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Mental Toughness For Faith based Entrepreneurs


Mental toughness for faith based entrepreneurs starts with your identity in Christ.  Last week I wrote that my son was getting married and even though it was a wonderful and joyous season, it added a tension emotionally.  Mental toughness is the framework that allows you to transition through business challenges and family transitions with more confidence and less stress.

If you desire to avoid self sabotage in your personal life and business then LEARN to build mental toughness. . Implementing this trait into your life can literally be life changing. The capability to maintain focus, discipline and peace in the midst of enormous pressure so that you follow through when it counts is the difference between sabotage and success.

It does not require intellectual effort or the DNA of a athlete. It takes two things. You understand your identity in Christ and you CHOOSE the actions that will position you to build this into your personal life and business. Here are a couple strategies to help you build mental toughness right now that will help you grow more profitably.

Be willing to hold yourself to a higher standard…and then be willing to fail. I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14. It's a call to holiness. To walk in purpose and power we have to be willing to consecrated and set apart for his purposes in the marketplace. 

Your identity in Christ is to walk in God's favor and love despite how you perform. Mental toughness enables you to press through the times when you have set your aim high….and failed. You have to be as detached from success as you are from failure or you will never press for the high calling on your life. You have to be willing to push through your comfort zone and yet stay focused on your identity and priorities.

Team with others to build mental toughness. The acronym for TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More. The military understands this principle at a core level. When you practice and are challenged in a group environment it creates a camaraderie and momentum that is unstoppable. You will push yourself farther on a team and experience the pay-out of seeing yourself grow more successful because you invested in other people along the way.

Be willing to stay focused and on a very tight time schedule. Mental. toughness in business is built by knowing how to get the most important things done first. You have to stay laser focused on the one thing that is going to bring you the biggest result. Then be able to deliver a product, service or  on multiple levels again and again. 

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