First Steps For Weight Loss

First, when you are ready to begin building a “fit identity”…Ask Christ in prayer to help you let go of any past failure’s when you attempted to lose weight, emotional trauma’s or judgements you have made towards others. 

If you want to become more self controlled, biblically that is done through the Holy Spirit. And let me encourage you today, if you’re heart is to talk about Christ helping you lose weight, then you want to pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on your life. It is his job to empower you with boldness and to speak in a compelling way that points to Christ.

When I ask the Holy Spirit for a new grace, I begin with a simple temple cleanse of my heart and conscience. Pray this with me:

Lord Jesus,

I specifically repent of the times in my life where I have judged others for the way they treated me or spoke to me that caused me to become offended or defensive. I choose to forgive abundantly so I may be forgiven.

I ask you to forgive me Lord for judging others on why they don’t have more self-discipline with food, their words, their finances or the way they steward their stuff. I am not their master, you are and I ask you to help me focus on what you have given me to steward and not other people’s lives.

I LET GO of any weight, worry or fear that is heavy on my heart. I LET GO of all trauma’s and I speak ABUNDANT life, peace and joy over my body and emotions. I expect to be filled with Holy Ghost power and overflowing with liberty because I have taken the time to lose weight your way so I may give you glory. Father, open up an effectual door of witnessing for me with even my first 5 pounds. Send me to those who need to know your love, forgiveness and joy that I may give them hope!

Secondly, I want you to understand this clearly. FAILURE is a mindset. It is not WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST. When you learn this, you can apply it to all new goals you attempt to finish. FAILURE is just an emotion that arises and deceives you and this comes from judging yourself or a performance based mindset. It’s SPIRITUAL WARFARE to prevent you from living boldly for God and pursuing your goals and vision.  In Christ, as we speak the word and are conformed to HIM, we receive more grace and freedom. We literally gravitate towards health and peace because this is who CHRIST is.  This one revelation will set you free to become a FINISHER if you receive this!

I want to give you a testimony from a member of our team Wanda Rhodes:

She has started on Week 3 in our membership area (We have over 50 lessons for you to go through to help you build a bold identity that is influential and transformational!

I realized suddenly, I have been holding back out taking action out of a fear of failure. Because of my past I tend to internalize failure as being something that is “me” instead of an act that is external to me. To combat this hesitancy, I posted a Live video on Facebook which was really hard but once I did it I felt like that giant was finally slayed and it won’t be difficult next time. I feel wonderful, like I’m fully alive, when I live boldly so I want to keep doing it!


Would love to hear your thoughts or questions! Meet you in the comments below! Love, Bec:)

Fitness and Faith

I don’t like diets or the mentality behind it as it wreaks of striving. I am not a fitness coach or a nutritionist. However, I do ask two things of people entering my programs, and that is to COMMIT to a healthy lifestyle of stewardship.

I do training on beginning your day at 5am in prayer and asking my leaders to do an hour of cardio a day to build a fit “identity”. This is for a couple reason’s. Most of it has to do with learning how to handle stress well and decompress in a healthy way rather than medicating yourself with food or alcohol.

 First, if you are a Christian, you are called to stewardship. What God gives you, he expects us to take care of, nurture and multiply. Your body needs good food and sleep to stay functioning at it’s best. This goes for your faith, finances, family and fitness. Want to be secure financially? Be moderate with your spending and save your money. Want to be fit? Be moderate with your intake and burn more calories than you eat.

Secondly, you need stamina for your purpose and calling. You need to be able to stand on your feet all day and all night if needed. You will need to be able to travel, stay alert and have good cardio to speak when you get there. You don’t need to get winded walking up the stairs to pray or speak. You also need to be able to do this longterm which by the way, I know people who are still traveling and doing ministry into their late 80’s right now.

