on two things. Logic and serving everyone involved. Typically people who start quoting bible text at you during a confrontation are doing so because they are trying to justify why they feel entitled to have their way.

When Jesus leads you to a decision, it’s mission-minded and will bring life to everyone involved.  There will be a fruit that will be established and can be discerned quickly.

There might be times that a coach, mentor or spouse will ask you to move forward on something and I had had clients tell me they pulled the Jesus card when they didn’t get the response they wanted to get from my client. I have also personally experienced people threatening me by quoting scripture when I did not give in to their demands that were clearly selfish and fear-driven. So, I am speaking directly about what I have coached hundreds of people through as well as how I respond when this happens.

  1. In context of  marriage… as I have coached A LOT of women through this with control freak husbands. If you’re married, wonderful that Jesus told you to do something but one small detail. You aren’t one anymore. You’re two. So, you should not move forward until you’re spouse feels comfortable because of you once you pull the Jesus card, you shut down the whole conversation. Because I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to argue with Jesus. I mean, come on. That invites a lot of potential lightening strikes and the ground opening up to swallow me. I would rather just watch the fruit of what “Jesus” told you and see if it pans out or not. If its spirit led, you’re going to have peace, right living and results that you can use to train someone else with.  In other words, the cycle of sabotage in your life is going to end. Your marriage gets better not more strained. People respect you, not resent you for bullying them. Because when you obey Jesus, you are lifted out of your situation and resurrection power is released.

If it was merely your will because you didn’t want to deal with your consequences, come under more Lordship or didn’t want to do what you’re spouse or mentor suggested…guess what? YOU GET TO GO AROUND THE MOUNTAIN ANOTHER 1,347 times. Why? Because God is pretty patient and he doesn’t push accountability or mentoring down anyone’s throat. He just lets you get tired of the stupidity and frustrating results. I’m just keeping it real for you, not trying to be offensive. It’s important to be authentic, NOT RELIGIOUS!

So, here is the kind of things you don’t want to pull the Jesus card for as it lessens your authority:

  • Boundaries on your time. You are called to be mission-minded and invest time into what God has revealed is your purpose and who you do that mission with. You don’t need to tell people that you prayed about it and Jesus said no. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being purposed about your time nor should you feel guilty for actually thinking strategically about your life. Just say no but thank you for offering the opportunity!
  • Decisions that you think you’re friend, parent, boss, pastor, spouse might not be in agreement with. That is not going to work well for you trust me. Manipulation is witchcraft to God.
  • Boundaries that someone has asked you to be considerate of and you’re not liking them or it’s not the way you would do things. When you threaten people or accuse them of a lack of Lordship, the ship is going to sink and you may not have any other recourse after this so don’t pull that card unless you’re ready to end the relationship and you have been very prayerful about your decision.


  1. This video will help you understand how to manage your time more efficiently. When your idea is clear you won’t be easily manipulated by others. If you receive an invitation that you are just not comfortable with, spend a day in prayer asking God to show you why you’re feeling a check about it. It’s either one of two things. Not the time for this or consider you just don’t want to die in your flesh. God will speak to you clearly about how to move forward but just remember, just say yes or no!
  2. Apologize quickly if you have unintentionally violated someone’s boundaries.

Remember…Save the Jesus card for those times when you’re being pressed, and you took the time in prayer to seek God’s will and you’re ready to deal with the consequences this statement makes. Anything else lessens your authority.

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

Spiritual Warfare Or Discipline From God?

I remember a time in my life where I would tell people I must be the most loved woman on the planet because all I got night and day from the Lord was discipline. The truth was I was pretty rebellious when I came to the Lord, and it took me a while to learn how to trust God the Father that he had my best intentions in mind when he brought something to my attention he wanted to work on. This is why doing identity work is imperative if you want to break out of poverty mentalities and fulfill your purpose. 

As I began to learn how to be an overcomer,  more ministry opportunities opened up, and I started to have an impact in the kingdom through my prayers and actions. As this happened, I began to get TREMENDOUS spiritual warfare. If you don’t know how to recognize the difference, you will feel held back and unclear in your identity.


