12 Identity Defining Statements

This is a very important assignment for you today if you want to operate out of your identity in Christ and make disciples for the kingdom. When I speak on how to overcome obstacles through your identity in Christ, I walk people through this coaching myself. I want you to say all of these statements out loud and stop and write down whether you agree or disagree with them. If you take this seriously and in your prayer time, you will see exactly where you need to do identity work for this upcoming year.  For example:

  1. I AM forgiven for every place I have hurt others or blatantly disobeyed the Holy Spirit when I felt led to not to something. Agree or Disagree?
  2. I AM a son or daughter that my Father is pleased with. Agree or Disagree?
  3. I AM adopted in the body of Christ, no longer solitary or floating and am making disciples with grace. Agree or Disagree?
  4. I AM a powerful, loving and disciplined person. Agree or Disagree?
  5. I AM rooted and grounded relationally in the love of Christ. Therefore I am a team player and can challenge my team-mates in Christ to pursue their high calling because that is what I am doing. Agree or Disagree?
  6. I AM a resource multiplier and don’t need more to grow. I use what’s in my hand and I let God do the reproducing. Agree or Disagree?
  7. I AM delivered from the power of Satan unto God from all ADHD, distraction, fear of man, mental illness and tormenting thoughts. Agree or Disagree?
  8. I AM a man or woman of great faith and SPEAK TO MOUNTAINS TO MOVE and they have to be uprooted. This goes for every obstacle in my life that is not in the will of God for me including debt, negative individuals, bad jobs, exhausting cycles.
  9. I AM a bold and wise person. Serpents, scorpions, abuse, control, injustice, or outright persecution shall not harm me, my calling or my career. I slip right through it. Agree or Disagree?
  10. I AM able to discern temptation, power plays, manipulative people that will distract me from my mission with ease. I handle them by speaking the truth in love like Jesus. Agree or Disagree?
  11. I AM an influential person who walks in authority. Signs and wonders follow me as well as words of wisdom and supernatural revelation for people. Agree or Disagree?
  12. I AM someone who is strategic, focused and says no without guilt to everything outside my vision. I am not a people pleaser, I am about my Father’s business.

 Watch this video and discover the two things this work will reveal to you if you are ready for more authority.

Do you have a heart for ministry, to coach, speak or write your own book about what God did for you? Then this is the team for you! In my Leadership team, I share the prayers, strategies, and ways I built my “biz-nistry” in an order that’s been proven to work. Bypass the years of trial and error and praying in frustration.  Instead, follow a clearly marked roadmap to successfully growing your identity, vision, authority, and business.

The Root Of Not Being Able To Build A New Identity

I want to begin by sharing with you that you’re not broken and you’re not crazy. There are a couple reason’s why you haven’t been able to discover your purpose and step into a new identity but it’s not because you’re not able to. After coaching thousands of people I can safely tell you that most people understand how much spiritual warfare they are under and how militant they have to be to get free. Most of the time people make excuses which leads to more delay and passivity in overcoming their challenges.

The kingdom of God is ASSERTIVE in nature and until you are ready to let go of excuses, God does not give you the GRACE to grow into a new identity. The Holy Spirit is poured out in FULLNESS in response to faith and repentance.

In today’s video, I give you some thought processes that I discovered hindered me and if you grew up in an addiction based environment than this is where OLD MINDSETS and IDENTITY’S come from. The statistics say up to 50% and more of the church have grown up in a dysfunctional or shame-based home. Once you are able to recognize the old identity and spiritual warfare, you can now begin to apply yourself to overcoming it. There are 5 points I break down more specifically in this video:

  • Hiding  
  • Surrounding yourself with partners and staff who enable you and won’t require bold actions from you 
  • Narcissism and lack of boundaries 
  • Surrounding yourself with people who are victims
  • Disposable relationships

Watch the video and I will meet you in the comment section! Love, love, Bec:)


How To Connect With God And Others Through Prayer

The feeling of connection with our creator is something we all desire. We want to be able to release our worries and receive peace, ask God for direction and be able to follow Him, and walk in a demonstration of power so others will be set free.

