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“If you want to Be Sent as a messenger, you’re going to come to a Faith-defining moment.” –Becky Harmon

Becky And Jay Harmon


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How We Got Started

Growing up a first born in our family gave me a great desire to emulate the both of them in many ways but the reluctance for to become an entrepreneur was spiritual in the beginning. Both of them were alcoholics, so it made me second guess the price I was willing to pay for financial success and ownership of my own vision.

Many people have had similar experiences to launch a ministry or business but don’t want to get a theology degree. Feeling a spiritual “call to business” but not really knowing what to do with it.

This gap in where you feel you currently are in your leadership and where you want to grow to can create an identity crisis. There is a serious lack of training on how to lead others successfully, whether in your home or in your business, if you have grown up under addiction based or fear based thinking.

SUCCESS not sabotage seeks to fill this void and offer’s an alternative to those who want to grow leadership and even follower’s out of their own testimony so it glorifies God rather than under someone’s else name and success. This is crucial for those who want to grow real authority rather than lead through positional titles.

SUCESSnotsabotage is a community about helping you build your leadership on a daily basis and then develop the simple strategies from a business perspective to grow profitably. We help you build your spiritual life and the leadership that messengers need to be an expert at coaching others into success.

We seek to connect your past sabotages into current success by breaking down step by step how to create an epic identity, herd your “content cats”, communicate consistently with those who need your message and aim for an end goal of helping you reach people globally with video’s, coaching systems and books that change people’s lives.

Ultimately, SUCCESSnot sabotage wants to help you take back what the enemy has stolen from you and your family and turn it into a glorious transferable inheritance for the glory of God.

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