1. You are making a stand for righteousness in your family, work or community where you have to put healthy boundaries into place where there have been none.
2. You are being persecuted because you have preached Christ rather than self-help, new age doctrines or idolatry. You are actively praying and speaking to people about receiving Christ and getting tension for it.
3. You are declaring Christ in regions of the world that are closed to the gospel.
4. You are in the process of getting delivered from worldly lust like addictions, mammon or witchcraft. (yes, witchcraft, satanic cults and all those things we don’t like to talk about are real and produce spiritual warfare when you come out of it) Breaking out of curses, rebellion can also cause spiritual warfare.

The discipline of the Lord comes when he has given you an instruction, and you are not yielding to the Holy Spirit. Often God is attempting to form a testimony in your life and create a healthy fear and respect for you so that he can BLESS and answer your prayers to send you with POWER. His discipline gets harder and harder when you don’t listen to the Holy Spirit convicting you first and then the people he put in your life to guard you. Here are a couple of ways I have experienced the discipline of the Lord and got my chain yanked. 


1. The Lord point blank told me to stop watching horror movies, and it took a very scary spiritual situation to open my eyes. Never watched another horror movie after the Holy Spirit disciplined me.
2. The Lord told me through a close friend that I was seeking affirmation (in idolatry) from leaders, and I didn’t listen because I was so wrapped up in people pleasing. I experienced a very embarrassing public situation.
3. The Lord asked me to stop arguing with people and just pray. It was more important to me to right than be in the relationship. The Lord let me experience many broken friendships, and anxiety until I realized I didn’t have to defend myself he would.
4. God told me to block time to step out of ministry and into prayer and life coaching. I kept hesitating, and I got convicted and anxious. I was scared of FAILURE, but when I finally repented for not trusting God and obeyed, I began to have peace and prosper.

Need more prayer support on how to become an overcomer, accountability from a prayer partner? Training on how to apply your identity in Christ to everyday obstacles so you can be sent to serve with a powerful testimony? That’s what we dig down and cultivate for you in my private Leadership Team. Join and receive the personal mentoring you need to be equipped and released today!

Faith forward! Love, Bec:)


How To End Yo-Yo Commitments In Your Life

Do you struggle with seeing yourself as inconsistent and unable to finish what you start? Do you tell yourself or others you are ADHD?  Can’t keep a thought in your head? Unorganized and forgetful? Always coming up with great idea’s but never executing? Then here’s what you need to know. You have experienced an identity theft and you can take back this ground spiritually. In other words, you need to do the work to discover WHO YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN in Christ. Many Christians make the mistake of trying harder or beating themselves up.  Inconsistency and double-mindedness is spiritual warfare and self-help is never going to help transform you.

It makes no difference what your personality type is, your intelligence quotient or who is not giving you the support you feel like you need. Simply put, commitment comes from WHO YOU ARE identity-wise.  And here’s what’s even more powerful. Finishing strong every time comes from you making a decision to remind and confess who you are in Christ every time the enemy tries to label in the way he desires. This means you can completely reframe and renew every area of your life where you feel like you want to experience new results. It makes no difference whether you apply this principle to weight, your educational goals, building loyal friendships, finances or any other area where you want to see long-term results.

What’s more, becoming a person who set’s goals and finishes what they begin isn’t complicated. To become who you have already been a Christ, you only need to do two things:

  1. Clarify if this objective is within the will of God and what specific way it will glorify Him.
  2. Remind yourself who you are in Christ and what your goal is daily until you complete it.

Remember, the kingdom of God is not complicated, it just requires FAITH. So let’s talk about how you take your mustard seed faith and apply it to this identity crisis.

1. Is This Goal Going To Glorify God If You Finish It?

This is one of the first things you want to ask yourself if you are a Christian. Will this goal bring you peace, righteousness, and joy to finish it? When you complete it will you be able to show your love practically to people as well as serve them? Will it be a blessing to them? When people ask you how you did it, will it open up doors for you to give a testimony about God’s finishing strength? If you can answer yes to these questions then I can assure you, it’s in God’s will.

