Welcome to Successnotsabotage!

My name is Becky Harmon. My mission is to help you become an overcomer in prayer, lead courageously every single day and influence for the kingdom of God with the testimony you have built.

It took me a long time to learn my identity in Christ and to learn how to apply it in prayer as well as implementing practical boundaries. What happens to many people who come from performance or addiction based homes is they continuously leak out all their influence and vision because they have not been taught how to carry themselves as leaders in a kingdom manner.

How you know you’re leadership level is low is you are in a constant state of double-mindedness that prevents you from obeying God fully because you’re not applying your identity in Christ to oppose it. No matter how much you love God and want to impact for the kingdom, you cannot do it if you are not spiritually, emotionally and relationally healthy. We do a lot of work on our teams with identity training, leadership work and then business strategies to expand that in a practical way.

Some of my world-wide clients have experienced significant sabotages like abusive marriages, abandonment as young children, molestation (men & women), rape, drug addictions, being labeled by others with very unfavorable terms spiritually and medically. My business and ministry is to show them how to apply their identity in Christ consistently until the shame is broken, their leadership is solidified, and they then begin to take that experience and teach others how to overcome that sabotage.

Think about that. What if our aim as Christians wasn’t to hide where we were shamed or weak, but our purpose in life is to glorify God through that pain. We would work harder to become overcomers and naturally begin to evangelize our family, friends, and co-workers.

Yes, our clients get so freed up they start blogging, speaking, building businesses and ministries impacting people with their own messages. We also have pastors, evangelists and CEO’s come into our teams who just want to overcome one area and build success. They do that quickly. Sometimes people want to create discipleship material out of their own content or just start blogging from a faith-based perspective that is RESULT oriented.

I have been part of two separate church planting teams, been a top performer in sales, a national spokesperson for a leading identity company, I’ve run one marathon and 15 half marathons and successfully pioneered her own international Christian coaching company. (With no prior experience in any of these areas) I just love God, pray hard and do the work! And you will also have to want to transform lives for the kingdom of God! I have a lot of experience in spiritual warfare because I had to deal with it myself. So I am not a nut about seeing devils under every rock but also lean first to applying militant prayer and action when I see patterns. I carry an anointing to break bondages by God’s grace and if you partner with us, you will also. You BECOME WHO YOU HANG AROUND!

If you have any questions about how I coach or what you can expect, I would just sign up for one of our free series. We have a bunch!

Faith forward, Love, Bec:)

P.S. The above picture is me with my horse Rascal on the first day we brought him home. I shared this because I am really big on praying for what nutures your heart and brings you joy! I did change his name from Rascal to ROYAL!   Hey, I am an identity coach and wasn’t speaking that over him every day! LOL!

P.S.S. Below is the hubs of thirty years, Jay (aka Superman, and my 4 kids which I am very proud of. Welcome to the family:)


Josh, Joe, Abby, Wes


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