7 Ways To Write Powerfully & Bring Transformation

What prompted me to write this week’s blog was a number of clients who have shared with me in the past couple month’s how impacted they were by my writing when they came to my website.

They said they were sharp, to the point and unlike a lot of the other fluff they read on people’s sites. They all said, my writing gave them clarity on how to overcome their challenges and activated their faith!
Of course , I said “Thank You” and I am thankful to God for the grace he has given to me.  But more so, I wanted to write something for all of you who want to grow your own faith-based ministries and businesses! 

I started off just like you. I didn’t major in English and frankly, I still get emails telling me I have grammar mistakes:)

I had nothing but a feeling or impression in my heart that was simply. “Write.”

It wouldn’t go away. I remember finishing my first TERRIBLE short manuscript and asking a friend to go through it and tell me what she thought. She returned it to me with pen scribbles, feedback and it left me with nothing but overwhelm, and this feeling of WHY BOTHER! I didn’t have a website at this point, wasn’t blogging. I just knew I wanted to coach and write.

But here’s the thing, I didn’t quit. I kept writing every day for one hour, and in one month all those terrible paragraphs turned into my first coaching system that I began to take one, two, 20, 50, 100 clients through. I had no idea that my absolutely  TERRIBLE writing would turn into a website, 100 blogs that have been shared internationally, 4 coaching systems, an international leadership team, (my first published book) and frankly the feeling of significance I have received from watching what the enemy stole from me be turned into 90 fold return for the kingdom of God. Fist pump for Jesus!

So, listen. Here are eight ways to push past the fear of failure and write every day so you can grow yourself into an expert status!

  1. Set your bedtime an hour earlier than you normally do and get up one full hour before you have too.  I have always gotten up at 5 am. When I am writing a book or coaching manual, I get up at 4. Why? Because I am at a high level of clarity and focus at this time and can write without any interrupting my flow. Try this for one week. If it doesn’t work, pick a new time and try that for a week. The point is to find what works for you and be consistent.
  2. You’re objective is to write three sentences, not three paragraphs. If you write three paragraphs, you’re ahead, but frankly, it takes me about an hour to write a decent blog. I don’t publish it the day I write it because I go back the next day and shorten non-important thoughts. The second day is typically the tweak day along with writing three more clarifying sentences if I am writing more than a blog. I write for one hour without judging myself.
  3. If I am struggling with clarity, I do a little research. I read what other people have written on the subject. I NEVER write about what I haven’t walked or experienced in my life or with my clients. I want to offer tried and true tips that are result oriented. So read other people’s thoughts but write results you have experienced or breakthrough’s your clients have received.
  4. If you’re stuck, go back through your journaling. Often you will remember a thought that can be expanded upon to serve others. The emotions of the pain are something that I constantly try to focus on as it’s very powerful for people when they feel understood, and you give them hope.
  5. Think of how what you’re writing points people to their identity in Christ. If it does not bring a greater dependence on the Lord, then it is self-improvement, not identity work. Business strategies are the exception.
  6. If you are stuck for more than three days, there is a chance you could be under spiritual warfare. Take authority over any mind-binding spirits on assignment to block your influence. Ask the Lord if there is any unforgiveness in your heart or lack of faith. Speak the word over yourself and then get back to work.
  7. Have a conversation about this topic with the Lord in prayer. Visualize you and he talking about this challenge. Ask him what he would have to say to you and then begin to write down what you hear him say.

Hope this helps you begin to write. The world needs your message! If you need accountability and business training to help you grow your message,  join my Leadership Team and get a plan for your success!

Faith Forward, Bec:)

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