Third, we are to live a moderate lifestyle if we want to be spiritual leaders or teachers as the gospel is a message of abundant love.  Let me encourage you here. I constantly see a correlation between poverty mindsets and overeating. At the root of a lack of stewardship is typically fear and idolatry that creates barriers to intimacy. People can’t feel the love of God or impart it the way they want to.

Fourth, it witnesses about Lordship without you opening your mouth. I tell my clients this all the time. Lose 10 pounds and watch how many people ask you how you did it. Do it the way I am suggesting, through your identity in Christ and team accountability and you will have an opportunity to talk about how Jesus resurrected instead of the Paleo Diet. It’s also a lot more fun:)

Fifth, you are doing your part to make your latter days greater than your former years. We all want to increase as we grow older in our love, service and strength. Guess what? That doesn’t happen unless your intentionally building it.

Let me tell you what applying your faith to the proceeding 5 things will eliminate out of your life pain wise.

  1. The constant doubt and unbelief about whether you have the ability to finish what you start.
  2. The shame you feel in your heart and the condemnation the enemy places you under because of a lack of obedience.
  3. You will sleep better and look younger. (Funny how peace through prayer and stewardship accomplishes that)
  4. The insecurity you struggle with because you’re afraid when you get up to speak, coach or pray with people, they are not going to receive your message fully because you’re not walking your talk.
  5. The lack of power in your influence with family and friends. We can only reproduce what we walk in authentically for others.

Have any questions? Thoughts on how to implement this if you have been injured or need medication that is throwing off your metabolism? Let me know in the comments. If you need support to build more physical stewardship into your life, I will be taking my team through a 3/4 “fit identity” bootcamp starting next week and invite you to be part for a month. No previous athletic experience necessary!

Faith forward, Love, Bec:)



How To Connect With God And Others Through Prayer

The feeling of connection with our creator is something we all desire. We want to be able to release our worries and receive peace, ask God for direction and be able to follow Him, and walk in a demonstration of power so others will be set free.

But how do we achieve connection with God in a practical way? Is it being able to feel tangibly the presence of God? Is it gained from long hours of prayer and fasting? Do we receive this from someone laying hands on us and receiving an impartation of their gift? Can connection with God (feeling emotionally grounded).. be kept through failure and success? And if so, how does it happen?

In the past, because of the holiness movement, people felt like they had to keep a rigid lifestyle in order to be connected with him or feel like God was pleased with them. No alcohol, no smoking, cussing, no makeup, pants or tattoo.  In truth, God accepts us right where are and as we follow Him daily, he convicts and changes our behavior to glorify his ability rather than our will power to change. As we do this, we receive more peace, more joy and understanding of our purpose.

To connect to a powerful God whose ways and processes are much different then our own, is not just a wondrous privilege but one that should draw us in daily with little effort.

Connection is a human feeling, and so it can be described by people in various ways. . Over the past couple days, I have asked a couple of my team members to describe what it feels like when they are connected to God. Here are some of their answers!

Tope Keku: Becky, for me it’s more of a knowing or sensing in my spirit and not the feeling. I also have peace in my spirit. Psalm 131:2 describes it best… like a weaned child at mothers breast, content, happy, relaxed, quiet,… you get the gist.

Hena Autumn: When I am participating in activities in which I allow my mind to be focused on the Lord or the things of the Lord, I will have ideas, insights, understanding, and revelation of mindsets or concepts that I previously did not understand or hadn’t thought of myself. That’s how I know when I’m connecting with the Lord. When I am getting knowledge and wisdom that he is depositing in me that I am not figuring out myself.

Heather Tillerson Schick: When I am connecting with God, I gain a peace about whatever it is going on. I mark this based on when I was first born again. I was so afraid that my husband was going to leave me, but when I was born again, it was instant and lasting that I was going to be okay because Jesus died for me, and God LOVES me. Even IF…was followed by pure joy from on high. So now, I know I have made my breakthrough, aka connection with God, when I have that peace – beyond (without even) understanding.