2. Remind Yourself WHO You Are In Christ Daily!

Christ finished the race that was given to HIM by his heavenly Father because he was clear on his identity and his mission. Here is an identity prayer that you can pray to bring down the LIE you have received that you are double-minded, inconsistent or ADHD. It is a lie if you are a Christian because YOU ARE IN CHRIST and he was an overcomer! The word of God is a SHARP, double-edged sword. It is alive and active, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart and you will discover WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Able to do all things through Christ Jesus!

Father in the name of Jesus, I repent for agreeing with the enemy’s plans for my life that I become double-minded, frustrated and unable to build the kingdom of God. I break every word curse I have spoken over myself and other’s have spoken over my life. I plead the blood of Jesus over my goal to=>Insert Goal here! I thank you Lord for giving me a finish faith according to Philippians 4:13 that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. Thank you Lord Jesus, that I have overcome through the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony and I love my life not even unto death according to Revelation 12:11. I thank you for making me mentally tough to finish this goal and the perseverance I need to see this goal come to pass so that it glorifies you. Today, I AM in you and because of that, I will finish strong and impact others for the kingdom with my testimony!

Poverty Vs. Wealth Thinking

This is a week where we remember the FIGHT we had to commit to as a nation to develop our national identity that was strong and FREE!

There was a great financial SACRIFICE and consistent WORK to birth this. And so it will be for you too. Anything less is not worth fighting for!  Your purpose will only come if you are freed up limiting mindsets and INVITE the kind of covenant relationships into your life that ensures challenge.

Unfortunately, so many Christians are saturated with an independent identity they associate success with self-reliance. I’m going to do it my way!  In America, it’s a shame to depend or live with our children when you grow old (as if you didn’t plan well enough financially), but in China, it’s something to be boasted of! “My children love me so much they fight over who get’s to have me stay with them!”

But the truth is, dependence and vulnerability in a safe enviroment is BIBLICAL!

So many people hold back investing in training that will take them into their next breakthrough because they are still struggling with what people think about them if they see they still have problems or what if they find out I used to be in prison, or had a porno problem, I’m on my 3rd marriage, or I still struggle with poor financial patterns, been labeled a trouble maker or I WASTE TIME WATCHING TV when I should be working on my vision.

The list goes on and on. WHATEVER! Please introduce me to anyone who is currently PERFECT or did everything perfect so I can touch their magical robe!

God set’s the isolated into a spiritual family so that you learn how to IGNORE condemnation and all the things the enemy wants to sabotage you with to hold you back from living a heroic God life! So you’re equipped for the work of the ministry, and you can multiply your significant life! It’s not God’s plan for you to stay on survival mode or have a dream in your heart for years that never get’s birthed! It’s not God’s will for you to keep rehearsing what you could’ve, should’ve done 10 years ago or stay on perpetual I DON’T KNOW what God has for me mode!

Loneliness, isolation mean no breakthrough. Imagine, this time next year, you’re still saying the same things about your life!!!! That would stink! And that’s what you will be saying if you don’t do the work!

I understand what it feels like to feel alone. To feel accused daily and have recurring patterns of financial lack, relational disappointments or infirmity that just takes on new forms. I can tell you the truth though; God allowed constant tension in my life for a reason. It was to train me to PERSEVERE, reach out to others in humility and to move forward despite what the enemy threw at me. You see when you’re a slave, you have no dreams. But when you catch your REAL IDENTITY, that you’re a son/daughter, you still are doing the same work, but you know you’re going to step into an INHERITANCE with it.

Poverty mentalities don’t get support because they have to have all the answers themselves. Wealth mentalities set a goal, work as a team, reach further, ask for input as they go. Same brains, same talents, same time constraints, it’s how they REACT to obstacles. Have you ever thought that you weren’t meant to live in survival mode? That there is an easier way?

