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Success not sabotage
  • Teaching You To Apply Your Identity In Christ Through Prayer


  • Helping You Identify Limiting Mindsets And Learning Assertive Leadership

  • Showing You Practical Ways To Multiply Your Testimony Through Authentic Marketing

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Welcome to Successnotsabotage

My name is Becky Harmon, I am an Identity Coach and my mission is three fold:
To help you solidify your identity in Christ in prayer, overcome the obstacles God has put in your path and influence for the kingdom of God with the testimony you have built. My clients are Christian coaches, pastors, speakers, authors, market-place leaders and multipliers in the kingdom of God. Whether you want to lead a small group in your neighborhood for Christ or reach people for Christ globally with your message, I can help you achieve that.

Becky Harmon

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I first came across Becky when I signed up for her free 14-day countdown to coaching series. I loved the fact that everything she taught was rooted in truth from the Bible. It made sense to me. It came alive. I watched one of her videos where she taught on addictions. At the time we were going through a hard time with one of our children, and when she prayed at the end, faith rose up in me again. I remember thinking, ‘I like this woman and what she has to say.’

Pastor Paige Richards Squirrell, UK


I wanted to be ALL God had called had CALLED ME TO BE. My church didn’t offer anything like this, and I desperately wanted leadership in my life that know who they were, how to walk in their authority, and knew how to touch the Throne of God in prayer. Once I began the leadership team, my comfort zone was stretched, and I immediately began to disconnect from SHAME as my identity.I began to feel more comfortable with authenticity and how to be vulnerable in a healthy way by the end of the month.

Dana Young, South Carolina


I just wanted to take this juncture to share what this class has done for me already (2 months in)…even through the storms since joining Becky’s Leadership team.
— Boldness has become a part of my vernacular and more and more my lifestyle (still, have to remind myself at times).
— I have a powerful leader (named Becky) who I respect, trust, follow, like and learn from.
— I belong (and feel it) to a community of people who I can walk with and who are caring and supportive and not afraid to show it!

Terry Bessard, Texas

Harmon, Georgia

When I stumbled upon Becky’s website and read what about her coaching, I knew it was what I needed. Since joining her team, I recognize that I have flaws and imperfections, but they don’t define who I am. I don’t let them hold me back. I realize that everything I need to do God has already equipped me to be successful. This is different than a Bible study at church because I haven’t found this level of authenticity in a Bible study or class.

Harmon, Georgia

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