Wanda Goyer Rhodes: Tope, that verse it how I describe it, too! And then my mind becomes the same as Hena describes it with all the insights that just flow. I love the peace that comes from being in His presence. It causes love and kindness to flow out of my like a river. The Living Water is what it is! I also feel Him, though. Sometimes it’s as if I can feel His face so close beside me. Once I was crying and thinking how my life is so alone and if I only had a parent or a sibling I was close to. If only I weren’t alone, I cried! And then turned the key to start my car and the lyrics from the radio were, “You’re not alone for I am here. Let me wipe away your every fear. My love, I’ve never left your side.” And then it was if He was sitting beside me, right there in the passenger seat. Times like those I just want to sit all the way down on the floor, and even then I don’t feel like I could ever sit low enough to honor Him. What an amazing Savior we have.

I believe that God is pleased with our attempts to connect with him just like a Father is pleased when his children call him up and just ask how he is doing or to say hey, you want to hang out? Connection is so that God doesn’t think we are just using him as a celestial Santa Claus when we need something.

When I meet someone who is connected with the Holy Spirit they are tuned into me and the conversation seems ordered and weighty. I can feel an divine orchestration that directs the both of us. I feel nurtured, loved and I walk away from the conversation with a thankful heart that God has given me the privilege of meeting someone who spends so much time with Him.

In today’s video training, I share with you a couple ways to begin connecting with God in prayer and translate that practically towards ministering to others. 

Helping you turn your sabotages into successes for others through praying, coaching, speaking and writing for HIS glory! Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below! Love, Bec:)

How To Find The Right Coach

When you are stepping out in faith to share your testimony through coaching, speaking, or writing a book, it’s important to find the right coach.

You’re going to put a lot of time into training and you’re going to want a process for growing your leadership and message into an actual brand that can be multiplied. It’s important to find someone who will give you a focus and deadline but not drive you so hard that you get discouraged.

You’re creating content or video’s to serve people, so you want to have a coach who understands the tension that goes along with staying Christ-centered, coaching, writing blogs, being your own social media department and marketing agent.

Many people find a coach by simply googling and getting started on the phone. I am actually in the process of hiring a coach for Royal and I so I thought I would share with you what I am looking for in my current coach and also what I wish someone would have told me (the last point I share on the video) when I launched a Christian coaching business!

3 Tips On What To Look For In Your Coach

See you in the comments below!

Faith forward, Bec:)

Do You Need Counseling or Leadership Coaching?

As a Christian coach, I want to provide my clients with outstanding results.

When my clients learn their identity in Christ, overcome their sabotages and begin making disciples through the success God has given them out of all the pain they experienced, it’s a very fulfilling feeling for me!

But is this what happens every time someone comes to me and say’s they are ready for coaching to develop a Messengers identity?

I have coached people out of many sabotaging mindsets that have arisen from being in controlling marriages, sexual abuse, addiction-based behaviors, depression, oppression, you name it. I have a very outside-the-box model for my business that has worked for the past ten years with hundreds of testimonials because I am very clear on what I ask for from my clients before they come into my program. In other words, I don’t screen people because they have serious “issues”. Why? Because these are the kind of people that make tremendous influencers in the kingdom when they learn to grow their leadership. However, sometimes these same people have mindsets that are still rooted in poverty thinking and they have to be very militant about harnessing their old feelings from that painful time in their life, into the kind of leadership that will enable them to influence others for Christ.

It’s been my experience that many people don’t need more medication, therapy or even counseling when they feel emotional overwhelm.  What they need is to have someone in their life to challenge them to think, speak and act through their identity in Christ. This requires them taking action in the pain. In other words, they have forgotten who they are because of the spiritual oppression and warfare they have been under and the feelings mask their true identity. When this lasts decades, they internalize rejection, failure and limitation as their lot from the Lord. Nothing is further from the truth. Success is for you no matter how stuck you feel.

Click here to find out if you’re more capable then you give yourself credit for and if you would be more successful with identity work rather than counseling.