A way for you to lose the 10 pounds. To end the loneliness. To end the poor decision-making processes. To use your writing, speaking gift to impact others for the kingdom.

The longer you stay in survival mode, the longer that BECOMES WHO YOU ARE IDENTITY WISE. The quicker you make decisions to suffer for a bigger vision; GRACE is released. People are CHANGED by just watching your life!

Have you ever thought of that? That God has given you obstacles so others can look at your difficulties as you attempt to do bigger things HIS WAY instead of your own and say, there is a God in heaven if he/she can have such a right attitude or not quit in the midst of so much oppression.

Remember what Father Paul said…Eph 3: 13… So please don’t lose heart at what they are doing to me here. It is for you I am suffering, and you should feel honored and encouraged.

Let me break that down for you. You’re going to get SPIRITUAL WARFARE and SUFFERING for living a sacrificial life that involves others growing in Christ.  I still get emails from people who believe once your saved, all is in the blood and you can just sit back in your inner tube and float down the river with your worship music on. That acknowledging spiritual warfare means you’re looking for a devil under every rock. READ YOUR BIBLE!

So, if Jesus was crucified sacrificially, all the apostles suffered for sharing the gospel and were martyred for their faith, why do you think you’re exempt from that? There is no Christian prosperity gospel except for having an overcoming FAITH! That’s your WEALTH, not your bank account! Do not come under idolatrous teaching that if you’re more holy or spiritual if you have more money! We aren’t promised perfect health or fat bank accounts as Christians. Do I believe in healing and to be financially stable? Yes, but I don’t measure my identity around that!

Today, pray in tongues, listen to worship music, pray with faith-filled people. If you don’t have this in your life,  join my community for free and begin to do some identity work!

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

10 SUCCESS Strategies For Challenging Transitions

Hindsight is always 20/20. We see the clearest after we navigate through difficult life transitions.

Because of the main ways I serve my clients is helping them turn what sabotaged them into success for others, I want to encourage you today that you can successfully pass through assignments the enemy has for your delay and even destruction. Especially if you see patterns occurring in your life that was in your parents, previous marriages or old spiritual relationships. Patterns are typically there due to either spiritual warfare that hasn’t been addressed or a lack of leadership training that you haven’t committed to.

If you are in significant life/identity shifts to be ALERT to the following ten potential sabotages. These success strategies are time tested not just in my life but have been used by my clients over the past decade with great success. They will help relieve the pressure that changes in vision and different outcomes bring into your spiritual sight and emotions.

Remember before reading these you will not see the result’s of clarity and understanding until you are well away from it. When you are crossing over into a new season, you will feel the sabotages (fear) but must act (faith-filled) to gain success and operate in your identity in Christ.

