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BOLD Identity

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  • Eliminate sabotaging mindsets
  • Live purposely & passionately
  • Commit to weekly accountability
    with prayer and exercise
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  • Identify your boldest brand identity
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B.O.L.D Ministry

For The Entrepreneur Who Desires To:

  • Be a reconciliation instrument
  • Solve poverty and ill-health
  • Move from spectator to participant
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Sexual Identity Confusion In Christians

I have never talked about this publicly before this month.  I believe it is the time to share this due to the impact I saw this message make in Uganda with hundreds of women, teenage girls and with the freedom my private coaching clients have received when I shared strategically how to handle this warfare.   My objective with my testimony is [...]

3 Ways To Pull Downstrongholds Of Fear

noun \ˈstrȯŋ-ˌhōld\ : an area where most people have the same beliefs, values, etc. : an area dominated by a particular group : a protected place where the members of a military group stay and can defend themselves against attacks In Uganda, I taught over 2,000 women how to pull down insecurity, infirmity and double-mindedness, which [...]

Business Not Growing? Focus HERE First

In over half my clients who come to me for help with growing established businesses, this is a sabotage. Today, I want to help save you money and focus in the right places so you can double your profits. Get ready to focus here for more success. Enjoy!

My Top 10 Recommended Reads

I am often asked what books I recommend to deepen intimacy with Christ and to live BOLDLY. Here are some books I believe are worth buying and having on your shelf for the reason's I have provided below and I have listed them in order of importance to me.  I have also gone back to these [...]

How To Cast Vision Effectively For Newbies

Without a vision people perish. There has been a lot written on how to cast vision effectively but what I would like to focus on in this weeks blog is how to do this with individuals who are new to building and sustaining success. One of greatest missions we have as leaders is to be constantly helping people move through past failure and receive an enlarged [...]