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BOLD Leadership

For The Person Who is Ready To:

  • Create A New Courageous Life
  • Model Authentic Influence
  • Overcome Obstacles & Harness
    New Opportunities
Get A New BOLD Identity

BOLD Multiplication

For The Person Who Desires To:

  • Hone In On Their Mission
  • Create Their Message
  • Get Paid To Speak & Coach With Out Hype
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BOLD Ministry

For The Person Who Is Committed To:

  • Increasing In Spiritual Authority
  • Establishing God’s Covenant In The Earth
  • Providing For The Poor
Build Wealth Now

How To Be More Confident In 4 Steps

If you want to learn how to be more confident, stop talking about what you are going to do, rather than what you have committed to already. The challenge for Christian women is this gap will either cause people to respect you (which attracts prosperous people into your life) or erodes the confidence of healthy

How To Make Money From Home Coaching

I have a lot of women ask me how to make money from home coaching. My answer is always the same, YES you can make money life impacting people for Christ with your overcoming testimony and coaching BUT  there is a lot of work involved with creating a business. Additionally the tension you get from

Funding Christian Coach Training

  Funding Christian Coach Training is not difficult if you activate your faith like Jocelyn and Sherry from our Advanced Leadership Team.  Understand if you believe that God has called you to impact other people with your resurrection message and purpose in the world, you have to be willing to step out in faith and

How To Be Bold For God

Want to learn how to be bold for God? Follow the example of Monica Hall. Monica connected in with the BOLD Identity team in 2013 because she had a desire for more. More faith, to operate more in her purpose, to learn how to harness all the potential she had (She has a mensa level IQ)

How To Life Coach Through Financial Lack

In our Women's Spiritual Advance Team we talk a lot about leading from a place of revelation of your authority rather than positional titles such as pastor, coach, Phd, speaker. Most life coach or training schools teach their clients on the following foundations...Come across calm and collected, don't share where you are experiencing any sabotages,