But how do we achieve connection with God in a practical way? Is it being able to feel tangibly the presence of God? Is it gained from long hours of prayer and fasting? Do we receive this from someone laying hands on us and receiving an impartation of their gift? Can connection with God (feeling emotionally grounded).. be kept through failure and success? And if so, how does it happen?

In the past, because of the holiness movement, people felt like they had to keep a rigid lifestyle in order to be connected with him or feel like God was pleased with them. No alcohol, no smoking, cussing, no makeup, pants or tattoo.  In truth, God accepts us right where are and as we follow Him daily, he convicts and changes our behavior to glorify his ability rather than our will power to change. As we do this, we receive more peace, more joy and understanding of our purpose.

To connect to a powerful God whose ways and processes are much different then our own, is not just a wondrous privilege but one that should draw us in daily with little effort.

Connection is a human feeling, and so it can be described by people in various ways. . Over the past couple days, I have asked a couple of my team members to describe what it feels like when they are connected to God. Here are some of their answers!

Tope Keku: Becky, for me it’s more of a knowing or sensing in my spirit and not the feeling. I also have peace in my spirit. Psalm 131:2 describes it best… like a weaned child at mothers breast, content, happy, relaxed, quiet,… you get the gist.

Hena Autumn: When I am participating in activities in which I allow my mind to be focused on the Lord or the things of the Lord, I will have ideas, insights, understanding, and revelation of mindsets or concepts that I previously did not understand or hadn’t thought of myself. That’s how I know when I’m connecting with the Lord. When I am getting knowledge and wisdom that he is depositing in me that I am not figuring out myself.

Heather Tillerson Schick: When I am connecting with God, I gain a peace about whatever it is going on. I mark this based on when I was first born again. I was so afraid that my husband was going to leave me, but when I was born again, it was instant and lasting that I was going to be okay because Jesus died for me, and God LOVES me. Even IF…was followed by pure joy from on high. So now, I know I have made my breakthrough, aka connection with God, when I have that peace – beyond (without even) understanding.

Wanda Goyer Rhodes: Tope, that verse it how I describe it, too! And then my mind becomes the same as Hena describes it with all the insights that just flow. I love the peace that comes from being in His presence. It causes love and kindness to flow out of my like a river. The Living Water is what it is! I also feel Him, though. Sometimes it’s as if I can feel His face so close beside me. Once I was crying and thinking how my life is so alone and if I only had a parent or a sibling I was close to. If only I weren’t alone, I cried! And then turned the key to start my car and the lyrics from the radio were, “You’re not alone for I am here. Let me wipe away your every fear. My love, I’ve never left your side.” And then it was if He was sitting beside me, right there in the passenger seat. Times like those I just want to sit all the way down on the floor, and even then I don’t feel like I could ever sit low enough to honor Him. What an amazing Savior we have.

I believe that God is pleased with our attempts to connect with him just like a Father is pleased when his children call him up and just ask how he is doing or to say hey, you want to hang out? Connection is so that God doesn’t think we are just using him as a celestial Santa Claus when we need something.

When I meet someone who is connected with the Holy Spirit they are tuned into me and the conversation seems ordered and weighty. I can feel an divine orchestration that directs the both of us. I feel nurtured, loved and I walk away from the conversation with a thankful heart that God has given me the privilege of meeting someone who spends so much time with Him.

In today’s video training, I share with you a couple ways to begin connecting with God in prayer and translate that practically towards ministering to others. 

