Coming Soon in January 2015- BOLD Advanced Spiritual Leadership
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BOLD Leadership

For The Person Who is Ready To:

  • Create A New Courageous Life
  • Model Authentic Influence
  • Overcome Obstacles & Harness
    New Opportunities
Get A New BOLD Identity

BOLD Multiplication

For The Person Who Desires To:

  • Hone In On Their Mission
  • Create Their Message
  • Get Paid To Speak & Coach With Out Hype
Start Reproducing Now!

BOLD Ministry

For The Person Who Is Committed To:

  • Increasing In Spiritual Authority
  • Establishing God’s Covenant In The Earth
  • Providing For The Poor
Build Wealth Now

Somebody Should Do Something About This

Do you know how to recognize a calling of God on your life to be a leader or messenger? If not, you will feel held back and frustrated and not be able to put your finger on why. I have been really blessed to equip Christian's to be able to identify what is sabotaging their

Christian Meditation: It’s Your BOLD Identity

I have been a Christian for over 30 years and it's not that prayer isn't enough but meditation helps you connect with the Lord in way that you were created for. Deep intimacy. If you have a hunger to experience the intimacy of God than take the time to learn what mediation can do for

Meditation: 3 Reasons It Makes You Bold

The purpose of meditation for a Christian is to quiet our minds and aid us in discerning the Lord's will.  If we are always in a place where we feel rushed internally, you will feel confused and double-minded when you go to execute on what God leads you to do. Taking time to hear God

Crossing Over Into Christian Coach Training

Stepping into Christian coach training requires an enormous amount of consistent work. Remember that we are spirit, soul and body.  If you are not ready to time block, market, write, call and coach clients all in one day, you may need to take some actions that will help you activate your faith and focus. I

Self Confidence And What The Military Teaches

One of the main things we do here at SUCCESSnotsabotage is take individuals who feel called by God into the ministry or to launch faith based coaching, speaking or writing businesses to build a life of BOLD life of self confidence. If you did not have strong leadership modeled to you as a child, most