Our Mission? EVERYONE can be BOLD!
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BOLD Leadership

For The Person Who is Ready To:

  • Create A New Courageous Life
  • Model Authentic Influence
  • Overcome Obstacles & Harness
    New Opportunities
Get A New BOLD Identity

BOLD Multiplication

For The Person Who Desires To:

  • Hone In On Their Mission
  • Create Their Message
  • Get Paid To Speak & Coach With Out Hype
Start Reproducing Now!

BOLD Ministry

For The Person Who Is Committed To:

  • Increasing In Spiritual Authority
  • Establishing God’s Covenant In The Earth
  • Providing For The Poor
Build Wealth Now

How To Choose Your Christian Business Coach

I have been busily preparing for my first Coaches, Speakers and Writers Summit coming up October 12th. It's going to be a powerful weekend for 12 people. We would love for you to be one of the 12! We are half filled right now so please don't delay if you want to be part. I [...]

Getting Free From Performance Based Thinking

One of the primary ways that God prepares men and women for more responsibility is to have them begin to establish strong yet liberty-based boundaries in their sphere of influence. Therefore one of the most central places biblical leadership begins, will be in setting you free from performance based thinking. Strong leaders cultivate an atmosphere [...]

What really attracts your ideal client

In this 3 minute video, I share with you what will really attract your ideal client if you own your own Christian life coaching or speaking business. Mindset is crucial to serving people and growing profitably. We can get caught up in worldly business models and the truth is, for messengers in God's kingdom, there [...]

Having A Growth Mindset: Your Identity In Christ

If you want to step into more purpose for your life as well as impact, you will want to develop a growth mindset rather than a "fixed mindset". Making this shift can mean the difference between success or sabotage in regards to courage and your results. Before you received Christ, your identity has essentially been formed by your family [...]

How To Discern Defining Moments

  defining moments  n. points at which the essential nature or character of a person, group, etc., is revealed or identified. Throughout the Bible, there were many men and women who discerned their defining moment and used it to positively change groups of people inter-generationally.  What most people do not realize today, is those same opportunities and identity [...]