Helping you turn your sabotages into successes for others through praying, coaching, speaking and writing for HIS glory! Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below! Love, Bec:)

Stop Trying And Do This Instead

​​What do you do when you hit a challenge in your marriage, work or ministry that you’re not being able to solve? Is your first response to just try harder?
 I have a type A personality:)
​​That means I am achievement oriented and find significance through solving problems.
However, this can be a huge sabotage for me (and you if you do the same thing) if you don’t know when to stop and problem pause (This is what I call, stopping before you get frustrated and you talk to God about it).
Of course, there are situations where people just give up too fast and don’t have mental toughness to stick things out, but what I see from a coaching perspective often times is that people become emotionally connected to what isn’t “working”. They just steel themselves up and do the same thing again. This keeps them stuck in an old identity and they stop moving forward because they keep trying and trying.
In today’s video I talk to you about how I learned how to shift out of “trying” after the birth of my third child and I couldn’t seem to lose weight. In other words I was trying to diet and the Lord spoke to me to stop trying and come to him so he could break down for me exactly what to do. In today’s video I share with you what was at the root of my trying harder and sabotaging myself. 
Because here’s the truth, when we follow Jesus, the yoke is easy and the burden is light.

​We are given GRACE to build results. I lost 30 pounds in three months without exercising and I never went back to dieting and trying harder with food. This is always a whole 8 week course I have available in my membership area if you would like to receive training on this. 

Faith forward and see you in the comments! 

Love, Bec:)


Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership can be seen when leaders and followers work together to move to a higher level of morality and vision. Transformational leaders serve through their strongest identity zones and by communicating boldly with grace, the expectations so that the whole team goes to a higher level of purpose.

There are four parts to a transformational leader’s identity:

  • The leader models what he or she is asking the team to grow into
  • The leader can motivate those around them consistently
  • The head carries a genuine concern for the team members
  • The manager asks for a high degree of ownership to be creative and excel.

Sabotage: A lack of bold communication will dilute the strength of transformational leadership. Many times people suppress challenging others on their team because they have wrong mindsets about what being “respectful” or “submissive” is and is not. Women even more so can confuse respect with NO COMMUNICATION. As in if I love this person or want to honor them, I won’t challenge them to more.

Masculinity in it’s essence, challenges you to BECOME MORE and ACCOMPLISH MORE. It’s strength, discipline, correction, vision casting. We should associate RESPECT with CHALLENGE. It means you see something potential wise in someone and you’re willing to call them up to the plate to receive it.

Feminine essence loves unconditionally, soothes and nurtures. It’s beauty, attractiveness, unity, laughter, unpredictability, go with the flow.  So essentially most women are more comfortable with feminine attributes in leadership.

But here’s the truth about the transformational leadership.  It’s not effective without strong vision casting and consistent challenge.

SUCCESS: If you want to tap into transformational leadership, you must be willing to call people up to the plate in a bigger way.  Which means that you must be walking your talk. So, that is where transformational leadership will always begin. With you. Challenge people to more but always begin by examining your identity for places that you are diluting your vision. This will always start with your personal leadership model that you keep in place daily. If you don’t have someone calling you up to the plate, helping you stay accountable for results, join my personal Leadership Team.

Love, Bec:)

Identity In Christ: The Warfare Begins With This

Spiritual Warfare From Building New Identity from Becky Harmon on Vimeo.

Many Christians don’t recognize spiritual warfare. I know I didn’t in the beginning of my walk with Christ. They wonder if they can really build a new bold identity and break out of decades worth of sabotaging patterns.

Satan is a crafty catty. He knows what to say to you so that you think it’s YOUR IDENTITY speaking to you. No one ever breaks down the exact statements he uses to keep you stuck and exactly what you need to do quickly to resist and stand strong until your new identity is solidified.

Here’s the truth, you know you’re tapping into the will of God for your life when you’re uncomfortable, you’re having to risk failure and you’re doing what you’re doing for the sake of others. When it’s about YOU and your kingdom, you want to stay comfortable, safe and have lots of security.

In five minutes,  I break down for you exactly how to recognize the warfare and how to pray against it so you can focus on your new identity rather than praying out your problem!

Ready to start building YOUR new identity? I’m here for you to make it happen, safely and with all the support you need in my Bold Identity team!  Join me now! 

