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If you have been praying and believing God has spoken to launch your own coaching, speaking and book writing business, this is the mentoring opportunity for you.

If you have a desire to see people transformed through your own personal testimony and build your own brand rather than affiliate under someone else, my team will show you how to do that within 80 weeks.

If you would like to write a book that is used for discipleship and that you can sell when you speak, this is the place you will learn that.

If you want to be part of a team that is encouraging beyond your wildest dreams and even travel to Uganda to share your testimony, I can partner you with the people to help you do that.

All you need is faith and the willingness to take action today!

My name is Becky and I want to help you get started influencing people with your GOD STORY! 

You’re willing. If you had the revelation on what steps to take, you would have done it already.

You're like many who have joined my team, you just need help on connecting the dots between what God is speaking to you and what specific actions to take weekly.

The way to begin to pair your faith with action is to follow someone who has pioneered building a brand and business from scratch. Without anyone opening a door for them, without a huge marketing budget and in a way that points to Christ as the author of the transformation.

It all begins today with you making a committment to invest in stregnthening your leadership and learning how to multiply practically. Once you make this commitment to get the support you need, what seemed impossible for you to achieve begins to appear simple and practical to build.

All it takes is for you to be willing to be bold and take the step of faith to build a lifestyle as a messenger. Check out the the three area's of your identity and brand we help you solidify.

Write and publish your own books
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Our Three Primary Area's Of Focus

Christians who have receive a word that they will impact others through coaching, speaking or writing often feel they have no practical understanding on what steps to take to begin to steward this calling. They don't know whether to start blogging, begin leading at church or get a coaching certification. There is no STRATEGIC PLAN for developing a bold identity & brand.

They often allow the enemy to distract them with doubt and fear about what others will think about them. This is due to not knowing how to become assertive in prayer and use the word of God to press through spiritual warfare.  Their IDENTITY IN CHRIST needs to become bigger.

When you're building a new identity, you need a new community who can remind you of who you are when you feel discouraged. God places the solitary in spiritual family and having a team around you as you begin your process of enlarging your vision helps you receive ACCOUNTABILITY to do what you say God is telling you to do!

How The Team Works

You have a one month, money back guarantee which means after being in our team for 4 weeks, if you do not feel like you are good fit, you can remove yourself and have your money returned no questions asked. 

Our mission is to provide you with weekly training to help you identify what is limiting you and navigate it through your identity in Christ. All our training rotates around helping you build influential leadership, praying, coaching, speaking and writing for HIS glory with your own story.

Next, we surround you with powerful community in a private Facebook group that applauds your every step as well as a prayer partner that will help you stay accountable to your work.

Lastly, we meet for live discussion and prayer as we move through each and every training monthly.

Our program content spans a year but we have people stay much longer and even return to our team because of the level of prayer, support and guidance we give towards helping you multiply and make disciples through your own message.  

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