See you in the blog comments as that’s what I respond to rather than Youtube:)!

Faith Forward, Love, Bec:)


Stop Trying And Do This Instead

​​What do you do when you hit a challenge in your marriage, work or ministry that you’re not being able to solve? Is your first response to just try harder?
 I have a type A personality:)
​​That means I am achievement oriented and find significance through solving problems.
However, this can be a huge sabotage for me (and you if you do the same thing) if you don’t know when to stop and problem pause (This is what I call, stopping before you get frustrated and you talk to God about it).
Of course, there are situations where people just give up too fast and don’t have mental toughness to stick things out, but what I see from a coaching perspective often times is that people become emotionally connected to what isn’t “working”. They just steel themselves up and do the same thing again. This keeps them stuck in an old identity and they stop moving forward because they keep trying and trying.
In today’s video I talk to you about how I learned how to shift out of “trying” after the birth of my third child and I couldn’t seem to lose weight. In other words I was trying to diet and the Lord spoke to me to stop trying and come to him so he could break down for me exactly what to do. In today’s video I share with you what was at the root of my trying harder and sabotaging myself. 
Because here’s the truth, when we follow Jesus, the yoke is easy and the burden is light.

​We are given GRACE to build results. I lost 30 pounds in three months without exercising and I never went back to dieting and trying harder with food. This is always a whole 8 week course I have available in my membership area if you would like to receive training on this. 

Faith forward and see you in the comments! 

Love, Bec:)


Women Teaching Men: Success Or Sabotage Biblically?

Yesterday, I talked on my business Facebook page about an Instagram post my daughter Abby did talking about how thankful she was that the Lord has graced her to make disciples, teach and lead.

But a really good question was asked on my page… “Do you believe women can teach men in the church”.

My response is below and is very simple.

First, we need to think about the mandate that Christ gave us in Matthew 28. Who was it addressed to?

And today in our modern world of internet, marketplace leadership…where is the church?

The second part of my response is in regard to the tension that I see women create for other women.  I share the questions I ask those who question my authority to preach and teach in the church and outside of it.

I’ll explain more in this week’s video, see you in the comments! 

Does It Make A Difference Whether Your Launching A Business Or Ministry?

Will you launch a faith-based business or a ministry? Does one help or the other help you serve people better? If you launch a business, can you still apply the thought processes you would if you were church-planting or running a non-profit?

I’ve had the opportunity to be part of two church planting teams as well as launch my own faith-based business. My first experience with leadership was in a small group in my neighborhood and then when I led prayer and trained intercessors in our local church.  Next I wanted to learn to how to use my own testimony and experiences to help people receive breakthrough so in 2007 I launched SUCCESSnotsabotage coaching. I also have done a lot of speaking on how to brand your business or ministry (same process).

My favorite part of owing my own business is the significance I have gained from watching God redeem all the pain I went through in my early years. I have watched the Lord set hundreds if not thousands of people free and been part of launching hundreds of men and women into using their testimony in coaching, speaking, blogging and writing their own books. I can also be invited to secular organizations and not be pigeon-holed into a specific genre.

The choice you make whether to launch a business or ministry will affect the way you lead and in this video I give you three specific reason’s I opted for a business as opposed to a ministry and how I have grown successfully with what was in my hand rather than a huge marketing budget.

Watch now and see you in the comments below!

Why Do I Lose My Consistency?

When you have momentum, and you feel “connected” to your vision, your emotions improve as well as your confidence.

Learning how to become a consistent person helps other people see us a stable, and they respect us more because we become the kind of person who DOES what we say we will do. It’s simple.

But if you find that you have started projects, goals, hopes and didn’t finish, this can be hugely frustrating. Let alone totally sabotage you from believing you’re the kind of person who can see God do BIG things in your life. You can choose to view inconsistency as a personality issue, OR you can decide to build a BOLD identity in Christ. It’s always our choice whether we work on building our Leadership or we stay stuck in a limited old identity.

