Daily Prayer For The Rest Of Us!

This daily devotional work covers one identity focus a day from the scriptures and one short prayer to keep you mission focused. The training is delivered to you daily to your email inbox at 5am so you can build and keep your momentum 7 day's a week! 

If you have a desire to remember who you are in Christ during fear, trials and spiritual warfare, this is the course for you. This training was specifically created for individuals who want to build a bold life, transformational leadership and influence others for the kingdom.


Fast: Small passages so you can stay consistent.

Strategic: An identity in Christ focus so you know how and where to apply it in your day.

Full of grace: A prayer of thankfulness to help you begin your day in worship and consecrating yourself to be a messenger for Christ.

Should Women Teach Men

Guess Where We Meet Once A Week?

You and I are going to meet in my home office and go through one coaching session centered around how to overcome your obstacles through your identity and learning how to  practice the presence of God in a result-oriented way! It's like having your own personal coach for only $14.00 a month reminding you WHO YOU ARE every single day!

Each Day You'll Receive....

Your Scripture For The Day
Your Identity Remembrance
Your prayer mission if you choose to accept it:
Your Scripture For The Day

Read Mark 1: 14-20

We do not send you the scripture so that you can pick your own version and get consistent reading daily whether on your phone or with your Bible at home.

Your Identity Remembrance

John his relative and good friend had been jailed for speaking the truth without fear. For telling someone of importance that their choice was wicked. For pointing out publicly that God has a standard and challenging a King to repent. 

Not very politically correct and we could even say, a bit judgmental  according to our society’s standards. I mean, it’s his business who he shacks up with right...just so long he’s not hurting anyone. I mean this is what the world tells us everyday! Religion is private! Keep it to yourself!

Jesus took that as a perfect time to begin to use that attack on his loved one as an opportunity to begin to get even bolder and louder about the truth. Instead of hiding during oppression, he EXPANDED. He didn’t wait for a better time when everything blew over. The moment Satan attacked, he immediately countered by walking along the sea shore and putting his team together by saying, FOLLOW ME and I will make you into this.

Today, Jesus is inviting you into his personal team. He says, Follow me and I will make you  bold. I will make you a servant leader with influence for the kingdom. I will give you a purpose and mission for your life. Are you ready to radically leave the fear of man behind? What your family and friends think of you if you change your life and make a stand for righteousness?  Are you ready to be the one in your circle who says, repent and believe in Christ! The kingdom is here in your life! If so, you’re ready for team Jesus.

Your prayer mission if you choose to accept it:

Father, give me courage to resist the world’s influence for the sake of Christ. He paid an excruciating death so I could walk in freedom. I speak over myself today that I AM willing to endure persecution, opposition and shame for the sake of the gospel.

I will not hide nor shrink back but instead I ask you Father to strengthen me with angelic help like you did for Jesus during his tests. I ask you to make my heart strong so that I fear you Father more than what people think of me.

I pray that you would anoint me today to speak the truth in love and I thank you that repentance is the way to freedom not figuring it out or people doing their own thing. Give me a team of people around me that will help me follow you more closely. That I can do kingdom life with and see people influenced for eternity.

As I follow you, put me in spiritual family I can trust and love like Jesus had. I AM receiving today new friends and spiritual family that will help me follow and obey God. I AM humbling myself to be mentored and mentor others.

AND the first 100 members to join will receive a digital copy of "4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare", Becky's brand new book! 

There's More!

When you choose to up your leadership by doing identity work, you're MULTIPLYING already! 

Every month, your $14.00 dollars is going to go to sponsor one woman to attend the Women's Empowerment conference in Uganda! Fourteen dollars pays for her food, mat and 3 days worth of identity in Christ training so you can be equipping and releasing 12 women a year!

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