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Everyone has their faith-defining moment. You know. The one thing that finally pushed them over the edge to risk and do what they felt God was telling them do. My time came in 2005 when I experienced an identity theft for almost a million dollars. Yes. You read that number correctly.

The same year I had numbers of situations that caused me to question who I really was identity-wise. My parenting, ministry, friendships, finances all were challenged one at a time. I felt like I was in survival mode in every area of my life. I was numb to the core and honestly, ready for drinks with little umbrella's in them.  That's when I hit the bottom and told God I was willing to do whatever he led me to do action wise. I had no idea what the next season was going to look like but I began to become serious about clarifying what my boldest identity zones were and what I needed to prune out.

I knew God has a new identity for me and I wasn't going to feel compromised or delayed any longer.

The process God took me through to establish a bold identity and begin to influence at a higher level turned out to be what SUCCESSnotsabotage is today.

I am graced to activate your faith and teach you how to take your sabotages and turn them into SUCCESSES for others. 

I started out homeschooling my own children,  leading prayer in my local church and facilitating small discipleship groups.

This later turned into me deciding to step out in faith to launch my own "biz-nistry' as I like to call it! It feels unbelievable to do what I believe God has called me to do through getting paid to coach, speak and write books that lead to people getting set free and launching their own messages. 

 It's a powerful feeling to see God take what the enemy used against you for his glory. I want to help you experience the same thing God did for me. 

If you're like me and you have always had a desire to impact people for Christ, but didn't feel called to be a Pastor, you're in the right place. I can show you how to build your leadership to the point where you are multiplying your testimony with grace. 

I can walk you through the process of building your own brand and do it without hype but through simple processes that work and point to Christ.

Jim Rohn once famously said, we are identity-wise a combination of the four to five people we spend the most time with.

I am first, identity-wise a loyal woman. Jay and I have been married thirty-one years. He is the foundation of my business success. 

Secondly, I am a someone who believes in investing in the next generation so with my business profits I give to Handsoflove.org and Taprootministries.org.

I am the mother of four children adult children, Josh, Abby, Joe and my oldest son, Wes. My kids all live in the Atlanta area so that's been so much fun to have them nearby!

I am third, someone who believes in personal accountability.  I have three to four people who have been in my life for decades and help me guard my vision and calling.  I pray with all of these people weekly on a consistent basis.

I am an animal lover. You will find my horses,  Royal and Iroman,  and my dogs throughout my site:)

In our spare time, Jay and I are usually working on fencing or some other farm project and jet-sking or riding around the North Ga mountains. 




Feedback & Reviews

We receive new testimonials every month. You can be  the next one by God's grace!

” I signed up with Becky's Leadership team because I wanted to be ALL God had called had CALLED ME TO BE. I've learned who I am, how to walk in authority, and how to touch the throne of God in prayer. I am on a mission now. “

Dana Young

” Boldness has become a part of my vernacular and more and more of my identity since I began coaching with Becky. I have a strong leader who I respect, trust, follow, like and learn from so I can be sent to those God is calling me to serve. “

Terry Bessard

” Becky Harmon is the spiritual warfare queen! If it weren't for her powerful prayers, wisdom and mentorship, I would not be living out my God-given purpose today. “

Jenny-Lynn Allen

Is This You?

I had experienced 2 years of only part time employment

and had begun to feel as though I would never overcome my problems nor would I be able to start my own business. I got tired of feeling limited and discovered with support, I grew successfully. Katie K.

The regular goal-setting gurus just weren't resonating with me.

Becky did. I was having trouble getting my business vision to "gel" and the identity & business training did the trick. Kathy D.

I have struggled a good portion of my life with fear and rejection.

I had been seeking God for deliverance in these areas. When I stumbled upon Becky's website and read what the Leadership program was produced, I knew it was what I needed. Tiffany H.

I was struggling with un-forgiveness and setting healthy boundaries.

I needed to do something to address my struggles if I was ever going to start the business I wanted. Becky's team helped me let go and get started with the new thing God wanted to do in me. Tash P.

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