20 Signs You Need To Grow Your Spiritual Authority

I believe in the power of prayer and taking militant action. One of the things that constantly comes up with my clients is a mindset that the devil can cause them constant spiritual warfare. Here’s the truth. The devil is defeated but our passive mindsets empower him.  The only real power he has is fear, intimidation, and deception.

Here’s how this breaks down practically. The longer you take to assertively co-create the life you love with Christ and align your daily actions with your vision, the longer you stay stuck in survival mode. Much of this can be changed by just receiving training on how to operate in your ALREADY ESTABLISHED spiritual authority. This is the list I CREATED after working with people in ministry and business for over thirty years.

Here are 20 Ways To Know You Need To Grow Your Spiritual Authority

1. You are in survival mode and doubt that God has an EXACT purpose for your life. Little or muddled vision. You have not memorized or are actively confessing any scripture over your life and vision. You’re waiting and waiting for breakthrough.

2. Who you are hanging around can change your direction, convictions and the vision you have established for yourself. You don’t know enough of the word of God to keep you channeled and you’re not speaking it over yourself daily.

3. Your closest relationships that you share your heart with are chaotic or unchallenging. They have worldly mindset’s and are low in leadership.

4. You say yes when you want to say no. You struggle with what people think of you and you make decisions for what you can avoid not what you believe is the right choice.

5. In relationships or friendships, you feel guilty for blocking time for your self-care. If they have a need, that comes first to your detriment. Then you’re resentful, or you struggle with self-pity.

6. You connect with people intensely, but then something happens to derail it, cause you to be offended or to find something wrong with them. There’s always a reason you are disconnected.

7. You spend time investing in helping those who are down-trodden, but you’re not able to experience the resurrection to your dreams and desires.

8. You are the most influential person in your circle. You don’t have anyone pioneering before you in your family, ministry or marketplace dreams.

9. Can’t step into your vision because you don’t have the faith or finances to see them come to life.

10. You find people just aren’t honest or real with you. Constant situations where you know people have misrepresented themselves in ministry or in the marketplace.

11. You suspect something is wrong in a situation and might even share that with one other person, but you don’t take action on it because deep down, you don’t trust your discernment. When you find out you were right, you are angry with yourself for staying stuck in it.

12. You wear yourself out analyzing, what-ifing and being tormented by negative outcomes. You have faith in prayer but can’t translate that into practical action that helps you get results.

13. You are distracted by other people’s visions and causes. You don’t have that one thing that is your God given purpose to help solve or a vision that invigorates you.

14. You are more comfortable with animals than you are people. They are safe; people are not.

15. You are happiest when everyone is at peace. You avoid any conversations that could create tension. You don’t want to challenge people to change as they may ask you about your life.

16. You are intimidated by individuals who have a lot of money or external success. It makes you feel “less then”.

17. Very creative but you can’t channel it. Always coming up with brilliant idea’s but never executing on them long enough to see any fruit or financial payout.

18. You have great difficulty keeping things organized or throwing things away. = It prevents you from thinking, strategizing or planning for the future.

19. When someone is being put down or minimized, you have difficulty speaking up for them because you don’t want that negative attention focused on you.

20. You have trouble serving others when you’re not feeling confident or strong. You shut down, hide in your house when you’re not performing the way you want.

From time to time, we all struggle with these but if you answered yes to more than 3 of these questions and it’s been a pattern for you then consider being part of my Leadership Team and getting coaching in this particular area of your life.

Faith Forward, Bec:)

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