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Welcome to SUCCESSnotsabotage!

We serve Christians who want to grow a Messenger's identity! This means, you're wanting to develop your leadership to the point where you can not just end your own patterns of sabotage but take your testimony and transform other people with it.  You are not looking for more self-help or counseling to fix yourself but rather a sequential program that shows you step-by-step how to build a bold identity and reproduce the breakthrough you receive in others. We train you in prayer, leadership strategies and practical business multiplication. Here's some other things you might be interested in that we include in our training:

Identity Work & Training

We help you identify the specific places you are sabotaging your own success. You can't build a new "identity" until you have let go of the places and people in your life that have left you feeling victimized.

Spiritual Oversight & Accountability

Prayer is at the center of all of our programs and teams. We help you become consistent and strategic in prayer. We also connect you with an accountability partner if you desire. 

Becky Harmon

Physical Fitness

Creating a fit, athletic identity rather than yo-yo dieting. We want you strong for serving your family and be sent to do kingdom work. (Well into your nineties:)

Personal Leadership

We want to see you launched and sharing your own message that glorifies God. We have multiple levels of investment for every budget to help you grow there. 

What's Hindering Your Momentum

You’re not just after success, you want to build a SIGNIFICANT kingdom focused life. Learning how to risk in a right way and develop an overcomer's identity is important to you. You are also a team player and want to invest time into others who are focused on living life as strategically as you do. Here's the experience we have equipping you to do that. 

  • Thirty Years of Experience Teaching & Training

  • Thirty Years Of Intercessory Prayer Experience & Teams

  • Clients Globally

  • Weekly Blogs & Videos


Hire Becky For Speaking

Becky can do workshops, support & train your leadership team or speak on her book 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare. Contact a member of our team to discuss scheduling for your event, retreat or conference. 

Who You Are

You want to build this kind of identity, but it feels like every time you decide to get focused and pick up momentum, you get crazy level tension. Call it spiritual warfare or life, or maybe both~ but it's happened so many times, it sure seems orchestrated! You keep praying for a breakthrough, clarifying your vision but frustrated because it's one step forward, two steps back.

The feeling deep down in your soul that you have ALL THIS UNHARNESSED POTENTIAL won't leave you alone! You don't need more faith; you have that! You need someone just to give you a plan and accountability for developing the calling of God on your life. Sound familiar?

I've Been There...

I remember just crying in prayer asking God how caterpillar's know when it's time to become a butterfly. You see, I had graduated college, I had a great husband and family, I had done ministry with a church planting team and yet, I had this feeling that I was supposed to develop my own thing. That's all I knew to call it in the beginning. I didn't know if I was going to launch a business or ministry, I just knew that God was bringing me to a faith defining moment and I had to leave behind my old limited Becky and step into a whole new place and authority.

The moment I finally stepped out in faith was 2006 after I experienced an identity theft for almost a million dollars on top of a year that had already sifted my family and friendships. The FBI handed me a card for contacting them in case I got pulled over for impersonating myself.

It was truly a comical and spiritual moment. I realized right then. Holy Cow. Satan wants to destroy every fragment of my life that is WHO I AM. That's it! I'm not taking this anymore. I got on my face and told God, I will do anything you tell me to do from this point on, no matter how risky it is to my heart. And I did. From that point on I went on to do TV commercials, run a marathon and 10 half marathons, launch a business that went international within 5 years and develop 5 coaching manuals.

But what makes me so thankful is I didn't have to sacrifice my marriage of 31 years and my four adult kids, to help other people receive transformation. Here is Jay and I at Yellowstone National Park celebrating our 30th-anniversary hiking for two weeks. 

Here is a picture of all four of my children, Wes, Josh and Abby at my youngest son, Joseph's graduation from Marine Bootcamp. 

What God has done for me, he will do for you if you just don't quit!

I tell my Leadership Team this frequently...You don't GO into a new identity, you grow there. What this means for you is that it takes time to clarify your vision, build your leadership and learn to communicate WHO you are how you serve. This is why I have all my training broken up into one-week segments. My mission is threefold:

Become An Overcomer In PRAYER

Teach You How To Apply Your Identity In Christ Through Prayer

Leadership Training

Show You How To Identify Limiting Mindsets And Communicate Boldly

Building Your Brand & Multiplying

Multiply Your Message Through Authentic Marketing 

I have been in Becky's leadership coaching team for over 6 months. I am blessed by her insight and have gained valuable knowledge about the process of moving forward. The difference in her process is the Spirit-filled discernment she demonstrates and which is in the group also. It has translated to growth in my own vision casting and strengthening of boundaries around my intentions with time and energy. I highly recommend her for a spiritually-based approach to leadership coaching.

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