Bold Influencer: Lisa Pollard

I talk a lot about this to my private clients and on social media. If you want to grow a profitable business or ministry, YOU MUST work on building the mindsets and leadership that is going to sustain you during discouragement.

So, I want to give a little shout-out to team member, Lisa Pollard who first joined our community back in July. Her daughter Nikki was being treated for Leukemia and in the midst of all her adversity she wanted to keep her dream to launch The Victory Project alive. She also has a plan for a book in the midst of coaching women through her business. Here’s something she shared with our team that I really resounded with me and I thought would you also…..

“Praying & studying God’s word is just one component of life, putting into practice what we pray is our responsibility too. Meaning…I can’t just say, Lord, give me the words for this book you’ve called me to write and then not get out a pen and paper. I must put my prayers into motion by acting on them, it’s from there that He will direct and guide.”

Well, Lisa has tapped into a simple but very powerful mindset. Faith put into action is what creates success! She also knows that attempting to vision cast but not having support to see it though and hold her accountable is not going to work.

Here’s what she has to say about why she committed to doing the work in our community:

“Do you know someone that has said…I sure would like a new job, I’ve been praying and praying, and then them not apply or seek employment anywhere else? Yeah, we cannot live that way…it’s hidden sabotage. IF we want a more successful life, we must live disciplined, strategic, and intentional. I want you to know that whatever it is that you feel you are here on earth to experience in growing your leadership and future business…YOU CAN! Is it to lead a specific group? YOU CAN! Do you desire to write a book or start a business or a blog? YOU CAN! How about that life long dream to be used for the Kingdom and be successful with the gifts God has placed within you? YOU CAN! It just requires a determined mind, a dedicated prayer life, a set of stretching yet achievable goals, and people in your corner that also have your success in mind and that will help keep you accountable.”

We have that. We can help you if you don’t have a faith-based community that is focused on helping you grow your mindsets or grow your first $25,000 in coaching, speaking or training. Get started with this free call I am doing this month. 

Contact me and let me listen to where you are and help you get plugged into accomplishing your dreams to influence for the kingdom!

Love, Bec:)

How To Evaluate An Experience Effectively

Individuals who continue in self-sabotaging behavior, whether it is spiritually, emotionally, financially, relationally or physically all have one thing in common.  They don’t know how to evaluate their experiences in a way that leads them to greater Lordship.

Subsequently, individuals who are successfully leading themselves and others are doing so because they walk in a high level of self-evaluation, learn from their mistakes and this makes them trust worthy even during times of apparent failure.  When people know you have a high degree of transparency in your life and do regular self-evaluation, they feel safer and are willing to trust you through turbulent transitions.

Today, I want to share with you how to evaluate what you might feel like are negative experiences and avoid following the traditional road of going along with what the majority thinks.  Another tactic of the enemy is making a decision because your afraid of what people will think of you.  You will never carry the confidence necessary to be a leader unless you can do the following during a painful experience or conflict.

  • Lordship is built by finishing, with clarity and power, what you started.  Many times people will say God told them to do something. If God truly tells you to do something, he has already provided for you the way to complete it and transition into the next thing successfully.  In prayer, when you have worshipped God and are still, ask the Holy Spirit this question. Am I believing a lie that I can’t continue this route and finish it with they way I intended to bring it to closure. Ditch the excuses on why you think it can’t be done, ask God for the ability to hear him and tap into your identity in Christ to finish like Jesus did.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you if you are making reactive decisions out of anger or fear. Many times people give into the anxiety and pressure of a situation and make narcissistic decisions (which leads to them feeling like failures when it blows up). A simple self-evaluation asking the Holy Spirit in prayer to empower you to approach your challenge REALISTICALLY, preparing to make small changes that lead to peace is a route God can bless easily. Hint: Not just your peace but the peace and prosperity of a everyone involved.
  • Are you recognizing and validating your feelings and others viewpoints. Many times people who come out of addiction based homes minimize their own feelings before others. When you don’t allow yourself to take the actions that validate your feelings, you will become passive aggressive. This one thing will save you tons of conflict as it’s a character issue. There is a way to validate how people feel (perhaps not their choices) and still keep unity. A solid time of prayer and worship will enable you to ask yourself this question in a detached manner.
  • Is a compelling story in your life being built? Will this story if it comes to a good end help you share a testimony of God’s grace? If so, then before the Lord in prayer, ask him to make choices that are going to give you grace to weather the stress.
  • Can you accept you failed and you are not a failure? If not, then you will feel victimized when you go through this challenge rather than growing in leadership. People who are shame-based internalize failure as who they are rather than accepting they needed to take more ownership and learn from their mistakes.