  1. As best as you can, do not quit or make life defining relational decisions when you feel persecuted, rejected, offended or insecure. There is always a work of God going for your PROMOTION and stability when you feel the most double-mindedness or feel like quitting. You need immense wisdom during transitions, especially those that involve covenant relationships like church matters, marriages, sabotages with your children. SUCCESS=> It is human nature to want to stop the emotional pain and just get a new job, run from your marriage or church relationships, cut off your disrespectful kids or whatever it is that creating the conflict. Breathe. Ask God in prayer to give you the grace to finish what you started all the way to the end. Your identity is to finish what you start. 
  2. Do not ask everyone’s opinion on what you are to do, if so you will come under the fear of man and make a poor decision. You want to take your transition to the Lord in prayer, confess the scripture over it and ask God to confirm to you the way you should go. SUCCESS=>Find one or two people that have already successfully navigated what is challenging you (successful means they have experienced the best case scenario of what could go right) and ask them to coach you through it. Hire someone if needed. Your identity is to be a follower of Christ, not people.
  3. Do not internalize negative circumstances as who you are, or you will become a victim during the transition, not a victor.  When you are the midst of a transition, there can be negative emotions like fear, anger, depression. These all have a tendency to cause you to become introverted and be more negative which will position you with others as a victim. SUCCESS=> Put on worship music and focus on leaning on God for the outcome. Praising God takes our eyes off our situation and into his presence. Smile frequently when discussing your current transition. Your identity is to remain peaceful in Christ because of who you serve not how you perform.
  4. Do not fret or spend anytime projecting what could go wrong in this situation. Worry does nothing but makes you feel more out of control and is harmful. SUCCESS=> Find a scripture and quote it out loud whenever you feel anxious about your outcome. Remember God is good and he will orchestrate what is best for you. I ask God to give me the grace to accept what his will is. Don’t think the scripture, say it out loud as Jesus did. Your identity is to remain in authority in the will of God.
  5. When people ask you how you’re doing, don’t speak about what you’re fearful about. Fear driven statements create those emotions in your body that you have to get now rid of physically. SUCCESS=> Tell them what you expect will happen if you take faith-filled actions and share with them the truth, you’re praying for the perfect will of God to be done! Your identity is to take bold action and remain courageous.
  6. Don’t sabotage yourself by not accepting help if people offer. God meant for the body of Christ to work in unison. You’re not supposed to be able to handle transition alone or do it perfectly by yourself. SUCCESS=> Practice saying yes to people’s invitations and considering the best outcome of what they might be suggesting to you. Think about that! It might go well if you accept their help! Your identity is to be surrounded and supported by trustworthy and encouraging spiritual family during painful transitions. 
  7. Don’t delay or procrastinate. When people don’t know what decision feels right or they don’t know what the will of God is, they delay taking action. Most likely your situation is one most everyone has had to solve. SUCCESS=> Set a timeline for making decisions and consult with someone who has solved this successfully. Ask them to pray with you and make a decision. If you’re asking God in prayer to hear him about this situation, trust him that he will make it clear to you the direction he wants you to take. Execute on what you think is best within the timeline. Trust God with the outcome. Your identity is to break through gates and cut through iron. The gates of hell will not prevail against you the church! 
  8. Don’t use I’m busy, tired, feeling far away from God… as an excuse to bump prayer. Without prayer, you’re not honestly depending on him to guide you. SUCCESS=>Bring your problem to God, read what the word of God has to say about it and then sit and listen. Write down what you believe God spoke to you. Your identity is to be in fellowship, hearing God daily for your next instructions. 
  9. Don’t hide in your house or stay sedentary if you’re super smart. Intellectuals have a tendency to introvert their emotions and over think problems. They exhaust themselves with what if’s! SUCCESS=> Go walking, running, play tennis, pray in tongues while you walk. Do something to sweat and force yourself to process out the heaviness you’re experiencing from your transition. Your identity is to be filled with power in the Holy Ghost and receive supernatural edification for your challenges!
  10. Don’t process your stress with food and alcohol. Food may seem like a comfort, but the wrong kinds of foods just make you feel more cloudy and sluggish. SUCCESS=> Eat as healthy as you can during the transition, and don’t overindulge as that just creates more condemnation for you which doesn’t help! Your identity is to be moderate and model restraint and power under control.

Are you in a difficult transition right now? Leave me a comment below about your specific situation and let me be praying for you!

Faith forward! Bec:)

Where Are You On The Grit Scale?

This is a guest post by Business Strategiest, Beverly Lewis. I followed this blog up with a private question/answer time with my Leadership Team.

Unintimidatable. Now there’s a $50 word. It has popped up numerous times as I have reflected on the nuances of mental toughness.

Intimidatable means being reduced to a state where the spirit is broken or courage is lost.

Thus unintimidatable implies strength of mind in the face of forces that would disrupt, distract, and deter. It defines an unwillingness to give in to a sense of inferiority or back down. It is the relentless ability to maintain vision, faith, and optimism. It results in the achievement of goals and the accomplishment of dreams.

