Coming Soon in January 2015- BOLD Advanced Spiritual Leadership
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BOLD Leadership

For The Person Who is Ready To:

  • Create A New Courageous Life
  • Model Authentic Influence
  • Overcome Obstacles & Harness
    New Opportunities
Get A New BOLD Identity

BOLD Multiplication

For The Person Who Desires To:

  • Hone In On Their Mission
  • Create Their Message
  • Get Paid To Speak & Coach With Out Hype
Start Reproducing Now!

BOLD Ministry

For The Person Who Is Committed To:

  • Increasing In Spiritual Authority
  • Establishing God’s Covenant In The Earth
  • Providing For The Poor
Build Wealth Now

Persistence: Your Identity In Christ

Persistence is your identity in Christ if you pair your prayers with practical action. This is why you see so many gifted individuals not pursuing their dreams. It's because you have to CHOOSE  to become purposed and obnoxiously practice the daily discipline of persistence. I know...persistence is one of those slightly socially awkward traits in life and business. Maybe

Boundaries In Relationships = Increased Respect

Have a desire for more peace and prosperity?  If so, this translates practically into you being able to communicate BOLD boundaries in relationships whether in your personal life or in your business. All #Leadership promotion in the kingdom of God comes from understanding when to submit to each other and when to resist during tension

How To Pray To God: Video 1

This is a phrase that encouraged me in the beginning of my walk with Christ when I was learning how to pray to God. I learned to surround myself quickly with people who would pray for me immediately when I had a problem. I found that praying with a team weekly literally pushed me through

Walking In the Spirit In 2015

  We are about a month a way from everyone making new year's resolutions because they want the best God has for them. As believers, I hope you add walking in the spirit at the top of your list. This is one of the primary things that will help you live a life full of

Fear What Others Think About You?

How does your faith impact your courage level? Your answer should define how you plan every year of your life and what people say about you identity wise. It is self-sabotaging to live in fear what others think about you and let this dictate your daily actions. We are meant to live life fully and