Did this help give you clarity? If so, share with me the one point that really spoke to you. Meet you in the comments!

Love, Bec:)

5 Faith-Based Tips For Becoming More Childlike

Sabotage: One of the things that is common for people who come out of shame-based or addiction-based homes is that they have difficulty being child-like or having fun. This is truly defeating because it will affect your closest relationships as well as any creativity needed to grow a business or ministry. Much of the reason I see people struggle with this in coaching is because they were on survival mode as young children or adults and had to parent themselves. They are vigilant and have difficulty letting down.

It causes them to hold back or fear coming across as someone who doesn’t have it all together. Sometimes people interpret stoic individuals as prideful but from a prayer perspective, the root of pride is fear. Fear causes you to build walls that insulate you from risk and deep intimacy. However, Jesus tells us he loves when we are child-like and that it helps us be very successful in the kingdom of God! This is something important we want to integrate into our lives to avoid self-sabotaging ourselves. Avoid attempting to project a “cool” image and instead be who God created you to be.

SUCCESS: 5 Ways To Become More Child-Like Today

  1. Affirm yourself for asking questions. Here’s typically what shame-based people do. They squash down their questions as “stupid”. They stay in the background and don’t move to the front seat in class because they struggle with internalizing failure as WHO THEY ARE. They want to appear to other people they have it all together so they don’t risk coming across not in control.  In Christ, you are actually ENCOURAGED to be child-like and ask all the questions you want. Questions lead to increased imagination and creativity!
  2. Purpose to do something weekly if not daily you are passionate about. It seems like an oxymoron to have to MAKE yourself block time for having fun but whatever is not comfortable for you will always be pushed to the back-burner.  God is a good Father. He loves when we get excited about the things he gave to us to bring a blessing. Anything that ADDS joy to your life and helps you become a better person is from the Lord. Don’t just give, give, give yourself into a barren place. Block time for what energizes you.
  3. Choose FAITH over fear. Kids are notorious for impulsive action. They don’t wrestle over the ramifications of their choices. Don’t let fear paralyze you from taking the steps that you feel nudged by God to take. You don’t need to do it perfect, just move forward one step today.
  4. Reward yourself for overcoming fear.  Who doesn’t love a payout when they do the right thing rather than the wrong action? One of my horses Royal (the 16 hand beast) is terrified of spray paint cans, boxes, plastic bags. Horses are FLIGHT animals when they are afraid and have to be taught to trust their riders. I have had to work to build relationship with him because apparently he was driven to perform by previous owners and was very distrustful of anyone coming near him. He didn’t like me touching his head, ears or even approaching him in the field. The first year we owned him, we called him the “don’t touch me horse”. One of the things I did for Royal to build trust is reward him with a small treat (he loves fruit loops)  when he touches his nose to whatever I am asking him to not be afraid of.
  5. Be persistent in prayer. Let me tell you I have four kids and LOL! When they wanted something, they were excellent at asking and asking and bugging and reminding and finally, they usually received what they were asking for if they were persistent enough. Sometimes Jay and I would ask them for an idea on how they could make money to get what they wanted and help them set it up. Sometimes we would just buy it for them because it was a birthday or holiday gift. The bottom line is your father is a good dad. He wants you to feel comfortable enough bugging him in prayer for what will be a blessing to you and others. Be persistent in prayer to ask God for what brings you joy. 

Question! What do you love to do that brings you child-like joy? Meet you in the comments! Love, Bec:)


The Root Of Not Being Able To Build A New Identity

I want to begin by sharing with you that you’re not broken and you’re not crazy. There are a couple reason’s why you haven’t been able to discover your purpose and step into a new identity but it’s not because you’re not able to. After coaching thousands of people I can safely tell you that most people understand how much spiritual warfare they are under and how militant they have to be to get free. Most of the time people make excuses which leads to more delay and passivity in overcoming their challenges.

The kingdom of God is ASSERTIVE in nature and until you are ready to let go of excuses, God does not give you the GRACE to grow into a new identity. The Holy Spirit is poured out in FULLNESS in response to faith and repentance.

In today’s video, I give you some thought processes that I discovered hindered me and if you grew up in an addiction based environment than this is where OLD MINDSETS and IDENTITY’S come from. The statistics say up to 50% and more of the church have grown up in a dysfunctional or shame-based home. Once you are able to recognize the old identity and spiritual warfare, you can now begin to apply yourself to overcoming it. There are 5 points I break down more specifically in this video:

  • Hiding  
  • Surrounding yourself with partners and staff who enable you and won’t require bold actions from you 
  • Narcissism and lack of boundaries 
  • Surrounding yourself with people who are victims
  • Disposable relationships

Watch the video and I will meet you in the comment section! Love, love, Bec:)


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