10 Facts Every Christian Woman Should Know

 10 Facts Every Christian Should Know

1. Everyone has issues they have to work through. Especially the leaders who seem successful.
2. When God tells you he loves and accepts you despite how you’re performing, believe him. It’s true.
3. Sometimes we all melt down. And when we do, it’s not pretty. So, avoid anyone with a phone who can record it.
4. For every woman unhappy with where her marriage is there is a woman who just wishes she was married.
5. You should definitely see yourself as an overcomer. Jesus finished strong and you’re in HIM.
6. Don’t expect men to give you permission to lead. Do it and your results will be your podium.
7. It’s okay to get upset and want to take action. Just be willing to go through the spiritual warfare to get to the other side.
8. We all have that one friend who champions us. Block time for her weekly, she will be a sword at your side.
9. You should have a vision. Not a hope. It’s not your husbands job to create it for you. Do the work yourself.
10. You’re a woman. Your born to birth life and stronger than you think. It doesn’t matter how you feel or whether you can see it right now. It’s WHO YOU ARE DNA wise.

Love, Bec:)

Marketing For Christian Coaches

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. You do this by taking the time to translate your identity in Christ into a brand. The results of understanding your identity in Christ are enormous! It will help you grow in intimacy with God because you know how deeply he can be trusted. It will help you  overcome obstacles God’s way rather than striving and honestly, to do spiritual warfare correctly so you can break generational curses and set huge goals for your life that will glorify Christ. At a higher leadership level it will equip you to formulate your own vision and the momentum to complete it. This is why when you become a Christian, understanding your identity in Christ is so important.

Marketing your coaching business out of your boldest identity zones enables you to do the same thing. It will help you take the work Christ has given you as a testimony, identify it and then help you magnetize clients out that story. This is the same work a Pastor has to do to church plant. Every church has a unique identity and mission to make disciples and you do too. This is why you want to niche tightly in the beginning of your coaching.

It’s about not “preaching or selling to people” but rather serving them in such a way that they are drawn authentically to what you are offering. When you are pastoring a church, you have in person meetings at a set time on Sunday where people can come and listen at no cost to the revelation and training you have to give your members. If you are casting a strong vision under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and investing your financial and time resources well, your congregation will grow and they will willingly give their money to see the vision completed. This is authentic church growth. And might I add has the addition of the Holy Spirit on it with unity to confirm his presence.

I believe a Christian business is run the exact same way. We aren’t selling, we are serving. If you own your own faith based business you need to have consistent service that is dependable and people can count on, to be able to create an awareness in your audiences mind on who they become if they partner with you, continue to add programs that are going to help your clients grow and for you to use the same kind of identity words in your business over and over again until it becomes a recognized name. You have a platform that you use to communicate with your audience daily and weekly. This is the heart of marketing. Simply being able to serve CONSISTENTLY.  Your business or ministry is just an extension of the specific identity results that you help people get who partner with you.

Today, I wanted to share the simple schedule I use for marketing my business and serving my clients on a weekly basis.

Consistency = Credibility. If you can remember that as a foundation for your business, you will be wildly successful without hype and with peace.

I use 3 media outlets consistently: My Facebook business page, Twitter & LinkedIn.

I link them to a simple schedule vehicle called Hootsuite. This enables me to schedule in one place my posts without going to each individual outlet. You can get started with the personal account with Hootsuite with about $10.00 a month. And really, when you’re first starting out, you don’t need anymore than this. It takes me approximately 1 hour to schedule one day’s worth of posts.

Once a week I blog about either prayer, identity, leadership teaming or growth for coaches. I write my post within Michael Hyatt’s website theme, Getnoticed. I have used a lot of themes, I like this one a lot and it’s easy to use.

I sent out my blog with a little note to my subscribers through Aweber. Aweber helps me serve my clients weekly. Typically, I sent this out on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It’s my “Pastoral” platform where I help them stay consistent with their leadership and how to grow their influence with peace.

Hope this gives you a feel for how simple this can be! Let me know if you have any questions.

Love, Bec:)

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