I Don’t Want To Be My Husbands Holy Spirit: SABOTAGE!

  You’re the daughter/son of a king. If you act like it.  Your life has the potential to sharpen like iron those around you and to glorify God with boldness. This goes for our marriage, friendships and businesses. We were created to work together in the body of Christ to develop a boldness that is compelling and ... Read more

Is It Too Late To Start? How To Know For Sure

Today,  I want to ACTIVATE your faith if you feel like it’s TOO late to launch a speaking, coaching, writing your own book business/ministry! UNDERSTAND CLEARLY THIS IS SPIRITUAL WARFARE in order to create FEAR. If you are part of the SUCCESSnotsabotage family it’s because you have a desire to transform people for Christ. My ... Read more

Are You On Survival Mode? Tips For Thriving

My overall mission is to help you take the places in your life that the enemy meant to DESTROY you and show you how to use your identity to kick him in the hinderparts so you can transform lives for Christ!In every conversation that I have with a client or friend who is hurting, I want to ... Read more

How To Wait On The Lord Practically

In today’s video, I want to talk to you about what I learned about waiting on the Lord in the context of moving from a prophetic vision to an actual apostolic model in business. Prophetic is what helps you birth your vision but then you have to move into a new mindset and that will ... Read more

What An Opt In Offer Does For Your Growth

Last week I talked with you about how an email list actually helps you bring TRANSFORMATION to the individuals God is calling you to serve. It’s important for you to go back and read this blog first if you haven’t already so that you understand at a higher altitude why it’s important to do work that ... Read more

What Building An Email List and Stewardship Have In Common

In the book of Genesis, God takes time to build a beautiful world and then creates Adam to work and take care of it.  Can I tell you something? Your vision for coaching, speaking, writing and transforming people with your testimony is the world you create. Your email list is the “work” God has given ... Read more

3 Authentic Ways To Convert Clients Through Your Blog

At the beginning of my business, I really struggled with how to blog, market and serve clients all at the same time. I didn’t have anyone open the door for me to speak so I had to come up with creative ways for people to understand how I served and how I could help them ... Read more

Creating Categories And Tags For Your Blog

When you are ready to pioneer and begin sharing your message, consider blogging weekly. This is an authentic way to share a tip or two and lead people to how you serve without hype. When you begin to blog, pick out (you can change this as you go along if you want)  four to five ... Read more

How To Start Impacting For Christ Through Your Blog

Today I want to talk to you about why it’s important for you to start a blog and a couple practical things you can focus on with your writing so you can begin to impact people immediately for Christ. First things. I believe one of the most crucial things about helping people receive transformation from ... Read more

Why People Aren’t Convinced You Can Help Them When They Read Your Blog

Because part of what I do is helping people get started influencing for Christ, writing blogs is part of my training I do for my Leadership team and private clients. It took me time to learn how to blog and get results so today I want to share with you what I wish someone would’ve ... Read more

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