Are Curses Real? You bet.

Curses that are not broken will prevent you from becoming identity wise who God has called you to be. Through the shed blood of Christ, you have been given authority to break negative patterns, sinful behaviors and anything else that prevents you from hearing God’s voice, receiving his love and walking in joy and POWER!

This should be standard identity work for all new Christians but some reason a lot of my clients have never gone through this process, so I wanted to provide a blog on this. Not everything is a curse, but if you can’t get the victory in an area, you have recurring patterns of negativity or your afraid of random things….This is the first thing I would consider. In my teams, I provide declarations to break curses.

Strongholds can occur from a lack of Lordship, not setting clear and firm boundaries that bring us peace, un-forgiveness, greed, selfishness or real generational curses that have been passed down from our parents who were actively engaged in unrepentant sin. This is an Old Testament example. Jesus brought a new covenant but you have to apply it actively and militantly to your old man to experience freedom. 

Exodus 34:7 KJV

Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children,, unto the third and fourth generation.

I want to talk to you specifically about how I have overcome these in my life and give you a client example. First, as a new believer, I knew there was a curse of alcoholism on both sides of my family. My mother and my dad’s side for over two generations that I knew of. That’s substantial bondage for about 100 years in our family. What did this curse bring into my family?

Addiction to alcohol, food, cigarettes
Out of wedlock pregnancy’s
Enabling and a lack of value.
Occultic Activity
Horror and sudden disaster
Control and manipulation
Anger and outbursts
Depression, self-harm
Premature death in the men

When I began to break curses over my life and apply the blood of Jesus, I had two out of body experiences where I was transported to the spirit realm and had to battle demons. I woke up twice coming back into my body. (Hope that wasn’t too “out-there” for you, but it’s the truth) and I am not watering that down so people are more comfortable).

People don’t like to believe that demonic activity is real or they would like to compartmentalize experiences like this into some psychological explanation. In the church, there are denominations that believe that when you receive Christ, curses are broken once and for all, and this send people who are oppressed for counseling, drugs, and therapy. I believe you cannot be possessed if you have received Christ but you can be OPPRESSED and if you don’t apply your authority in Christ you will stay stuck for a very long time and not experience victory.

Here’s the bottom line. The Christian life was meant to be lived with POWER.  I have experienced the glory of God twice in my life (as in, God was in my room manifested).  I have also received supernatural instructions in my dreams (twice) to take action immediately that was verified by others and I have coached thousands of people out of fear, cults, abuse, passive aggressive behaviors and actual oppression daily. You can argue theology all day long, but you can’t argue experiences, freedom, and results. Start demonstrating results and it has a way of making people just pipe down.

I wouldn’t trade the testimony of Christ to deliver, water down or speak in a politically correct way OR send people for depression medication BEFORE praying for his saving power of Christ and his applied blood for any affirmation man can give me.

When you begin to break curses, you must memorize the word of God to be able to withstand the warfare you will get. 

The first verse I memorized was Luke 10:19. Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

I was in bondage and was not obeying the word of God, so this diluted my identity seriously. You always begin with what the word of God is clear is sin. This is what I believe is the “acceptable” will of God. First level. You are going to repent and walk away from known sin. You are going to master your body which is the temple of God, break curses and choose to be conformed to your identity in Christ so you can fit into the body and be a blessing.

Client example:

Barb (name changed) was co-pastoring with her husband and was stuck. She had gained about 30 pounds, was now suffering with what she felt was depression and felt resentful of people in her life that she had served and had abandoned her leaving a big mess for her and her husband ministry wise. The results she wanted was to lose the weight, end the feelings of victimization and gain a fresh vision for the next season.

We started with two weeks of deliverance prayers, and I fasted with her as she repented for un-forgiveness, blaming others for victimizing her and using food as a coping tool rather than the presence of God. (This happens all the time to Pastors. The weight of ministry can be crushing at times, and they frequently don’t have anyone interceding for them on a weekly basis)

I asked her to find a cardio program she could invest 4 hours a week into for three months. She chose biking and signed up for a race literally that month. Her prayer time and cardio came first before anything else ministry wise. At this point, she realized she had not been setting very clear boundaries around her personal space and discovered she had let a couple of people create guilt/manipulate her. We then broke a “Jezebel” spirit off of her. I teach extensively on this in my leadership team. Without her asking, these two women who were sucking her dry, left the church because they said they weren’t “getting fed.”

When this was done, we began to work on crafting her vision for the next season. She discovered she wanted to speak more and create a deeper discipleship program. So she began to write that curriculum. She also began to receive opportunities “suddenly” to speak. I touch base with her yearly, and she is still growing. Every time I speak to her, she thanks me for praying, fasting and helping her recover her vision.

The bottom line is when you feel constricted, limited and you have lost vision; you’re oppressed. You need support, to break curses and craft a smoking hot vision to serve.

Breaking into new seasons requires a lot of focus. Remember, start with known sin in your life and in your family. That’s the first ground you take. Stay focused until you gain victory. Leave me a comment on my blog and let me know what you think!

Love, Bec:)

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