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Identify Successful Clients, Get Rid Of Sabotaging Ones


If you came out of a dysfunctional home and you are attempting to launch a business, you want to make sure you are putting great boundaries in place right from the beginning so you can attract your ideal clients.

In this quick Bold branding work I talk about one way to be successful in attracting clients you can serve powerfully and one way to avoid sabotaging yourself with clients that are negative and aren’t taking ownership.

Leading With You On My Knees! Bec:)



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  1. Tim Villegas


    Such solid advice. I know that now that I am taking in more clients I have to be very cognizant of not settling. This was really great for me to hear. Thank you!


    1. BeckyHarmon

      Tim, so glad this helped. Love your ministry (and it is one:) Bec:)