What Building An Email List and Stewardship Have In Common

In the book of Genesis, God takes time to build a beautiful world and then creates Adam to work and take care of it.  Can I tell you something? Your vision for coaching, speaking, writing and transforming people with your testimony is the world you create. Your email list is the “work” God has given you to do practically. Adam stewarded the animals and people God had given him. You’re going to steward the people who follow you by putting them on an email list and sending out great training, blogs, and programs that help them become successful!

Now, here are a couple reason’s why it’s important that you begin to create and then cultivate a list.

1. Your list is your’s alone. You can’t steward what isn’t yours. Taking personal ownership is a biblical principle and the challenge with free websites, free anything is if people don’t like what you are saying, they can remove you off the platform and you lose all your work and all your intellectual property.

2.  An email list helps you manage WHO God is sending to you. If you build your list correctly (and by correctly I mean by serving people in a powerful way) it helps you graciously care and help your subscribers be developed over time. Let me say that again. Over time. Why over time? Because you want to be authentic and not exaggerate or hype things up and it takes consistently serving people over spans of months in order to help them trust you. This translates into them buying your products, programs and books without you feeling like a car salesman. (Apologies ahead to those in the car dealership arena)

3. Your email list is your weekly pulpit. It’s where people come to listen to you give them something spiritual and practical to take home and grow with. Imagine your Pastor showing up once a month to help you grow in the word of God. Nope. If you’re going to steward people’s hearts, you’re going to have to be consistent and faithful over long periods of time.

4. It helps you stay in a place spiritually where you are serving because you want to be faithful not because people are paying you. Believe me people can see the difference and they will tell you thank you when they finally do buy a product or program. Give them some of the best things you have because here is what you’re working for! To hear this:

Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!

Did this help you see your email list as a faithfulness issue not “business work”? Any questions? Meet me in the comments and I would love to hear! Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her success in these arenas has placed her in demand as a personal advisor to ministry and marketplace leaders world-wide.  To discover how you can build an influential life and reach people for Christ out of the most sabotaging of circumstances, order 4 Phases of Spiritual Warfare. It breaks down the individual strategies and prayers you need at each phase of your walk to remember WHO YOU ARE and stay faith-filled through even the most difficult challenges. Purchase it today on Amazon and Kindle. 


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