In my experience as a Christian coach, there are reason’s people who love God don’t stay consistent. Today, find out how to develop a mindset of a finisher and what sabotages you finishing what you begin.

I’ll talk to you about that in today’s video! 

See you in the comments below!

Pulling The Jesus Card

I have an essential training today that if you choose not to be offended by, will help you build grace and more authenticity into your life.

Sabotage=>Don’t pull the Jesus card with people when you’re making decisions. Sound thought processes are based on two things. Logic and serving everyone involved. Typically people who start quoting bible text at you during a confrontation are doing so because they are trying to justify why they feel entitled to have their way.

When Jesus leads you to a decision, it’s mission-minded and will bring life to everyone involved.  There will be a fruit that will be established and can be discerned quickly.

There might be times that a coach, mentor or spouse will ask you to move forward on something and I had had clients tell me they pulled the Jesus card when they didn’t get the response they wanted to get from my client. I have also personally experienced people threatening me by quoting scripture when I did not give in to their demands that were clearly selfish and fear-driven. So, I am speaking directly about what I have coached hundreds of people through as well as how I respond when this happens.

  1. In context of  marriage… as I have coached A LOT of women through this with control freak husbands. If you’re married, wonderful that Jesus told you to do something but one small detail. You aren’t one anymore. You’re two. So, you should not move forward until you’re spouse feels comfortable because of you once you pull the Jesus card, you shut down the whole conversation. Because I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to argue with Jesus. I mean, come on. That invites a lot of potential lightening strikes and the ground opening up to swallow me. I would rather just watch the fruit of what “Jesus” told you and see if it pans out or not. If its spirit led, you’re going to have peace, right living and results that you can use to train someone else with.  In other words, the cycle of sabotage in your life is going to end. Your marriage gets better not more strained. People respect you, not resent you for bullying them. Because when you obey Jesus, you are lifted out of your situation and resurrection power is released.

If it was merely your will because you didn’t want to deal with your consequences, come under more Lordship or didn’t want to do what you’re spouse or mentor suggested…guess what? YOU GET TO GO AROUND THE MOUNTAIN ANOTHER 1,347 times. Why? Because God is pretty patient and he doesn’t push accountability or mentoring down anyone’s throat. He just lets you get tired of the stupidity and frustrating results. I’m just keeping it real for you, not trying to be offensive. It’s important to be authentic, NOT RELIGIOUS!

So, here is the kind of things you don’t want to pull the Jesus card for as it lessens your authority:

  • Boundaries on your time. You are called to be mission-minded and invest time into what God has revealed is your purpose and who you do that mission with. You don’t need to tell people that you prayed about it and Jesus said no. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being purposed about your time nor should you feel guilty for actually thinking strategically about your life. Just say no but thank you for offering the opportunity!
  • Decisions that you think you’re friend, parent, boss, pastor, spouse might not be in agreement with. That is not going to work well for you trust me. Manipulation is witchcraft to God.
  • Boundaries that someone has asked you to be considerate of and you’re not liking them or it’s not the way you would do things. When you threaten people or accuse them of a lack of Lordship, the ship is going to sink and you may not have any other recourse after this so don’t pull that card unless you’re ready to end the relationship and you have been very prayerful about your decision.


  1. This video will help you understand how to manage your time more efficiently. When your idea is clear you won’t be easily manipulated by others. If you receive an invitation that you are just not comfortable with, spend a day in prayer asking God to show you why you’re feeling a check about it. It’s either one of two things. Not the time for this or consider you just don’t want to die in your flesh. God will speak to you clearly about how to move forward but just remember, just say yes or no!
  2. Apologize quickly if you have unintentionally violated someone’s boundaries.

Remember…Save the Jesus card for those times when you’re being pressed, and you took the time in prayer to seek God’s will and you’re ready to deal with the consequences this statement makes. Anything else lessens your authority.

Faith Forward! Love, Bec:)

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