Are You On Survival Mode? Tips For Thriving

My overall mission is to help you take the places in your life that the enemy meant to DESTROY you and show you how to use your identity to kick him in the hinderparts so you can transform lives for Christ!

In every conversation that I have with a client or friend who is hurting, I want to activate their faith to believe God for resurrection power and then take IMMEDIATE action. When we have real biblical faith we take action. Without that, we have a powerless religion and no demonstration of Christ on our lives. 

When you begin to see what God will do for you with just these two simple strategies, you will find He delights to enlarge you to share your story on how you overcame. 

Some of you have a strong calling for ministry, speaking, coaching, writing your own books and the enemy wants to keep you in survival mode so you don’t accomplish the purpose God has given you! Don’t let him! Watch today’s video and learn what you can do to move out of this state within a very short amount of time. 

Love, Bec:) 

P.S. Here is a link for my Leadership Team if you want more support and to move out of PTSD or survival mode faster. 

Becky Harmon is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur and ministry leader. Her success in these areas has placed her in demand as a personal advisor to pastors and marketplace leaders worldwide. To begin your training on how to step into the authority and calling God has for you, go here and get started on her FREE identity training page! 

To have Becky speak to your congregation or train your leaders on the 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare and how they can begin to share their testimony to make disciples, contact her here. 

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