10 Ways To Be A BOLD Spiritual Mother

Before we begin, let me explain the title. I am writing this blog for all the women who are tired of feeling like God has told them they were going to do big things for the kingdom and they are tired of waiting for the right time, enough money and other assorted delay tactics the enemy throws up to distract you from stepping into a calling that will transform people for the kingdom.

If you have never prayed for your life to make a difference in other women’s life or that God will send you as a yoke breaker for others, then you might not understand the level of “I don’t care what anyone thinks” boldness you have to go to in order to see women’s faith ignited and them to be set free.

If you are reading this because you want to ignite other women with an overcoming mentality for the kingdom, then get your coffee because you and I are going to talk about how you can take care of business.

10 Ways To Be A Bold Spiritual Mother

 1. Model fearing God and not people pleasing.  You do this by getting your affirmation from the Lord through prayer and worship. Teach women how to get on their face, crying out to God to be delivered from needing affirmation from people. Make prayer your number one priority daily and set aside 1 hour a morning. If you want to walk in authority, you’re going to have to know your identity in Christ and know how to stand during tension when everyone else is crumbling. God builds this resolve in you by creating situations where you experience constant rejection, and you have to pioneer alone persistence. Get used to it. It’s boot camp for leadership.

2. Be prepared to be the one in the room who asks people to be consistent with who they say they are or what they say they want to build.  Most men love this as they want to be respected themselves for courage. There will be a few that will pull the “You’re not submitted card or you’re a Jezebel because you didn’t sit around waiting for some man to say what needed to be said.” Ignore them and let your fruit and result’s praise you in the gate. Value your calling enough to set clear boundaries about what you will do and what you won’t tolerate. If you find yourself compromising, repent and get another woman in prayer to pray over you firmly and remind you WHO YOU ARE until you regain your strength.

3. Create a compelling vision that makes other women say, “Dang. That’s what I want”. I’m not talking about being perfect. I’m talking about being faithful and not apologizing for investing in yourself and what brings you joy as you serve. Understand you will get spiritual warfare for living a transformational life that impacts other women. Pray that God will allow you to finish strong in a heroic way that leaves a legacy for your daughters and other women.

4. Realize everything out of your mouth is either going to position you as a victim or as a victor. Memorize the word of God. Declare the scriptures when you feel weak and when the enemy is screaming to intimidate you. Jesus spoke the word to the devil. He didn’t think it demurely. Have a big mouth and channel it against the devil.

5. Surround yourself with women who push themselves out of their comfort zone weekly.  Get into a team or organization that affirms you for thinking outside the box if your church doesn’t do leadership training for women.  Quit holding yourself back out of false humility. It serves no one but the devil.  Ask two or three women to hold you accountable to who you say you want to be and risk your heart.  There will be a time when you can’t hear God, the warfare is thick, and you will need those women around you to remind you not to back up. Resist passivity, embrace the fight and don’t run from pain. You will become what you speak over yourself.

6. Encourage other women to get started with what grace God has given them and what’s in their hands.  Discover your purpose and WHO you want set free (your not called to the whole world, there is a specific group of people you are graced to serve), come up with ideas on how to impact for Christ and be the pioneer you were born to be.  The key is immediate action. You’re a mother in 9 month’s not nine years. Quit waiting for maturity. Christ died, and the apostles didn’t attend theology school. They were out impacting the kingdom right after the Holy Ghost was poured out. You have your mission instructions in Matthew 28.

Spiritual mothering is a mindset and a revelation of authority. It comes when you’re ready to stop waiting for permission and get to work.  You won’t become a mother until you’re willing to advance the kingdom militantly.

7. When you find someone, you respect, insist on serving her. This will help you later weed out the people in your life who want to hang around you to soak and with no intention of doing any work themselves. Oh, sorry if that doesn’t sound very compassionate but here’s the truth.  I don’t want compassion. I want to win, and you need to surround yourself with other militant women. You have no time for people who don’t want to kick the devil’s teeth in. Take her out for breakfast with a steno pad and ask questions and shut your mouth. Run her errands, offer to clean her car, ask her if you can run with her, offer to match the socks in her sock basket. Do not take no for an answer. I did this with 2 or three women, and they let me in their friend circle when I was in my twenties. They were wealthy and wise. Bam. Your making powerful friends. One woman in your life like at this level of authority is all you need for turning into a female spiritual Rambo.

8. Give other women and your daughters permission to hear God for themselves, do the work and make mistakes.  Don’t be so quick to give solutions when other women are in pain. Pain makes people get on their face. Instead, remind them of WHO they are AND WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Encourage them to go to God for themselves and ask him specific questions on how to solve their problems. Teach them how to worship God, pray hard for hours and confess the word of God over a problem until they learn how to pull down strongholds themselves. Teach them how to fail big time and then go back to God the next day. Let them work through their salvation with fear and trembling; it builds mental toughness.

9. Model teaming. There are no lone Rangerette’s. You know why? They got picked off by the enemy. When the obstacle is life-threatening, you need people partnering with you in prayer who know their authority and how to be relentless until they get the victory. Teach her not to worry about what anyone thinks about her other than God. That’s the only person she will be standing before at the end, and if she does what you tell her, she will hear, “Well done, good and faith butt-kicking woman.”

10. Be willing to mentor, speak, coach, blog or write your own books with YOUR OWN testimony on how you overcame your obstacles. (Revelation 12:11)  You don’t need a certificate or degree to do this. All you need is courage and quick action to make a difference in one girl or woman’s life.

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