Mental toughness can’t be bottled, bought, or borrowed. You only come by it the hard way – you develop it. Psychologist Angela Duckworth conducted fascinating research about what she calls the “Grit Scale.” Grit has little to do with IQ, genetics, personality or talent – yet it is a strong predictor of success
Duckworth studied thousands of people; ranging from West Point cadets to undergraduate students at elite universities to children who qualified as finalists in the Scripps National Spelling Competition. She calls grit the power of passion and perseverance. Another researcher, Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, states, “Attitude is more important than IQ in determining success.”

It is fascinating how often modern scientists often announce breakthrough research that is technological validation of timeless Truth. When it comes to grit, look at the lives of Moses, Abraham, Joseph, David, Paul, and ultimately Jesus. The Hall of Faith is filled with those who displayed all the characteristics of mental toughness. The formula for mental toughness is basic:

No discomfort = no growth.
No pushing = no toughness.

One day, while sweating it out at the gym, I noticed someone’s t-shirt that said, “It doesn’t ever get easier, you just get stronger.” That’s true of every aspect of life and brings us to the importance of developing your physical stamina. Successnotsabotage Coach, Becky Harmon, has always taught clients to pair physical training with spiritual and mental development for remarkable results. I’ve known Becky for years, and for a long time I, resisted her continuous challenges to train for a race. As I struggled in the process of writing my book, Becky threw down the gauntlet and said, “if you’re serious about obtaining this victory, it’s time to run.” I was finally ready to listen and began training for a half-marathon.

I am certain it is not coincidental that I finished my book the month after I completed the race. Was it tough? Absolutely. Did I love the process? Absolutely not. Was it worth it? Unequivocally – yes!!
The battlefield of the mind is where grit is refined. Grit is a fundamental quality of leaders and is developed through a disciplined thought life. Mental toughness is the ability to remain consistent and produce at the peak of your ability despite feelings of inadequacy and lack. It means you finish what you start.

Five Indicators of Mental Toughness:

  • You have an ability to absorb unexpected emotional peaks and valleys and are still able to have peace and humor in the midst of it.
  • You maintain integrity under pressure and sustain a powerful fighting spirit against seemingly impossible odds.
  • You have an ability to take a punch emotionally and bounce back quickly from disappointments, rejection and missed opportunities.
  • You understand the power of words in influencing your own behavior and take negative thoughts captive. (See 2 Corinthians 10:5)
  • You have the discipline to choose what you want most over what you want now.

Just as pearls are formed inside the shell of certain mollusks as a defense mechanism against a potentially threatening irritant, grit is developed in response to adversity. The result is unique and valuable.

Pearl has become a metaphor for something rare, fine, admirable and precious. Mental toughness is a pearl in the strand of leadership qualities necessary for success. The next time you encounter resistance, remember: No Grit, No Pearls. Be unintimidatable.

[guestpost]Beverly Lewis is an Executive Trainer, Speaker and Leadership Coach. She is the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Strong teams, enduring relationships, and dynamic, healthy organizations are built when this energetic business catalyst brings her brand of business from the heart. Her first book, Win From Within: The Heart of Success and Significance is born out of 35 years of work with over 10,000 professionals, in-depth research on leadership, communication, and lessons from her entrepreneurial ventures.[/guestpost]

Monday Motivation From Christ


How’s that for Monday Motivation?

I teach on mental-toughness. I love vision casting and mindset training. I love challenging myself to receive new breakthrough.

But here’s the thing. You will go through seasons of your Christian walk where God is refining you to answer your prayers and glorify Christ. You might be suffering and that doesn’t mean you missed the plan or his will.  God is going to be with you every minute today. He’s going to remind you of his presence. You don’t have to rah-rah yourself out of anything. Just be who you are today but do reach out to get support.

If you’re in pain, God will be in pain with you and God will send support to pray you through your challenge. (Which is why I love teams)

Your identity is that you are as loved in suffering as you are in success! A matter of fact, there is no prayer blessing that says=> BLESSED ARE THE SUCCESSFUL! For your’s is the kingdom of God! Have a day FILLED with his love and his embrace. And remember, you’re blessed!

Faith forward, Bec:)

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